Chicago Man Assaulted and Raped for Alleged Wink and Proposition

A man in Chicago was assaulted at a party and then stalked by his attacker, 43-year-old Felipe Rivera, who waited outside for him and followed him to a basement staircase where he then raped, assaulted, and sodomized the victim with a broomstick, authorities say.

RiveraWhy did he do this? Because the victim winked at him at the party and then, allegedly, propositioned him. The victim denies propositioning his attacker, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The paper reports:

“According to a spokesman for Cicero police, Rivera and the victim encountered each other at a party Friday night in the 1200 block of South 50th Avenue. ‘Mr. Rivera got upset apparently because he believed the victim, No. 1, didn’t respond to a female and then, No. 2, somehow winked at him — made what he perceived as a sexual advance,” said Cicero police spokesman Dan Proft. Rivera then punched the victim in the face, Proft said, and was asked to leave the party. He allegedly waited outside for the victim. According to Rivera, the victim, 37, then propositioned Rivera for a sex act — a claim the victim denies, Proft said. Rivera followed the victim to the outer staircase of a basement apartment, where he removed the victim’s pants and raped him, authorities said. Afterward, Rivera punched the victim in the head, leaving him semi-conscious, then inserted a metal broom handle in the victim’s rectum, sources said. Rivera gave police these details in a videotaped statement, according to Proft. When asked why he did it, Rivera allegedly said it was ‘because he hates f – – – – – s, and this is what they get,’ according to Proft. A spokesman for the state’s attorney said Rivera also shouted ‘sexually oriented derogatory comments’ during the rape.”

Rivera reportedly fled to his mother’s home. Mom turned him in, as she has an order of protection against him.

Rivera has been charged with a hate crime as well as aggravated criminal sexual assault and other offenses and could face 30 years in prison. He’s being held on $400,000 bond.

Alleged gay advance cited in rape [chicago sun times]


  1. says

    Holly mother of…So this retard hates f_gs but enjoys sodomizing them? Is it a hate crime when a “gay” man rapes another “gay” man? He’s obviously a self hating homo but does that explain the hate crime sentence? I get confused about these laws.

  2. rudy says

    “Retard” Shabaka? Using that word as an epithet–in the absence of any evidence that the man is mentally handicapped–is itself a demonstration of your own bigotry. Please think before you write. Surely Rivera has demonstrated that he is a violent homophobe and acted on his bigotry. I hope you do not act out in a similar manner. Your offense is greater than your confusion about “these laws”.

  3. says

    Seems pretty hateful to me–even if self-hate is part of the equation.

    While rape itself can be construed as a hate crime, the additional sexually oriented derogatory comments, physical violence, rape with an object and admission of hating a particular group to whom the victim is considered to belong…all these things add up.

  4. says

    RUDY…Violent rape is DEFINITELY a retarded act, regardless of what the victim did or didn’t do. How you fail to see this makes one wonder! And why would you think I would “act in a similar manner”? Where is this coming from?

  5. rudy says

    Shabaka, You are an idiot, a bigot, and reading comprehension is obviously yet another skill you do not possess. Rape is a heinous act; it is a criminal act; it is the ultimate violation of another person; however, it is not a “retarded act”.

  6. says

    Boy oh boy…Okay RUDY…You’re obviously on something. But I won’t respond to your comments with hostility since it’s Friday and I’m in an ah-mazing mood. So please do yourself a favor and get some fresh air. It’ll do you some good. M’kay?

  7. Jeff says

    Rudy writes: “Surely Rivera has demonstrated that he is a violent homophobe and acted on his bigotry. I hope you do not act out in a similar manner.”

    Rudy- you mean to say that you hope Shabaka doesn’t act out violently against retarded people? If that’s the heartfelt concern you take away from this article and Shabaka’s apt assessment, you really must be on something.

    Certainly “retard” shouldn’t be used as an epithet, but considering that violent homophobes are raping perceived gay men with broom handles in damn-near 2008, your avid defense of the mentally retarded in these comments is, at best, thoroughly unrelated. (And at worst, well, a little retarded.)

