News: Whale Sharks, A&F, Nate Berkus, CIA Tapes, Spain

road.jpg CIA declassifies letter from Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) urging the agency not to destroy interrogation tapes: “You discussed [in a briefing the previous week] the fact that there is videotape of Abu Zubaydah following his capture that will be destroyed after the Inspector General finishes his inquiry. I would urge the Agency to reconsider that plan. Even if the videotape does not constitute an official record that must be preserved under the law, the videotape would be the best proof that the written record is accurate, if such record is called into question in the future. The fact of destruction would reflect badly on the Agency.”

Harris_burtkaroad.jpg Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka offer the paps a tanned “aloha” at LAX.

road.jpg 2007: The year in evidence for a Bush/Cheney impeachment.

road.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal would like to eat his lunch uninterrupted.

road.jpg Abercrombie & Fitch catalog resurrected: “For its second go-around, however, the magazine-catalog hybrid will debut and be available exclusively in London, where the American fashion brand opened its first international flagship at 7 Burlington Gardens in London last March in what formerly housed Jil Sander, steps from Savile Row. Sam Shahid, who designed the magazine in its six-year run, is back at the helm as creative director.”

road.jpg Canadian students continue to fight gay blood ban.

Thequeenroad.jpg Inside the listening party for Madonna’s forthcoming album.

road.jpg Spanish PM José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero hits out at the Catholic church and its recent “pro-family” rallies in Madrid: “Zapatero said that his government was carrying out policies which were supported by the ‘immense majority’ of the Spanish people, and Spain would continue to act in that way. Making no effort to mask his anger at the Cardinals and Bishops who led the Catholic Church event in the Plaza de Colón, Zapatero reminded them that the Spanish Constitution ensured that there was room for everybody in Spain, that everybody has the right to have rights, whatever they think, and whether they belong to a religion or not.”

road.jpg The minute-by-minute on Britney’s meltdown

road.jpg The Big Give: Nate Berkus tapped to host Oprah’s new reality show: “The series follows 10 people who ‘criss-cross the country, giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars to unsuspecting people who are in for the surprise of their lives.’ The contestants will be given a challenge in each city, and then the judges (chef Jamie Oliver, NFL player Tony Gonzalez, and Chris Rock’s wife Malaak Compton-Rock.) will eliminate one contestant – ultimately awarding ‘the biggest giver’ the show’s prize.”

Whalesharksroad.jpg Massive whale sharks “thriving” off Australia’s west coast.

road.jpg Little Britain‘s Matt Lucas hijacks housemates on the new UK season of Big Brother.

road.jpg British mother awarded compensation from gay nightclub after claiming manager called her derogatory names like “breeder”: “The tribunal in Southampton awarded Mrs Legg £3,000 in compensation for being harassed for being ‘straight’ and a further £3,222 for being unfairly dismissed. However, the tribunal did not find that she was sacked because she was heterosexual.”

road.jpg They’re big shoes to fill, but do David Beckham’s also leave the largest carbon footprint in human history? In related news, Victoria Beckham has an ‘enemies’ list and Graham Norton is on it.


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, wow! A shark I can get along with. Although, they’re not pretty at all, but atleast they won’t eat me…’course nobody else will either. I just need more exposure, that’s all. Right, JORDAN?

  2. peterparker says

    Why are Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka carrying their own luggage? Don’t they know you hire a driver to pick you up at the airport and make him do the heavy lifting? Sheesh!

    And, yes, Zapatero is a hero. He should get some sort of recognition from some gay group for standing up for the rights of GLBT people.

    I don’t care what Nate Berkus does with his voice. One look at those baby blues is all I need!

  3. Jordan says

    OMG, Neil Patrick Harris looks almost butch in that picture…gotta be photoshopped or something.

    They have hideous taste at Warner’s. No wonder they’re going under from what I’ve heard (and no wonder Madonna jumped ship).

    And yes Derrick, exposure is what it’s ALL about, sweetie…or didn’t ya know…there’s NO such thing as bad publicity (or something like that).

  4. Bill Perdue says

    Zapatero’s party, the Partido Socialista Obrero Epañol or the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party and other Labor, socialist and leftist parties, except the Stalinists, are among the most adamant supporters of GLBT equality, including the right to marry, which for us is a cutting edge demand that separates friends form foes.

    The rightists and centrists who dominate the Democratic and Republican parties, the Conservatives in Canada, John Howards conservative ‘Liberals’ in Australian and the Conservatives (Tories) in England along with bigoted theocrats like the roman catholic cult are our enemies.

  5. says

    Whale sharks are amazing. The ultimate prize for a scuba diver. We went to Roatan chasing them, and now we’re off to the Maldives later this month in hopes of seeing one. They’re actually beautiful, with speckled backs. They’re also VERY difficult to find.

  6. says

    Yeah I find it interesting (read sad) that our own Health Minister (George Smitherman) couldn’t donate blood if he wanted to. Simply because he sucks d_ck! Not doing much to reverse the policy either. Or at least fight its discriminatory stance.

    Nate does nothing for me but I’d totally appreciate it if he could do-over my house.

  7. Paul says

    Why would Madonna go to a listening party at a company she’s abandoned? Warner must be in the dustbin if that’s the best they could do—there were carboard boxes in the hallway for chrissakes! And if the CD is any good, it should be in the proper order for listening. Was she doing Warner a favor, or does she *still* need people to kiss her ass?

  8. Rey says

    Paul: Surprisingly, many record label listening parties simply involve walking into a conference room where some bagels and possibly champagne have been ordered and set out for the artist, producers, executives (and sometimes assistants) to consume while they officially gather to listen to what’s been delivered.

    Although Madonna has not renewed her contract with Warner, she still owes them this last album. And for a person like Madonna, who isn’t really an album-oriented artist, it’s not uncommon for a set number of songs to be delivered without any particular ordering in mind. (That final decision is usually made by Marketing.)

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