A Holiday Visit to the Larry Craig Men’s Room

Craigster2 Craigster3

So I went inside to check out if they had installed those new partitions they announced in September. Nope.

Still plenty of time, Senators!

Anyway, it felt a little strange to be in there so I only spent about one minute. I wasn’t going to do any further research even though I had 10 hours till my flight because a) I’m not desperate and b) I’m not stupid and c) I’m not a Republican closet case. However, as far as I could tell (I only heard a grunt and perhaps what was a courtesy flush), the season is still open for any out-of-state GOPers passin’ through.


  1. JT says

    Andy: Any guy who is even remotely conscious of male beauty would cruise you. For cryin’ out loud, the airport probably had to put in extra security after they saw YOU heading into the toilets!

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