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Barack Obama's Top Ten Campaign Promises

Obama made a taped appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night to deliver a list of his top ten campaign promises.

If you remember, Hillary Clinton did the same last August. Her appearance, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. See, I thought Barack & Hillary (or Hillary & Barack---you got to be careful what you say around here) were going to go through the primaries with this good will and humor between Democrats. I had no idea they were going to turn into George & Martha in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf". Well, atleast they honor a gay playwright when they perform it.

    Posted by: Derrick from PHilly | Jan 25, 2008 10:27:56 AM

  2. I like Barack Obama a lot, especially after reading the extraordinary cover story that Andrew Sullivan wrote in The Atlantic last month about him.

    That said, I thought this Top Ten List completely didn't work. Somehow his delivery was way off and he wound up coming across as a stuffed shirt with no sense of irony. In contrast, Hillary, who I htink in general has so much harder a time connecting with people, hit the ball out of the park with hers last year.

    Not that these things should matter, but let's face it, they do affect how people FEEL about the candidates . . .

    Posted by: Hermes in DC | Jan 25, 2008 10:59:38 AM

  3. I don't agree with many of his positions (although I do prefer him over Hillary) but DAMN is he pretty!

    Romney/Obama '08...Administration of Lookin' Good!

    Posted by: another matt | Jan 25, 2008 11:08:07 AM

  4. "Virginia WoOlf" sorry. And I knew how to spell it too, dammit.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Jan 25, 2008 11:16:24 AM

  5. Andrew Sullivan? Andrew Sullivan? Ah, yes, that reminds me of a question his constant whoring for Obama has raised in my mind. Why would he be so pro Obama given that Sullivan is someone who, when he was smegma er head cheese at "The New Republic," promoted the racist books of a notorious racist author which essentially said that blacks are genetically inferior?
    Could it be that Sullivan thinks it's because Obama's mother was WHITE?

    And, why, would Sullivan, one of the Porch Faggots for the Republican Party and Catholic Church, who's dismissed gay job protection as a "special right" even tho there is no one more queer himself [unless you know someone else who's HIV+ and once trolled for bareback fuck buddies on the Net], endorse a Democrat? And why this Democrat? Could it be because he is a Card Carring Clintons Hater? The shit storm that fell on him when he finally admitted that he'd been lying when he said he'd never advertised for rides on the Hershey Highway without wearing a party hat was not just because he lied, not just because he'd been promoting unsafe sex, but because it occured at a time when he had been crucifying in print Bill Clinton for his alleged sex life and "promiscuous gay men." Ya know, kinda like Neutron Bomb Gingrich who's since admitted that when he was involved in Clinton's impeachment he was involved in adulterous affair [at least the second if you consider that the woman, I believe, he was then cheating on was the woman he had cheated with on his previous wife who was in a hospital bed fighting cancer when he told her he wanted a divorce—but maybe I'm thinking of another woman].

    Why would a slime ball like Sullivan who's since announced ex cathedra that "AIDS IS OVER!" have such a little hard on for Obama, using all of his writer's bag of tricks and distortions and hyperbole to make Obama seem something he is definitely NOT—e.g., The Saviour for Gays? My stomach will not permit me to read them all, but one I particularly remember was his insulting rewriting of a period of the US black civil rights movement in order to bolster Obama's own absurd and ignorant comment during the LOGO forum about how those great men and women should have put off fighting to overturn interracial marriage bans in trying to make his point that maybe gays are paying to much attention to marriage equality. As "Karen Walker" might say, where to start? 1. Sullivan was 3 [an in the UK] and Obama 6 [and in Indonesia as I recall] when "Loving vs. Virginia" was decided. 2. Rather than impede the overal civil rights movement, the effort against anti-miscegenation laws was but one thread, and had little attention or participation by the main leaders and organizations at the time who were primarily focused on the denial of several rights to all people of color. The Loving suit was virtually fought alone by the plaintiffs and their two white attorneys. 3. While Obama trumpets his superiority for supporting repealing the entirely toothless Section 2 of DOMA, he is on record as STILL supporting a state's right to refuse to legally recognize same gender relationships.

    So the crocodile tears you can almost see forming in his eyes pays when he pays lip service to understanding, because of his parents, the pain and injustice of marriage inequality laws. Upon the 40th anniversary last year of the "Loving v. Virginia" Supreme Court decision that kept Obama's biracial parents from ever having to worry about going to jail in the US, surviving plaintiff Mildred Loving was quoted as saying,

    "Surrounded as I am now by wonderful children and grandchildren, not a day goes by that I don't think of Richard and our love, our right to marry, and how much it meant to me to have that freedom to marry the person precious to me, even if others thought he was the "wrong kind of person" for me to marry. I believe all Americans, no matter their race, no matter their sex, no matter their sexual orientation, should have that same freedom to marry. Government has no business imposing some people's religious beliefs over others. Especially if it denies people's civil rights. I am still not a political person, but I am proud that Richard's and my name is on a court case that can help reinforce the love, the commitment, the fairness, and the family that so many people, black or white, young or old, gay or straight seek in life. I support the freedom to marry for all. That's what Loving, and loving, are all about."


    Of course, marriage equality is a dog that will not hunt in this election, and all three leading Dems will not yet endorse it. So I'm only addressing the issue of "who are you going to believe will be more proactive in trying to advance gay equality if he/she is elected"? Trust me, Andrew Sullivan is the last gay man you should consider when making that decision. And seeing the gay word thrown at audiences like candy to children by the fat guy in the red suit and fake beard in the Macy's Christmas Parade is no real issue either. Or are you someone who still thinks Velveeta is cheese?

    Posted by: Michael Bedwell | Jan 25, 2008 11:49:30 AM

  6. Again, thank you, Michael. You make folks think and remember.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Jan 25, 2008 12:01:47 PM

  7. For a second there I thought Leland had returned. Sullivan is more disappointing than venal. He's for Obama because the big O is HOT! It won't last. Summer romances never do.

    Posted by: anon ( | Jan 25, 2008 4:54:33 PM

  8. Michael Bedwell, I don't think I have ever seen a better "take-down" of that flaming asshole, Andrew Sullivan, than yours. Sullivan is a dick. He is one of the most grating, two-faced, hypocritical and loathsome people that has ever disgraced the "chattering classes". That Sullivan is still taken seriously in some quarters mystifies me. Perhaps he is the homo Log Cabin Republicans just love to love--someone who is the butt-boy for the very people who would send him (and them) to the gas chambers. Up to the period the Iraq war started going very badly, Sullivan had his tongue so far up Bush's and the Neo-cons assholes that it was a wonder how he found time to write on his execrable blog site. Once it was clear that Bush was going down, Sullivan did the punk thing and turned on Bush and then started his "it wasn't me who said 'Attack Iraq' it was them" about-face all over the place. Sullivan is a liar and an utterly contemptous and despicable person. Thanks again for explaining better than anyone else WHY Sullivan should be flushed down the toilet like so much used ass-wipes.

    Posted by: mike | Jan 28, 2008 11:01:21 AM

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