  8. rudy says

    Stupidity is running rampant in this thread. Cannot you read and comprehend English? Shabaka used an epithet against mentally handicapped people that is completely unrelated to the article or her attempt at stating a comment. Shabaka’s “assessment” was hardly “apt” but it was bigoted and stupid. In her “assessment,” rape is a “retarded act”. That is an egregiously stupid and bigoted statement.

  9. says

    @ RUDY…Boo,Shabaka is a HE. When you get back from your break…Away from yourself, check out my profile. It clearly states my name, location, gender, etc. LMAO.

    @ JEFF & ANON…I should have warned you guys to stay away from RUDY. So sorry. Drinks on me anytime you’re in town. LOL.

  10. noah says

    Argh! Let’s deal with the issue hear. This creep Rivera raped a human being and has confessed to the crime. Case closed. Toss his ass in the jail.

    If Rivera’s mother had an order of protection against him, there’s obviously something wrong with him besides any kind of mental illness. Statistics show that those who suffer from mental illness are more likely the victims of violence than the perpetrators.

    I’d agree that self-hatred plays a role because why else would Rivera be able to get it up and rape his male victim? How many cases do you hear of gay men raping heterosexual women? Not as often as you hear of supposedly heterosexual men raping other men (gay or straight)!

    Given Rivera’s statements, Rivera was motivated by hatred of homosexuals. Therefore it is a hate crime. A hate crime can be committed by members of the same group if there is hatred involved.

    For instance, think about cases where interracial couples are attacked by people of one of the couples’ same “race.” The hatred is directed against both victims.

    Similarly, there are plenty of cases of self-haters injuring others in their own racial, ethnic, or sexual group. Look at all of the closeted gay Republicans who do horrible things to other gays? Roy Cohn? There are also examples of the Jewish Ku Klux Klan member and the biracial Neo Nazi member who committed hate crimes and were later “exposed.”

    As for the “retard” comment. It is a bigoted comment since it denigrates an entire class of people who suffer from intellectual challenges. Moreover, just because someone suffers from mental illness does not mean that person is evil or pre-disposed to evil.

    Many people who suffer from a mental illness have lead successful lives and have greatly contributed to society: Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Virginia Wolff, Lord Byron, Ted Turner, etc. In particular, there is strong evidence that many people who suffer from bipolar disorder are genetically gifted with higher intelligence and creativity because of the genes that cause their illness.

    Reducing Rivera to a “retard” continues pushing a stereotype of the violent, sexually perverted mentally ill that has been the stuff of fiction and tabloid headlines. There are better adjectives to describe Rivera: fiend, scumbag, etc.

    If you reduce Rivera to just a “retard,” you reduce his culpability for his actions and also make yourself seem pretty hypocritical since, no doubt, you wouldn’t want someone to reduce you to just being a “homo,” “queer,” or insert-your-favorite-epithet.

  11. rudy says

    Shabaka, I deliberately did not “check out” your profile because I do not engage in personal attacks and, more importantly, could not care less about you other than to call out the imbecility of your supposed “assessment”. If you are too stupid to understand that basic difference your profile would not provide any information necessary to point out your obviously idiotic and bigoted statement. The inanity of your subsequent comments only adduces further written evidence of your lack of analytical abilities. Wallowing in your ignorance is shown thereby to be a deliberately chosen activity.

  12. Jeff says

    Wait, wait, hold up.

    Shabaka never called the rapist “mentally handicapped”, or “schizophrenic”, or “bi-polar”.

    He called him a retard, and while that word may have a long unfortunate history as an epithet against the mentally handicapped, it also can simply mean someone who is retarded in their development, mentally, socially, emotionally, physically. And certainly Rivera is retarded in his development as a well-balanced, fruitful, self-actualized member of society, no?

    That’s why it’s completely apt to call him a retard. The assumption that Shabaka was calling him “mentally handicapped” was a jump you made, Rudy, and you alone.

  13. the queen says

    SHABAKA! RUDY! this is the prison matron speaking! GET BACK IN YOUR CELL and grease up those pussies ’cause Daddy Rivera’s coming back to join you two ladies for one hell of an afternoon.

