Joel Burns Wins Run-Off Election in Fort Worth

Back in October I posted about the City Council race in Fort Worth, Texas and how a GOP city councilman had decided to bring the sexuality of candidate Joel Burns into the race.

BurnsAt the time, councilman Chuck Silcox urged a group of Republicans to vote against Burns because he was gay.

Said Silcox: “This is an excellent time to have Republicans get out and support a Republican: Chris Turner. We have two people of opposite partisan politics, opposite philosophical persuasions and opposite sexual orientations. I didn’t tell you which one was homosexual.” Silcox said as the crowd laughed. Pointing to Turner, Silcox continued: “He’s married to a female, and the other’s married to a male. You make your own mind up.”

Turns out Burns ended up in a run-off with a different opponent, Juan Rangel, Jr. He beat Rangel with 54 percent of the vote.

Said Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Victory Fund: “Joel’s election proves that leadership and experience are more important to voters than sexual orientation. The people of Fort Worth rewarded Joel’s obvious dedication to his city, and ignored the tired politics of division. In a year of hard-fought battles in Texas, this is a sweet victory.”

Burns is Fort Worth’s first-ever openly gay public official.

City Councilman Makes Sexuality an Issue in Fort Worth Election [tr]


  1. FizziekruntNT says

    OMG OMG OMG! Yay Joel! I’ll be sending him a personal congratulatory letter, but you can do the same at

    What fantastic news! The ass that tried to make Joel’s sexuality an issue got shown to the door and the people of Fort Worth are proving that experience IS what’s important. We have a fairly bad reputation here in North Texas for being full of gun-toting religious zealots, but for a day at least, I’m a whole lot happier and I hope his record in the coming years will prove that Fort Worth is actually a great city and a wonderful place to live.

    …and Joel is pretty damn cute too! That mugshot above is SO not his best photo. LOL.

  2. nic says

    what makes this election even more significant is that not only was the gay-baiter kicked to the curb, but that the run-off was between a gay candidate and an hispanic, gay-friendly opponent (who has already offered his support to burns). the difference in the final vote was only 271. congrats to councilman-elect burns, you cutie. do you think mr. burns is saying, “ehhxcccellent” (ala the simpsons)?

  3. Sebastian says

    Well, to be shallow, I would have voted for him because he’s cute more than the gay thing! But, it looks like the GOP is going to have to find another wedge issue for thier party, they have used blacks and gays, so, I guess the last group they can offend and lie about are illegal immigrants.

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