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News: Beijing Stadium, Idaho, Amy Winehouse, Martian, Brad Pitt

road.jpg CROOKS: Emails went missing from Bush and Cheney offices the very day Alberto Gonzalez "ordered the president and the vice president's staff to 'preserve all materials that might be relevant' to an inchoate Justice Department probe."

Martianroad.jpg Mysterious 'alien' figure spotted in Martian landscape!

road.jpg Pentagon releases statement on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, saying it is continuing to discharge gay and lesbian soldiers even though reports have shown a recent major drop in such cases. Statement: "Our policy implements the law Congress passed after prolonged research and debate. The department will continue to follow congressional mandate on homosexual conduct. We can't speculate as to why the number of discharges has declined."

road.jpg Amy Winehouse in downward spiral — caught smoking crack ON VIDEO.

road.jpg European Court of Human Rights rules: France discriminated against lesbian mother by refusing to allow her to adopt a child. "The judges decided that the woman was a victim of discrimination because of her sexual orientation. They said her right to family life under the European Convention on Human Rights had also been infringed. France has been told to pay her damages...The court's ruling in Strasbourg on Tuesday noted that: 'French law allowed single persons to adopt a child, thereby opening up the possibility of adoption by a single homosexual.' The court criticised the French judiciary's emphasis on "the lack of a paternal referent in the household" in the case of the lesbian woman, who was identified only as E.B. The reference to the applicant's homosexuality had been "if not explicit, at least implicit," the ruling said."

road.jpg Beijing builds giant nest as Olympic Stadium.

Pittroad.jpg Nothing gets between Brad Pitt and his Edwins.

road.jpg The coldest place in the universe was recently observed...right here on Earth: "The record-breaking lows were among the latest feats of ultracold physics, the laboratory study of matter at temperatures so mind-bogglingly frigid that atoms and even light itself behave in highly unusual ways. Electrical resistance in some elements disappears below about minus 440°F, a phenomenon called superconductivity. At even lower temperatures, some liquefied gases become "superfluids" capable of oozing through walls solid enough to hold any other sort of liquid; they even seem to defy gravity as they creep up, over and out of their containers."

road.jpg The Mr. Gay International swimsuit competition - on video.

road.jpg Dow plunges 465 points, then recovers most of it after Federal Reserve interest rate emergency cut: "The U.S. markets joined a global selloff amid growing fears that a recession in the United States could send economies around the world into a downturn. Though stocks regained ground as investors digested the Fed's move to cut its benchmark federal funds rate by 0.75 percentage point and as bargain-hunters entered the market, trading remained volatile and the major indexes fluctuated sharply, at times approaching the break-even point before heading down again." Bernanke setting the stage for an even bigger recession?

road.jpg Did Katie Holmes fake running the New York Marathon? Plenty of evidence seems to suggest that maybe she did.

road.jpg Idaho legislature floats first-ever anti-discrimination bill that includes gays and lesbians: "Leslie Goddard, director of the Human Rights Commission beautifully presented the bill after an introduction by Senator Tim Corder, a major sponsor or the legislation. Some may remember the Mountain Home Republican Senator from a City Club debate in 2006 or from his past vote to ban gay marriage in Idaho's Constitution. His support of this year's legislation speaks loudly to the fundamental fairness implicit in the issue of employment discrimination and to the progress made on understanding of these issues over the years."

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  1. "We can't speculate as to why the number of discharges has declined."

    Yeah, it is hard to guess why that's happened. I mean, it's not like we're at war or anything.

    Oh wait...


    Posted by: Paul R | Jan 22, 2008 1:27:23 PM

  2. Andy,

    I love that you're a BIG science geek. You always have these great astronomy stories.


    Posted by: Noah | Jan 22, 2008 1:55:43 PM

  3. Looks like a rock to me...or a baby cloverfield monster.

    Posted by: marco | Jan 22, 2008 2:01:48 PM

  4. Images beamed back from Mars would suggest so - although on closer inspection, it appears to be just be a strange rock formation.

    Because it is a rock. Must be a slow day in conspiracy central.

    Posted by: yoshi | Jan 22, 2008 2:23:33 PM

  5. Bigger recession? I didn't know we were in one. An economic slowdown yes, but according to the definition of a recession, which i will copy and paste here is,

    "The technical indicator of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth as measured by a country's gross domestic product (GDP)."

    December was the first month, not quarter, of an economic contraction.

    Posted by: Matt | Jan 22, 2008 2:32:09 PM

  6. could totally be a fake, but I flippin' love the Martian landscape story.

    Posted by: jason | Jan 22, 2008 2:37:36 PM

  7. Okay. I took a look at the "alien" in the full-sized photo on the NASA site ( and, if I'm reading the photo correctly, it appears to be a tiny feature. Can anyone else figure out if my perceptions are correct? Go to max magnification and focus in on the rocks in the lower left foreground.

    Posted by: Tom K. | Jan 22, 2008 2:38:24 PM

  8. Separated at birth Sasquatch and NASA’s Mysterious 'Alien'

    Posted by: BM | Jan 22, 2008 2:48:47 PM

  9. My thoughts exactly, BM. As soon as I saw the pic of the "Martian," I thought the same thing. (-:

    Posted by: Tom K. | Jan 22, 2008 2:53:07 PM

  10. Here's very good link regarding absolute zero temperature

    Posted by: 1♥ | Jan 22, 2008 3:14:35 PM

  11. re: Mars photo

    Spooky/scary and likely just a rock, BUT on the off-chance there was some proof or at least strong indicator that there is life off the big blue marble, what would the evangelicals do? They are so convinced of the supremacy of man that it would likely explode their little heads if aliens did show up.

    re: Recession/economic downturn.

    Semantics. In my view what we are experiencing as manifested by market volatility, the uptick in unemployment, credit tightening (have you tried to get a mortgage?), massive write-down by our money-center banks etc..etc... is the effects of too much consumer spending fueled not by actual wealth, but instead by borrowing.

    All those loans/debts are coming due and the pain will be deep and long.

    As the Chinese begin to own more and more of our debt and arab states control/own more of our assets we are setting ourselves up to a client-state not a super-power. Shame on us.

    Posted by: Ben | Jan 22, 2008 3:29:24 PM

  12. Ben, you're absolutely right. And what does the government plan to do about it? Give every taxpayer $800 to boost consumer spending. Ridiculous.

    Sales of fancy TVs will go through the roof, but otherwise nothing will change.

    Posted by: Paul R | Jan 22, 2008 4:33:23 PM

  13. "lesbian woman" ????

    C'mon Andy -- where have your basic gay copy editing skills gone? Or do you know a lot of lesbian men?

    Posted by: Buster | Jan 22, 2008 10:44:53 PM

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