Morrissey Shuns England Over “Immigration Explosion”

In a new, controversial interview with NME, Morrissey says he shuns England now because of the “immigration explosion” that has happened there, according to the Daily Mail:

Morrissey“Other countries have held on to their basic identity yet it seems to me that England was thrown away. The change in England is so rapid compared to the change in any other country. If you walk through Knightsbridge on any bland day of the week you won’t hear an English accent. You’ll hear every accent under the sun apart from the British accent. The British identity is very attractive, I grew up into it and I find it quaint and very amusing.”

He now considers Rome his home.

NME also reports today that the singer has signed a solo record deal with Polydor/Decca and has no plans to go the internet route in marketing it (ala Radiohead):

“If they (Radiohead) think that can work that that’s a wonderful world. And yes, you can look at record companies and you can easily assess that they’ve been ripping people off for years and years and years. The whole process is a gigantic rip off. But then there are people like me who need to be institutionalised… and I don’t mean in an asylum! Believing that several thousand people are working to get your music heard is more inspiring to me than anything else.”

Of the new record, he boasts: “I’m extremely happy about it. I love my band at the moment, and the songs are great, of course. I don’t think there’s ever been a theme to any of my records. I don’t need the chameleon element of trying to entice people with new costumes. I like to think I’m complicated and interesting enough as a human being.”

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  1. RP says

    I really love Morrissey, but sometimes he should refrain from voicing his opinions.

    Xenophobia is ugly.

  2. Banjiboi says

    Full disclosure: I was an admirer of The Smiths music back in the day (I’m on your side J.M.). But I must say I CANNOT STAND the whiny psuedo-wrist-cutting, twit known as Morrissey.

    I’d much rather hit the seedy dives of ol’ Londontown with Marc Almond anyways, so nyah! I’ll bet we could even hit up a Brixton house jam or two………………..

  3. says

    “he now considers Rome his home” thereby contributing to Italy’s “immigration explosion” while deserting his “quaint and very amusing” England.

    what a sadsack.

  4. Sasha says

    Yeah, has he considered the fact that he’s an immigrant in Italy, and that they may not want him? They may prefer to hear nice “pure” Italian accents as they walk down the street and not English ones.

    I’ve always thought he was an intelligent man, so it mystifies me why he would say something as stupid as this.

  5. Jack Scribe says

    He’s very insensitively commenting on the fading of cultural identity in the U.K. Unfortunately, many of the immigrants do not desire to assimulate. Same situation in France.

  6. Gregg says

    It’s very sad when an icon from the formative years of our youth becomes just another grouchy old man who longs for the good ol’ days. No wonder he shuns Internet marketing.

  7. A Cairns says

    UK is one of the richest and powerful countries in the world thanks to its immigration.

    He obviously hasn’t travelled very far in Britain because UK is actually 87% white British, and virtually all white outside of London.

    I hope he knows how to order a pint and fish and chips in Italian…

  8. noteasilyoffended says

    I am with Sasha. I wonder if more than one Italian has commented on how they are hearing so many English accents on the streets of Rome these days………

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    “UK is one of the richest and powerful countries in the world thanks to its immigration.”

    Yes, you’re right, A CAERNS, but I imagine 400+ years of imperialism has something to do with Britain’s status as an economic super power. It also has something to do with many of those immigrants feeling they have a right to immigrate to the mighty island nation…just like Mexicans & Latinos have every right to immigrate to California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Nevada, etc. (pronunced with a Spanish accent please).

  10. Gitai says

    That’s kind of funny and ironic, not just because he’s an immigrant to Italy, but because Italy is in the midst of a huge crisis over Romanian immigration.

  11. says

    And immigrating to Italy will bring back memories of happy ol’ days, how? He should visit Canada and see how diverse we are. But I guess he was referring to other European countries. Maybe he should keep his xenophobia in check next time!

  12. Noah says

    This guy is a complete moron. He chastises immigrants yet he’s become one himself. As others have said, how many Italians bristle at hearing his English? Does he speak Italian flawlessly?

    Also, the guy should read up on “English” history. If he did, he’d learn that England was been the destination of immigrants for a hell of a long time. Let’s see, the Romans, the Saxons, and the French (whose language greatly influenced the English language).

    Anyway, Morrisey should drop over to Ireland ask the Irish how they feel about English immigrants and their influence over the country. He might want to also ask all of the other peoples whose countries were conquered and colonized by the Brits.

    Morrissey is just a grumpy old man who can’t deal with the change that affects all societies.

  13. noah says

    Even worse….
    “Morrissey, who has sung of his love for English culture and can count Tory leader David Cameron as a fan, is the son of an Irish immigrant family which settled in Manchester.”

    Morrissey’s family are immigrants from Ireland? Now, we know this is guy is a total douche.

  14. AdamN says

    I’m a huge Smiths/Morrissey fan but occasionally he will do or say something that is really, really dumb. This is one of those times.
    However as Noah pointed out Morrissey is himself the son of immigrants so there is a chance that the entire thing is a joke, which has been true in the past with controversial things he has said in interviews. Still even if that were true, its a really bad and offensive “joke”.

  15. Princess Superstar says

    This bitch needs to sit her tired, old, 1980’s ass right back down. You can dress ’em up…

  16. Anglophile says

    Good for him. He’s absolutely correct. A country does not have to let immigration go beyond the level at which assimilation is possible, but Britain has, as the U.S. has.

    Morrissey’s parents came to England from Ireland and currently Morrissey is an Englishman living in Italy, but neither fact involves overwhelming numbers of foreigners coming in and changing the nature of the host culture.

    The English people are against the tidal wave of third world immigration, as are the American people (every poll says so). Yet articulating this feeling is not allowed.

  17. Paul Holtz says

    His comments are especially stupid when one recalls many of his lyrics condemning England (“Oh Manchester, so much to answer for”), royalty (an album titled “The Queen is Dead” with a title track attacking several members of the royal family), Margaret Thatcher (well, he had a point there)…the list goes on and on. He now considers quaint what he used to detest. He also had a song, “National Front Disco,” attacking conservative, xenophobic, racist politics.

    Not to mention, a year ago he said he considers L.A. his new home. End point: he just likes attention.

  18. scar2 says

    This is one of the saddest things I’ve read. I’m Filipino & I admire Morrissey so much. I’ve very shy & introverted so I really related to his songs when I was first coming out. This is hard for me to take. This is coming from the same guy who chastised the US for never electing a woman or a black person as president in one of his albums? I always thought that some of the outrageous lyrics were meant to be funny. Not I’m not sure. Talk about being disappointed by your hero.

  19. Toto says

    Is this the same cry baby that sang about being lonely and sad for decades and finally came out of the closet. Not to mention that countless tours he cant finish.

  20. says

    The last serious research published in Italy about the number of immigrants living there (here an abstract in English:–schedainglese.pdf) put their number at 3,590,000 – 3,690,000 (max – min estimations for the total of communitarian
    and non-communitarian citizens) at the end of 2006. This figure is putting Italy only behind Germany and Spain in Europe (so ahead of UK) already at the end of 2006, without taking in account the current wave of Romenian passport holding immigrants who moved there mostly during the 2007.
    Last but not least, already in 2006 the annual increase in the foreign population of Italy was the greatest in Europe, exceeding proportionally even the US (in 2006 USA let in 1 million legal immigrants, Italy with a population of 1/5 let in almost 600,000).
    So it seems Mr. Morrissey is not exactly the most well informed person around ..