Towleroad Guide to the Tube #214

MITT TO THE RESCUE: When all else fails, rescue the missing children. Andrew Sullivan says it isn’t genuine.

BILL RICHARDSON: New spot drawing distinctions on Iraq policy.

HILLARY CLINTON: Two new ads touting her Des Moines Register endorsement. Seriousness in black and white versus Excitement in color.

LATE UPDATE: Yet another Hillary ad. Presents.

Wait! The ribbons on those presents. I see subliminal CROSSES!!!

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  1. Rafael says

    I enjoy the political news Andy bring us through his site, but this section used to be a tad more enjoyable :)

  2. says

    Hey Rafael, I appreciate the sentiment. There just happen to be a ton of political ads at the moment. I’ll try to up the entertainment quotient soon! Though I enjoy it, I want a break from the politics too sometimes.

  3. Rafael says

    Thanks Andy, I understand we are in those politically relevant times, and I appreciate your efforts to keep us up to date. Have nice holidays :)

  4. John says

    I agree with you, Tom. We’ll all be broke and dependent on her (the government) if she wins. And waiting 2 weeks to a month to get that prescription filled.

  5. peterparker says

    ANDY…I appreciate the political ads…keep ’em coming!

    And JOHN if you think it will take less time to get a government run health plan to allow you to get a prescription filled then you clearly haven’t been dealing with HMO’s or insurance companies lately. I have health insurance but they repeatedly deny drugs that my doctor calls for and ‘suggest’ that I take another drug in the same class…even though my doctor says the drug the insurance company is wiling to approve has more side effects and is not as safe. Meanwhile, one of my friends who lived in London for two years *raved* about the British health care system. She said she never had to wait more than a day or two to see her doctor and always got the medications the doctor prescribed. When she was on vacation in France and became ill she didn’t even have to go to the doctor…he came to her! When is the last time your insurance company approved a house call?!

    I can vouch for my friend’s experience at the doctor’s office. I stayed in London for a couple of days after hiking trip in the Himalayas. I arrived in London with a pretty strong case of ‘Delhi Belly’. I called a doctor’s office down the street from my friend’s flat, had an appointment later that morning and was charged a whopping $40 for the visit. The doctor even apologized for having to charge me ‘so much money’. Meanwhile, my doctor in L.A. (who I adore) gets $175.00 just to say hello to me.

    Bring on the government run health care!!!!!

  6. nic says

    thank you for your cont’d posting of political news. if it were not for that, i would go elsewhere. after all, fluff can be found at d-listed, perez, and pink, ad infinitum. they are all ok, but they are not you and towleroad. towleroad is prurience with a conscience, frivolity with a brain, a hooker with a heart of gold. ha!

    moreover, it allows people like me, PETERPARKER, and others to defend the better instincts of politicians (no matter how flawed) who are trying to make lives better for ordinary americans — irrespective of color, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, and so on.

    at the same time, perhaps some unexercised minds can get a kick-start, while gay repugs get served.

  7. John says

    It is not government’s job to “take care of you” or to “make your life better” or “make life better for ordinary Americans. The only role of government is to ensure your freedom to pursue your own dreams and happiness and not to interfere with your life. Government should be LESS involved, not MORE involved.

  8. silverskreen says

    Well, it seems to me they’re doing a pretty damn good job of not being involved in THIS country. Working out great!

  9. Dr. C says

    Dearest John,

    I would love to see HOW you would pursue your dreams and happiness if you were pregnant and couldn’t afford an ob/gyn, had cancer and were about to go bankrupt to pay medical bills, needed a liver transplant but your insurance wouldn’t cover it, or even retired and trying to pay for arthritis meds. Call me a commie, but I’ll go without my daily starbucks and copy of vogue if a few more cents on my dollar means children under 18 get to live healthily.

    Happy Holidays!

  10. anon ( says

    Do we really want to foot the bill for the medicine needed by some fat-ass Texan yahoo who never exercised and eats steak for breakfast?

  11. peterparker says


    I think access to quality, affordable health care is the very *least* a government owes it’s citizens. My God, it’s the most basic need we have. Yes, JOHN, even more basic than the pursuit of dreams, happiness, and what I gather you probably value more than anything: the almighty dollar.

    Have a wonderful holiday season, JOHN. And while you are unwrapping your presents or eating a wonderful meal with loved ones, just remember that there will be millions (literally) of Americans suffering from poor health, some of them in pain, simply because they cannot afford health insurance.


  12. SFshawn says

    When the United States Senate in almost 2008 can allocate/invest ANOTHER 70 BILLION into war,violence,hatred and destruction it just shows that the issues such as health care,education,infrastructure,etc don’t REALLY matter. MONEY talks and the rest are just useless words with no power behind them. It’s a very sad day in the USA. Now that ALL the politicans have been paid off how much you want to bet that we magically “win” this faux war and in record time no less so the repugs can claim “victory” in the 2008 presidential elections. Disgusting.

  13. John says

    Dr. C and Peterparker,

    It should be the jobs of private organizations (such as charities and churches and other organizations or individuals) to bestow acts of kindness to those in need. Katrina was a perfect example how private organizations were better apt to help the needy than the slow, wasteful machine of government.