  14. rudy says

    Entirely unconvincing Jeff. Read the comments IN CONTEXT. Your spinning would do the White House Spokesdunce proud.

    Shabaka’s epithet is no less bigoted than Rivera calling the victim a fag. Shabaka called him a “retard” he did not say that Rivera was developmentally retarded. And spare me your spin that Shabaka was using “shorthand” because he obviously–again, context is key–just tossed off a bigoted comment without thinking, much less analysis. Moreover, Shabaka compounded the idiocy by calling rape a “retarded act”.

    I have counseled rape victims–both male and female–and none would agree that their attacker was a “retard” or that violation of their bodies was a “retarded act” but rather a brutally physically and psychologically violent act perpetrated by a criminal. Furthermore, in my being successful in convicting rapists (and other violent offenders) earlier in my career I would never have argued to the jury that the defendant was a “retard” who perpetrated a “retarded act”. That idiotic “argument” would not have not resulted in conviction and justice (to the extent meted out by our judicial system) for the victim. I would have flunked any of my legal advocacy students who propounded such imbecilic rhetoric.

    Granted, this is a blog, not a class in legal persuasion; however, that does not mean that one should ignore blatant stupidity and bigotry.

  15. Noah says


    “Retard” is an epithet that is based on hatred of people who are intellectually challenged and or suffer from some form of mental illness. “Retard” comes from “retarded,” as in someone who suffers from perceived mental, intellectual deficiencies. People who suffer from other forms of mental illness, like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia has historically been lumped into the category of “retards” and been harassed because of their illnesses.

    And, sorry to have to there, but, it’s true: Hitler and American eugenicists targeted “retards” and other people affected by mental illness. Both sought to have the mentally ill sterilized and the Nazis also sought their extermination.

    (You should read the about the American Eugenics movement if you want a good scare about government gone amok. People, usually poor whites, “racial” minorities. and orphans where routinely sterilized against their wills. This policy continued into the 1970s.)

    So, no, it’s never okay to call someone a “retard.” It’s just another way to dehumanize a person instead of treating him/her as a human being who is different and deserving of respect and dignity.

    To even argue for the use of the word is reprehensible.

  16. rudy says

    Thanks Noah. You have much more patience than I. It is so obvious to me that “retard” is an epithet, meant to be offensive, used by bigots that I tire of stupidity easily. I have sought convictions (and won) on behalf of retarded victims so I just about lost it when Shabaka referred to the perpetrator as a “retard” and then compounded the offense by labelling rape a “retarded act”. And along came Jeff to add insult to offense. Fortunately, this blog also attracts thoughtful commenters such as you. Namaste.

  17. Jeff says

    Rudy and Noah-
    I see your points, and I certainly understand that Shabaka’s statement: “Violent rape is DEFINITELY a retarded act”, is not so accurate and indeed a dangerous assessment concerning actual mentally handicapped individuals. Duly noted.

    But I will maintain that you’ve fallen off the P.C. deep-end. You must concede that Shabaka had no intention of even slightly alluding to actual mentally handicapped people. But I know, I know, that’s not the point.

    I’m just not the kind of person who minds when teenagers use “gay” as a negative adjective unrelated to homosexuality, or rappers use “fag” as an insult when they’re obviously not talking about gay people at all. I’m a proud liberal through and through, but I think we all need to become a bit more secure. Words do hurt us, but they shouldn’t. We all need to focus more on actions (like, say, internalized-homophobia-induced-gay-rape-attacks).

  18. Jeff says

    Sorry- I didn’t finish.

    Words do hurt us, but they shouldn’t. We all need to focus more on actions (like, say, internalized-homophobia-induced-gay-rape-attacks), which, in accordance with our standard modern vernacular, are pretty fuckin’ retarded.

  19. says

    The word choices of the commentators aside, the crux of this sad tale about Mr. Rivera is that he will probably now spend a good portion of his life in prison…where he will no doubt learn what a *real* sexual advance is.

    Hopefully he won’t have to endure the Karma of ‘retarded ejaculation’ on the part of his cellmate!

