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Colin Farrell to Serve as Best Man at Gay Bro's Civil Partnership

Colin Farrell's brother Eamon and his boyfriend Steven are planning a civil partnership, and Colin has agreed to be the best man, according to reports.

Colin_eamonAccording to Pink News, "Eamon Farrell, 35, is planning to marry his 23-year-old boyfriend Steven Mannion after a proposing to him in New York last year. According to the Mirror: 'Eamon proposed before Christmas. The pair share a love of art and this is what brought them together. Eamon is a respected dance teacher who set up the National Performing Arts School in Dublin more than 10 years ago. And Steven is a really talented artist who has been welcomed into the Farrell family.'...It is rumoured Colin, 31, helped Eamon choose a diamond and sapphire-studded ring for his boyfriend. The brothers are very close, and have bought houses next door to each other in Sandymount, South Dublin."

Where the civil partnership will take place is still in question: "The couple have not yet decided where they will exchange vows - but it won't be in the Republic. The insider told the Mirror: 'With Irish legislation the way it is at the minute, the wedding can't be here. But the couple could go to the North or England for a civil partnership ceremony there. It's more likely though that they'll get married in the States so Colin's whole family can be there."

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  1. congrats my darlings, i love it when beautiful boys fall in love and get married...

    Posted by: the queen | Jan 30, 2008 11:51:54 AM

  2. Congratulations indeed.

    I love it when ANY two people fall in love.


    Posted by: ZEKE | Jan 30, 2008 12:06:53 PM

  3. It's hard to tell from a picture that size, but Eamon looks pretty hot. Another good one off the market.

    Posted by: Jere | Jan 30, 2008 12:12:09 PM

  4. Time to reccomend everyone grab the DVD of "A Home at the End of the World" and see Colin's great Eamon-inspired performance.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Jan 30, 2008 12:40:54 PM

  5. re "A Home at the End of the World" - I second that, David. The book is a great read as well.

    Posted by: Jeff | Jan 30, 2008 12:50:29 PM

  6. A diamond and sapphire-studded ring? Is he marrying Liberace?

    Posted by: crispy | Jan 30, 2008 12:52:09 PM

  7. If they do it in America, they'll have to go to one of the states that's included in the British civil partnership law's "Schedule 20."

    If it's not listed in Schedule 20, then it's not a valid equivalent of a civil partnership. And they haven't updated the list for 2008, so it can't be New Hampshire...

    New Jersey

    This is one of the reasons why having different legislation in every state (rather than national civil unions) leads to confusion.

    Posted by: John | Jan 30, 2008 1:03:14 PM

  8. I didn't even know gay people from the UK could get married in the US. It was news to me, thanks!

    Posted by: junior | Jan 30, 2008 1:16:54 PM

  9. I'd expect an actual marriage in Canada would qualify under "Schedule 20," since they plan to cross the Atlantic anyway ;)

    Posted by: C. Dean | Jan 30, 2008 1:46:06 PM


    close enough for me!

    Posted by: M@ | Jan 30, 2008 1:53:50 PM

  11. colin farrel -- one of the straight guys i've appreciated and respected. good on his brother and future husband.

    Posted by: nic | Jan 30, 2008 2:31:32 PM

  12. He's 35 and his "fiance" is 23? TWENTY THREE?! Yep, that should last.
    Congrats and (very) good luck...

    Posted by: jeffreychrist | Jan 30, 2008 3:09:48 PM

  13. jeffreychrist,

    have you ever considered that not everyone shares your cynicism? history is replete with examples of relationsips (both gay and straight) succeeding despite age differences. in this case, the difference is 12 years. is that, in your estimation, a death sentence for their love? what is wrong with you?

    Posted by: nic | Jan 30, 2008 4:12:10 PM

  14. Congratulations and may you have many happy years together.



    South Africa

    Posted by: Ewan Watt | Jan 30, 2008 4:48:19 PM

  15. C'mon JC, I find myself in agreement with Nic (for perhaps the first time[!]) as a result of long-term experience. I was 23 when I met my partner who was 35. That was almost 30 years ago. Yeah, I am the world's oldest Towleroadie. I admit that it has taken a great deal of work to remain together but that is true of any relationship. Being gay, however, means that we do not enjoy all the societal support given freely to straights. Nevertheless, I foresee us together for the remainder of our lives. We are married in all but name.

    Posted by: rudy | Jan 30, 2008 5:30:01 PM

  16. Thanks Andy for a bit of good news from one of my favorite actors from my grandparents homeland.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Jan 30, 2008 6:51:45 PM

  17. I just want to go, "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww."

    And Rudy, rock on!

    Posted by: Rob (lrdarystar) | Jan 30, 2008 6:59:30 PM

  18. Jeffery Christ

    when Colin Farrell is your brother-in-law, I'm sure you will find a way to make it work.

    Posted by: Collin's Cousin | Jan 30, 2008 10:01:36 PM

  19. NIC
    I agree with you about the age thing. I am 10 years older than my partner and we just celebrated 26 years together - we think it's going to last.

    Posted by: J H Robbins | Jan 31, 2008 12:51:24 PM

  20. We, IRELAND, haven't got our act together on Civil Partnerships....but we're working on it Marriage equality is out because of Constitutional problems.....we'd never get the electorate to change that !

    Posted by: JackfknTwist | May 26, 2009 4:15:17 PM

  21. And another thing; we watch/read/follow Towleroad closely, it's one fantastic site for news of gay issues and for ideas and comments by fellow travelers. Thanks, Andy.

    Posted by: JackfknTwist | May 26, 2009 4:18:17 PM

  22. @junior:

    are you calling Irishman Colin Farrell, or his brother an Englishman ? I'd take out insurance if I were you ! Or do you just not know you politics/geography from your elbow ?

    Posted by: JackfknTwist | May 26, 2009 4:21:20 PM

  23. He has a gay brother? Be still my heart!

    Posted by: Gigi | Dec 9, 2013 9:38:58 AM

  24. Colin is so cool- and he has a big pecker, too. He's got it all.

    Posted by: beaugard | Feb 2, 2014 12:15:06 AM

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