They Now Play Quidditch at Vassar

As a proud graduate of this fine institution I can attest to the fact that sports are not Vassar’s strength. The college has never received much attention for its athletics program, but it looks like that is about to change.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I just fell off my broom and need to recover.

(via deadspin)

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Wow, you went to Vassar, Andy. Impressive. You didn’t meet Jane Fonda when you were there, didya’?

    That’s a joke, Andy. You weren’t born when Fonda was at Vassar. You must be use to “queen humor” by now, buddy. Hell, back then, even a “queen” couldn’t get into Vassar…had to have the real stuff.

  2. says

    Legend has it that Jane Fonda went to the afternoon tea in the Rose Parlor wearing nothing but a pair of white gloves as a form of protest against the establishment. Not sure if that’s ever been proven. Not sure about Courtney Love either.

    But when I was a freshman I had a roommate named Marc Thiessen who went on to become Jesse Helms’spokesperson. Needless to say I got a single sophomore year.

  3. Kyriell Noon says

    Andy, thanks for the laugh! I was a freshman when you were a senior and I think all of the queer frosh that year had HUGE crushes on you. That clip brought all of that flooding back. Just what the doctor ordered! Those were the days.

  4. kennjamin says

    Now there’s a team I would have tried out for. Nothing like running around Joss Beach with a bunch of skinny boys who like big hard sticks between their legs. Ah, brings back such fond memories of Vassar. Thanks for the post. GO VASSAR QUIDDITCH!

  5. Cristian says

    That is a brilliant synthesis of pop culture with mundane life, converting it into something original and hilarious. Why couldn’t I meet people like that while I was in college? You rock, Vassar!

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