Zac Efron “Collaboration” with Lil Wayne No More Than a Wet Dream

Late yesterday, a rather bizarre article from the Orange County Weekly momentarily threw the gossip blogosphere into a frenzy. Writer Ben Westhoff seemed to imply that a musical collaboration between rapper Lil Wayne and Zac Efron was more than just about the tunes:

Wayne_efron_illustration“‘Zac and me was both in San Francisco a few months ago for a comic book convention or something, and we met at an afterparty at some bar,’ he says, pausing to break down pieces of pungent pot to roll into a joint. ‘To get away from these girls that was chasing him, he ducked into the bathroom and I followed him in there. I was like, ‘What’s crackin’, my brother from another mother?’’ At that very moment—as if on cue—the San Luis Obispo-born Efron himself emerges from Wayne’s den. I’ll later learn that the 20-year-old brunette heartthrob is crashing in Wayne’s guest room while the two work on their High School Musical songs together, but for now it’s like seeing a polar bear in the middle of the Brazilian rain forest. ‘What’s up, my nigga?’ Efron says, giving Wayne a pound, a hug, and then, to my astonishment, a full-on kiss, reminiscent of the one Wayne famously gave his surrogate father Baby last year. (Obviously, Efron is going to have to work harder to squelch rumors surrounding his sexual orientation.) ‘I’ve been a big fan of Wayne for a long time,’ says Efron, emerging from the embrace and cueing up a CD player. ‘These are the cuts we just finished. Dope, right?’ I wish I could share his enthusiasm, but the songs are a bit jarring, to say the least. On ‘All for One,’ Efron sings the chorus—’Everybody all for one, a real summer has just begun! Let’s rock and roll and just let go, feel the rhythm of the drums. We’re gonna have fun in the sun!’—while Wayne raps: ‘I’m a dog, you’re all a bunch of fleas on my dick. Driving a Jag, er, like my name was Mick. I’m so sour like cream with chives, and my sperm will make your face break out in hives.'”

Westhoff’s article was entirely parody but threw some eager to expose the pig-tail-wearing High School Musical star’s sexuality off for a short while. Though should Efron’s well-pancaked face break out in hives eyebrows will no doubt be raised.

LINK: Lil Wayne Meets High School Musical [xxl]
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photo: parody too.