News: Cheney Impeachment, Gavin Rossdale, Jenkem, Iraq Gays

road.jpg As safe houses close, Iraqi gay activist Ali Hili says world has left them behind: “Over 30 gay residents who we cared for in these three safe houses now have to take their chances in a country where religious militia regularly seek out gays and execute them. Several months ago, two lesbians working with Iraqi LGBT were assassinated in the safe house they were running in Najaf, along with a young boy the women had rescued from the sex industry. We feel deserted by the international gay community. Few people seem to care about our fate.”

Cheneyroad.jpg Dennis Kucinich to force vote on impeachment resolution against Vice President Dick Cheney. And he’s not stopping there….

road.jpg Jenkem is the shit: Florida police investigating new fecal drug craze. Disgusting.

road.jpg Scottish parliament considering sexual orientation hate crime law: “There are no guarantees that enough MSPs will support the bill, but it appears to have received a warm welcome from the government. Today it comes before a committee of the Scottish Parliament.”

Glendonroad.jpg Bush to nominate anti-gay Harvard law professor Mary Ann Glendon as U.S. ambassador to the Vatican: “Glendon, 69, is an anti-abortion scholar and an opponent of gay marriage who also has written on the effects of divorce and increased litigation on society. Her 1987 book ‘Abortion and Divorce in Western Law’ was critical of the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that established a legal right to abortion.”

road.jpg Eric Dane is a silver fox.

road.jpg CBS News on LOGO expanding to half-hour weekly broadcast: “Brian Graden, Logo president and president of MTV Networks Music Group Entertainment, said Monday afternoon that the network had gotten to the point where it had the distribution and roster of advertisers to take things to another level. ‘It seemed like there was enough news to sustain that (half-hour) format and then some, and that the audience had a concentrated interest’ a year out from the 2008 general elections, Graden said. He didn’t rule out further news programming based on how things go.”

Rossdaleroad.jpg Gavin Rossdale flexes his tennis chops.

road.jpg Discharged lesbian nurse battling “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: “Margaret Witt’s ACLU lawyer told a federal appeals court panel in Seattle that child molesters in the armed forces are treated more leniently than homosexuals because molesters don’t face mandatory discharge. Witt contends the policy-driven discharge violated her right to be free from governmental intrusion in her private life, and that her lawsuit against the Air Force should be reinstated…Witt, 42, spent more than 18 years building a stellar reputation as a McChord Air Force Base nurse who saved the lives of soldiers on medical-evacuation missions. Twice decorated by President Bush, her career was on the rise until an anonymous tipster told the Air Force in 2004 that Witt, a major, was in a long-term relationship with a civilian woman.”

road.jpg British boyband McFly are pube-burning sensations at G-A-Y nightclub in London.

road.jpg Slow-going as jury selection enters day two for Florida Rep. Bob Allen: “It’s “very unusual” for jury selection on a second-degree misdemeanor charge of soliciting a prostitute to enter a second day, attorneys agreed. ‘The typical misdemeanor trial would generally have jury selection concluded in a half-day or less, and some are done as quickly as an hour or two,’ said Michelle Perlman, misdemeanor division chief for Brevard’s State Attorney’s Office. Many potential jurors were dismissed immediately after they said they believed Allen, accused in July of agreeing to pay an undercover police officer he encountered in a Titusville park bathroom $20 to perform a sex act, was guilty based on media accounts.”


  1. Leland Frances says

    Tis the Season for Self-Righteousness and Kucinich is the garden gnome that keeps on giving.

    While knowing he didn’t stand another bottom’s chance of getting laid in Reichen’s bedroom in relation to winning a single primary, let alone the nomination for President, I have respected his assertiveness on gay equality.

    But I for the day when Cheney and Bush will be legally tried and hung as war criminals [though it will never happen], Kucinich is confusing the U.S. Senate with the Bezerkley City Council. His hissy fit will accomplish nothing but give him a little hard on. There’s viable legislation about other issues that he should be applying his brains and energy to, not pissing away whatever respect among his colleagues he might still possess. What’s that they say about the definition of insanity—something about doing the same thing over and over even if you know it’s not going to work?

  2. freddie says

    I hope it isn’t a case of a fool and his money being parted, but I took the money I was going to spend on another gay-org-rubber-chicken-champagne-gala and paypaled it to the Iraq folks. The champagne wouldn’t have tasted right if I hadn’t. I just hope they’re legit.

  3. Jason says

    The Repubs are trying to force a debate on Cheney’s impeachment. I hope it blows up in their faces.

  4. Paul says

    And the Repubs won, because the Dems backed down—knowing it was a distraction that would go nowhere.

    Interesting strategy by the Repubs—voting for the debate. I despise them, but will give them credit for making the Dems look pretty damn foolish. Thanks, Kucinich!

  5. Jordan says

    Cheney looks like Satan himself, and that Mary Ann Glendon looks like she’d be a total cunt (what else?).

    Eric Dane is amazingly hot. I’d let him play doctor with me anytime.

    And Gavin Rossdale is looking very good too. His and Gwen’s little boy is adorable. He looks just like him.

  6. says

    I was about to scold Andy for making me click a link to Perez Hilton’s awful, uber-slow-to-load, p-o-s called a website… then I saw the supreme lack of content. Clearly worth it.

  7. Mitch says

    McSteamy works out at my gym. You think he’s hot? You should see his trainer! It’s painful to be around them.

  8. says

    is it possible to flag links to the insipid Trent and/or poisonous Perez ??
    there’s not enough Purell to handle those sites.

  9. says

    As for the Iraqi safe houses, it does not make sense to me to have them. Instead, there needs to be an Underground Railroad* like there was in the US during slavery that pulled black people out of the slave states into freedom. Things sound so bad that it makes no sense to me for anyone LGBT to remain in Iraq. (Safe houses could be points of departure though.)

    * (For those who don’t know about the Railroad (non US ppl, presumably), click my name or go here for history.)

  10. Paul says

    Pecos Bill, your sentiment is obviously correct, but where are they to go? Jordan has already absorbed more than 1 million Iraqi emigrants. The US has absorbed almost none (fewer than 8,000) since the war began (as opposed to several times that in the years before the war)—far fewer than countries, like Sweden, that opposed the war in the first place.

    Where are poor gay Iraqis possibly supposed to flee to unless rich foreigners give up some coins to help them? As you obviously know, the Underground Railroad wasn’t an international event, and there’s certainly nowhere in Iraq for them to flee to.