  20. Briggs says

    the whole “retarded” discussion is just, uh, retarded. Unless you are mentally challenged then get over it folks, jesus christ.

    second, I know i’ll get flamed for this, but I cannot understand how a 37 year old man gets raped by another man, absent a gun. A punch to the head was all it took to pull your panties down? i dunno. this one requires further investigation.

    just me

  21. says

    Whoa! Who woulda thunk!! I just walked in from a crazy week end in Montréal and dang! I started something, didn’t I?
    En tout cas, After “thoughtful” consideration I decided to retract my calling Rivera a “retard” since our PC correct world does not allow us to call anyone “ill-advised” a “retard” anymore. Although I realize that according to most definitions of the term, retard means a developmental “hindrance”, I can not disregard the fact that the term is synonymously used to refer to a “a person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective in some way,a hopeless social retard” as one online dictionary definition indicates. I mean his own mother has a restriction order against him or something in that regard! And you were asking for “evidence”! HA!

    Now RUDY, bullying has never gotten ANYONE anywhere. So chill, boo!! Counseling rape victims does NOT,in any way, shape or form give you authority to disrespect people merely voicing their opinions, tu comprends mon petit con? Just stop your ridiculous self righteousness since you only come off as another social retard disconnected from the world we currently live in!!

    Rivera attacked another man because he thought the latter made sexual advances towards him. And not only did he punch him, but he also sexually assaulted him. So to me and most sane people, to be sexually aroused by someone whom you consider to be a disgusting human being and proceed to actually stick your dick in them is stupid, gauche and downright ridiculous! Again if you fail to see this…Just take a break from your counseling sessions and jerk off! Okay connard? Oh and by connard I mean imbécile!! So there! I guess my “ah-mazing” friday is over and I can cuss your trouduc ass over and over and over again! Sheesh!

    I’m just gonna go to bed and don’t you dare say anything aussi con que tes dix derniers pages, d’accord?

  22. wetcnt says

    Briggs wrote: “I cannot understand how a 37 year old man gets raped by another man, absent a gun…”

    Now I am not flaming you, just responding. Your comments are a very typical reaction to a report of rape: blame the victim.

    But just for argument’s sake, let’s assume that the initial sex was consensual. Does it then excuse the act of shoving a broom handle in the victim’s ass while shouting anti-gay epitaphs?

  23. rudy says

    Shebaka, You just do not get it. It has nothing to do with being PC. You are the commenter that labelled rape a “retarded act” and called a homophobic criminal a “retard”. Those were and remain nothing less than bigoted and imbecilic statements. Despite your latter day defenders with their ex post facto rationalizations that were never considered by you when originally making your idiotic statements which revealed inherent bigotry, your pathetic attempt to shift the discussion and the blame/shame is unavailing. It is beyond peradventure that your statements were epithets intended to be used offensively and show bigotry against others. You just do not like being called out on them because you obviously realize how stupid they make you appear, your clumbsy quasi-French notwithstanding.

    Amanda darling, try as you want to be a grammar vulture, you are incorrect. The Chicago manual of style (among other authorities) directs that the preferred rule is that quotation marks be placed inside the punctuation mark when quoting less than an entire thought (sentence or independant clause). Accordingly, the quotation marks are placed outside the punctuation mark when the punctuation mark is part of the quoted statement.

    It is only because this is a subtle difference that actually entails thought and precision, and, therefore, is no longer taught in American schools that the default rule has become: to place punctuation within the terminal quotation mark. This rule-to-the-lowest-common-denominator is yet another example of the “dumbing down” of culture, including grammar.

    Just because you are lazy–and have others who join you in sloth–e.g., “The Washington Post;” but cf., “The Financial Times”–does not mean that the old and preferred rule does not continue to apply for those who were properly taught.

    Your childish attempts at namecalling–having nothing to do with the discussion–are, as always, the last resort of the cowardly and the dumb. Quite a combo Mandy!

  24. amanda says

    Hmmm, let’s see here. No need for the cap. “Y” after Chewbacca. Should be “who” after commenter. I’m not even going to comment on “clumbsy.” Uh, where’s the capital “M” for manual and ditto for style? Etc.

    p.s. Nothing of any style ever came outta Chicago you “broomstick up your ass retard”.

