Zachary Quinto: This Naked, Steaming Hero Will Not Be Ignored


Zachary Quinto is so not allowing the producers to let Milo Ventimiglia show him up in shirtless Heroes beefcake scenes. But who’s to complain? This from the latest ep.

Quinto2 Quinto3

Of course, given the props — white towel and a generous amount of sweat — this could have been a cutting-room-floor scrap from the ill-fated season of So NoToriOus.


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  1. jimmyboyo says

    Hairy chests rock!!!!!!!

    His looks like a phoenix with outspread wings

    Too bad he is too fem to turn my gears, but his height, dark hair, and hairy chest are all very attractive. As long as he doesn’t talk or move, he is FINE!

  2. MT says

    This dude is seriously unattractive. He has a total cromagnon thing going on with his brow and the way he looks in general suggests some major body hair issues (I think it’s the way he wears his facial hair). I was shocked when they showed him shirtless and he wasn’t just covered in carpet.

    I know everyone is super hot for him, but he just isn’t doing it for me.

  3. jimmyboyo says

    MT, well 99.999999999999999% of guys straight and gay all tweeze, wax, and shave themselves to look like prepubescent twinks so you don’t have to worry about any real/ hairy men getting near you.

    Now go enjoy your zac effron porn.


  4. Tread says


    I agree. They took away what made you partly “sympathize” with him and just made him this power-hungry shell. It would be have been more interesting to see him on some sort of path of redemption, but instead they repeatedly dropped throughout the course of this season. It’s time for Sylar to go the big Hall of Doom in the sky.

  5. MT says


    I’m all for a naturally hairy guy (God knows the whole super smooth thing can feel a little freaky when you’re laying next to it), but a little tweezing isn’t a bad thing. However, if you have to break out the weed whacker you know you’re in trouble. I assumed Zach here was the weed whacker type before seeing him shirtless.

    That still doesn’t mitigate his cromagnon brow though and his out-of-proportion chin (IMHO).

  6. jimmyboyo says


    I can’t help it. I like butch guys. I enjoy my friendships with fem guys and enjoy a good drag show like anybody else, but as to what gets my juices flowing = butch

    zachary is attractive as long as he doesn’t talk or move. The hairy chest is a +++

  7. Jordan says

    Well Andy killed my Sylar fantasy with the recent post of him playing Spock, so this scene did nothing for me. That and the fact that this season ‘Heroes’ totally sucks. I’m thinking about switching networks & watching ABC, since those comedies look very promising.

    And what’s wrong with just naturally being hairless? Some of us young skinny guys just don’t have hair (although I like hair on other guys 😉

  8. Kevin says

    Can we mention the shot directly following this one where the camera shows the dead brother inside the room and we see a hint of Sylar’s low rise pants giving us a glimpse of the top of his ass! It was just enough to make me pause the TV. so nice!

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