Mika vs Boyzone: Who Cuts the Cheese?


British tabloid The Sun reports that sexually secretive pop star Mika put his new track “I Gave It All Away” up for sale to other artists, but when Brit band Boyzone, who recently announced they’re reuniting, wanted it as their comeback single, he reneged on the offer.

KeatingA spokesman for Boyzone told the tab: “It’s a real shame because it’s an incredible song and we all loved it.”

Sources told the tab: “Boyzone loved it. They thought it was perfect to launch their comeback so they recorded it and it sounded great — a certain No 1. Just like the title of the track, Mika gave it all away. But then he took it back again….He is keen to start writing for other pop artists as well as himself. But Boyzone isn’t really what he had in mind. He was hoping to work with some more interesting artists — Boyzone are a bit too cheesy.”

That’s certainly the pot calling the kettle black.

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  1. seeldee says

    There’s something about Mika’s personality that rubs me the wrong way – and it’s more than just his crappy singing voice. He comes across as being a spoiled twat, in my opinion.

  2. Allen says

    Honestly, why do we care about this Mika kid again? He seems nice and is probably a good musical talent, but outside of Towleroad I have NEVER seen or heard of him. EVER. And further, I could care less about his sexual orientation. Andy, reading about him bores me!

  3. Becks07 says

    Oh thank christ, little Andy — I thought you had given up on Mika for good. I hope we get some more Mika news, and fast!

    Those of you Mika haters just wait a couple days…the Mika news will dry up and we will get back to our regularly scheduled barrage of Banksy posts.


    PS — Grover, chances are the correction will not get made, but thanks for posting so I could know the accurate info.

  4. peterparker says

    Mika should be glad that *anyone*, even Boyzone, wants to sing his songs. I’ve said other musicians were talentless hacks, but I was wrong…Mika is the original talentless hack.

  5. Ian says

    Mika is a moderately talented musician, but a full-blown douche bag otherwise. There are very few artists who I can’t stand to listen to more than Mika. Other than middle-aged Brit women, is there anyone that actually listens to this guy?

  6. AC1977 says

    I do like Mika’s music, but think he should be flattered that Boyzone (who were one of the biggest boybands EVER) have chosen one of his tracks as their comeback single.

    It must’ve been pretty good for them to stake that much of their reputation on it.

    Come on Mika, get of your prima-donna podium and play with the boyz.

  7. Caligula says

    Mike is from Europe and he is quite popular here. He is on the top of the Euro charts with every single he has released thus far. I’m from Greece and live in Monte Carlo and he is tops in both makets. I saw him live in Mykonos a couple of months ago and the crowd went wild. He and Calvin Harris are a new wave of Brits taking over as well as Justice.

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