Australian PM Kevin Rudd Says He Won’t Overrule Civil Unions

The Australian Capital Territory’s (ACT) two previous attempts to introduce civil unions failed because former Prime Minister John Howard’s government used its power to deny them.

RuddRecently-elected Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he won’t do the same, leaving it to the individual regions to determine the matter. Said Rudd: “On these matters, state and territories are answerable to their own jurisdictions.”

The Age reports: “This is despite Labor telling the Christian lobby before the election it ‘did not support legislation to recognise same-sex marriage or civil unions’. Labor’s federal platform is to support a nationally consistent system of relationship registers. Registers are less controversial than civil unions because they don’t involve a ceremony, which Christian groups view as being too close to a wedding. Relationship registers are already in use in Tasmania and are being introduced in Victoria.”

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  1. Zeke says

    It seems that the more the anti gay marriage people talk the more ridiculous their arguments sound.

    Their OK with the benefits and a registry as long as there’s no ceremony because THAT would make it “like” a marriage? Am I the only person who thinks this makes absolutely NO sense?

    In spite of the fact that judgmentalists’ seem to have WAY too much say in America and in Australia, and in spite of the fact that their wackery seems universal, I’m glad to see that Australia, under its new government, is taking a huge step in the right direction.

    I guess “Regime Change” does have its benefits. Its time to bring some of it to America!

  2. lou says

    Wow, in his first few weeks Rudd does more for gays than Howard did in all his 11 years!

    Still, as long as Labor has a conservative faction we can’t expect equality.

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