More Signs of a Planet in Crisis?


The population of giant catfish, once plentiful in the Mekong Delta in Southeast Asia, have dwindled by 95 to 99 percent in the last century, according to scientists.

National Geographic reports that “since 2000 five to ten fish have been caught by accident each year throughout the Mekong area.” The one pictured here was caught by accident on November 13 near Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and released unharmed, according to fisheries biologist Zeb Hogan (pictured).

Said Hogan: “This is the only giant catfish that has been caught this year so far, making it the worst year on record for catch of giant fish species.”

A recent climate report from the IPCC warned that the world could see extinction of one-third of all species as it warms up. That’s a terrifying thought.

In semi-related news, that wayward Minke whale that was found swimming 1,000 miles up the Amazon didn’t make it out alive.