  25. says

    Ugh…RUDY,you do NOT want to get me started on calling you out in French! Quasi? You’re funny! I get it,boo. Trust me, I do. I get the fact that you’re so paranoid that you thing everyone is out to get you and those whom you think you represent. And what do you know about bigotry, you sanctimonious freak, you?! Keep molesting those mentally challenged kids,you RETARD!!
    A bon entendeur, imbécile!

  26. rudy says

    Idiots! Keep trying to post a coherent comment. You do nothing more than continue to prove my earliest statements that you are imbecilic bigots. Bilingually arrogant and stupid. Sad little creatures.

  27. amanda says

    and there’s nothing more boorish than an armchair dilettante who gets all of his info. from wikipedia and attempts to pass it off as an original thought. manastee.

  28. rudy says

    Thankfully Mandy you have self-identified as not only a dunce but one who relies on the collective information of a confederacy of same. Since you are uneducated, you should at least be humble. Arrogance and stupidity is not a winning combination, as you have shown.

  29. Vesper says

    Rudy, from what i have taken, you did mean well in pointing out the harshness of the word. but you showed no constraint on your part you did not need to keep coming back. it might upset you but you put way to much effort. So pretty much you didn’t help your case. Fyi the only reason he responded in a negative act is because you took the offensive and actually attacked him with,’I hope you do not act out in a similar manner. Your offense is greater than your confusion about “these laws’. I would like to assume you did not mean to attack him but you did lay the kindling.

  30. rudy says

    I pointed out that Shebaka used a bigoted epithet and compounded the offense by labelling rape a “retarded act”. Then the dunce chorus showed up and started name calling and trying to shift the discussion to unrelated grammatical “in-corrections”. I maintain that Shabaka’s offense in using a bigoted epithet and likening a criminal act to being retarded is greater than his stated “confusion” about “these laws”. If he does not want his obvious bigotry and offensively phrased comments to be commented upon, then he should think before he writes. As they stand, their comments (Shabaka, et al.) show that arrogance and stupidity is bad combination, even on a blog, but especially on one “with homosexual tendencies”. I expect better and will continue to comment when I do not find it.

  31. Derrick from Philly says

    All right, then, we won’t call Rivera or his act “retarded”. We will call it the act of a mentally and morally challenged, saditically evil piece o’ shit. Everybody all right with that?

    Amanda and Rudy, I think you’re both correct about where to place punctuation marks when using quotation marks, but this hea’ joint aint no English class, y’all.

  32. rudy says

    Derrick, that was my point all along. Unfortunately, it appears that some have difficulty with reading comprehension and quickly turn to personal attacks to try to shift the focus from their imbecilic and bigoted comments. Talk to Mandy about using an unrelated discussion of punctuation to shift focus away from the demonstrably bigoted remarks of another commenter. She also could not leave it at that rhetorical dodge but also resorted to sophomoric name calling, against an entire city, no less.

  33. says

    RUDY, darling…YOU’re the one who started ranting and name-calling. The following are our respective posts:

    RUDY…Violent rape is DEFINITELY a retarded act, regardless of what the victim did or didn’t do. How you fail to see this makes one wonder! And why would you think I would “act in a similar manner”? Where is this coming from?

    Posted by: Shabaka | Dec 28, 2007 11:40:50 AM

    Shabaka, You are an idiot, a bigot, and reading comprehension is obviously yet another skill you do not possess. Rape is a heinous act; it is a criminal act; it is the ultimate violation of another person; however, it is not a “retarded act”.

    Posted by: rudy | Dec 28, 2007 11:57:31 AM

    I asked you where in heaven you think I’d want to “act in a similar manner” and what did you do? Cussed me out! My rage was a direct reaction to your discourteous, abusive and un-called for idiocy! Oh and by the way, up until 2006,Princeton University was still defining IDIOCY as “extreme mental RETARDATION”! So, your not so convincing point was taken long ago, and for the sake of not sounding like a bigot, I retracted my calling the rapist a “retard” but no, you had to go on and on and not only insult me but also question my bilingualism (or in my case, my multilingualism)! Which was and still is as laughable as your paranoia. Talk about mannerism!

