Daniel Day-Lewis: There Will Be Vogue


The Golden Globe winner and Oscar contender for There Will Be Blood brightens up the cover of Men’s Vogue this month.

Good timing for the magazine, but if the New York Daily News‘s Ben Widdicombe is right, Day-Lewis might have been exchanged last minute for another contender.

Via Gatecrasher: “‘They are notorious for promising the same cover to two or three different people,” one insider complained. They double-shoot and they lie. Or they flip them so the celebrity isn’t on the month they thought they were. [December cover star] Will Smith was flipped, and they did the same to Daniel Day-Lewis for March [’08], which causes huge problems.’ The source also said Owen Wilson and director Wes Anderson posed for what they believed to be a cover shoot – but the picture ended up inside the magazine. ‘They’re indecisive, and no one is accountable,’ fumed the source, a major Hollywood player. ‘They try to make out that [Vogue titles editorial director] Anna Wintour is making the calls, but I don’t think she has any idea what’s going on.’ A spokeswoman for the magazine said Wednesday: ‘As a standard practice, we never guarantee a specific cover date, though we aim for a cover story that is timely with current events or the release of a film.'”

And Kathy Griffin will explain it all for you — it’s called a “cover try”.


  1. says

    I think he’s a perfect choice for the cover = he’s gorgeous and seems to have effortless style. (Plus he looks amazing for 50.) I went to see There Will Be Blood only to be a completist regarding films getting Oscar buzz and it blew me away. It’s really a psychological roller coaster. His performance is not to be missed. I can’t imagine actors seeing that film and voting for anyone else to win the Oscar.

  2. Charles says

    I’d love to see pictures of all the people on here and other gay blogs who reflexively trash the looks of everyone posted. I think that might explain a lot of the vitriol.

    It’s subjective, but I think he looks great and always has.

    And his performance in There Will Be Blood really is amazing-I don’t think it was the best movie of the year (I liked No Country For Old Men more-and they were filmed in the same town!-go Texas!) but he is incredible in it-if he or Depp won the Oscar this year, it would be a good call.

  3. nic says

    he first caught my attention in the mid-80′, stephen frears movie, “my beautiful laundrette.” in it, he plays a british street tough who forms a homosexual bond with a young pakistani man, who runs the laundrette. a great little english movie.

    i don’t think day-lewis has done a bad job since. he is one of the best.

  4. gabe says

    He sat five feet away from me at Alta (on W10th), 3 summers ago. I was with my cousin and her mom (visiting from Portland) and he was with his friends. My two guests, who never see celebrities, begged me to accompany them to his table to get his autograph and because NYers typically don’t fawn over celebrities (we stare alright but we use our peripheral vision), I of course refused. In the end, the three of us went to his table for an autograph (I was dying) and he couldn’t have been more gracious and accomodating. He even stood up from his table! He was the perfect gentleman.

    The girls talk about that evening to this day.

  5. DcLady says

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