  34. rudy says

    Shebaka, your postings continue to be the irrational prattlings of someone justifiably called out for making demonstrably bigoted and imbecilic comments. According to you, a homophobe who acted out in a criminal manner by physically and emotionally violating another man is a “retard” and his act is “DEFINITLY a retarded act” (capitalization yours). Those comments are simply stupid and bigoted.

    I pointed out that Rivera acted out while making similarly stupid and bigoted comments to show you how idiotic your comments appeared in the context of a news article reporting a horrific criminal act. Again, reading comprehension continues to be a skill that eludes you. You responded by using the taunt of paranoia in an inappropriate way. How your “crazy weekend” in Montreal or use of childish French is in any way relevant is not apparent to anyone but you in your delusional state.

    Anyone who reads this thread can easily adjudge your rantings for what they so obviously are: the sputterings of an inarticulate bigot that is pouting because I dared to point out that truth. Pathetic that you are not man enough to realize and admit your mistake (if that is what it was rather than the actual reflection of bigotry against retarded people).

  35. says

    Oh just go away RUDY! I don’t know if you noticed but if anyone is using imbecilic and abusive comments, again it’s YOU!

    I happen to enjoy weekend getaways to Montréal(and I fail to see the relevancy of this to the topic at hand anyways.I mentioned Montréal in the same manner someone would mention walking in from fresh air outside, the exact location shouldn’t be a concern of yours).If that makes me “childish” and my french somehow questionnable, then so be it, espèce d’andouille!!

    You fucktard!! I “manned” up and DID retract my comments. After retracting the comments I made, you not only continued personally attacking me but couldn’t find anything else to abusively point to and decided to ridiculously and excessively insist that my comprehension skills are weak and what not! Guess who made a foul of themselves and quite frankly, the weaker one? Again, none other than le crétin que tu es!

  36. Derrick from Philly says


    when I looked up the words “retarded” “idiot” and “imbecile” they all have almost identical defintions. You’ve called SHABAKA an imbecile and an idiot a few times in this thread before he retaliated.

    This reminds me of a thread almost a year ago where Leland Francis and I were arguing. Leland called my thinking “retarded”. I told him he was being bigoted toward the mentally disabled & politically incorrect by using that term as an insult. Leland (and very astute visitor to the blog named Laura) patiently wrote in to explain to me that you can use the term “retarded” to mean “slow, backwards”–that Leland’s use of the term had nothing to do with a “mental/learning disability”

    Do we even use “retard” (as a noun) to refer to learning disabled folks who’ve done no harm? No, “retard” appears to be a term used by younger folks to express their opinion of someone they regard as stupid or insane. Nowadays, it doesn’t have anything to do with the old term “mentally retarded”.

    Rudy, we know that only a retard would refer to those with learning disabilities as “retards”.

    SHABAKA wasn’t talking about innocent human beings living with/overcoming learning disabilities, he was talking about a mentally disturbed, violent rapist. We all knew that.

  37. rudy says

    Derrick, please re-read your post. That is exactly the point. “Retard” has become an epithet used by casual bigots in the same way that “fag” has become an epithet used by casual homophobes. That people use them without thinking about their effect as bigoted insults (i.e., epithets) is precisely why I decried Shabaka’s idiotic statements. That people have become careless does not rob the words of their meaning or power to insult. There is simply no defense for calling a violent homophobe who raped another man a “retard” or labelling his act as “DEFINITELY a retarded act” (non-standard capitalization his). I called him out on his casual bigotry and would do so again. Shebaka introduced extraneous insults and personal attacks rather than admitting his mistake(s) if indeed he ever came to view them as such. He issued a non-retractive retraction in the manner of the by now ubiquitous non-apologetic “apologies”. He decided to “retract” use of the term ‘retard’ “[S]ince our PC-correct world does not allow… .” That is simply pathetic. He continues to dodge and spin his own statements. He should be man enough to admit he made stupid and bigoted statements. They are and he did not.

  38. Derek says

    Jesus some of you seriously need to get a life…

    What a pathetic thread on this 2nd day of the new year…