Grabeel, Luna, Smith Join Milk Cast as Production Begins

Grabeel_2 Luna_2

As production is set to begin this week on Gus van Sant’s Harvey Milk biopic about the slain SF supervisor and gay rights leader, a few new castings have been announced to round out an already stellar cast.

Smith_2High School Musical star Lucas Grabeel has been cast as Dan Nicoletta, Milk’s close friend and supporter who worked at the camera shop at 575 Castro which also became Milk’s campaign office. Douglas Smith (Big Love) has been cast as activist Paul Hogarth, and (Diego Luna (Y Tu Mama Tambien) has been cast as Jack Lira, Harvey Milk’s friend, supporter, and rumored lover who killed himself in 1978.

San Franciscans and Castro residents, we welcome any photos and info you have on the production!

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  1. says

    Boring and trite getting “pretty faces’ for this project to lure the “gay money”. Will there be nudity, will there be sex scenes to capture the real life of the 1970s is the mantra that many gay men have taken with this production.

    You would do yourself much more justice renting the documentary. This is a tired and explotive affair that the gay community “seems” to lining up to see.

  2. rdiazsi says

    From NYT: This fall, with the writers’ strike looming, the producers of a film about Harvey Milk — the barrier-breaking, openly gay San Francisco city supervisor who was assassinated in 1978 — raced to lock in deals with stars like Sean Penn. As the budget of “Milk,” to be directed by Gus Van Sant, ticked upward to around $20 million, its bankroller, Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, withdrew.

    What it means?

  3. says

    WTF? Gus Van Sant is not about to fill his film with pretty faces just to get “gay money” The whole reason he wanted to make this film is to tell the “real story” of Milk’s life, sex scenes, nudity, et al. We finally live in a time where a major film director and major stars can tell the story the way it should be told. What is “tired” and “explotive” is how gay men judge a project without taking the time to understand it…this isn’t Cruising. Cut Van Sant some slack.

  4. Need to Know says

    Charles, don’t be such an old grouch. I didn’t know who Harvey Milk was before hearing about this movie because it all happened before I was born…and I can’t believe I didn’t. If you ask young gay men in SF if they know who he is, they’ll tell you they know there’s a Harvey Milk square, or that they think he was Mayor or something. EVERYONE needs to know what he did, his story is amazing, but you’re right, everyone should watch the documentary as well. This movie is not exploitive at ALL, the filmmakers know how important the story is and want more people to know about it.

    Oh, and yes, there are nude scenes…

  5. says

    Being a newly ‘out’ college student in the mid-’90s, I remember watching the documentary and being completely moved to tears by it.

    That said, I have to disagree with Charles, and think that anything that gets the story about Harvey and history of his achievements/activism into the mainstream today is a good thing. Why miss the opportunity to put his life story out there?

    Interesting casting with Lucas Grabeel. Wish he would just come out already, mostly for the fact that he’s a good role model for all the kids that like HSM.

  6. Mike says

    Worried about nude scenes with Van Sant? Have you seen any of his movies? There were even gay scenes in Elephant and Last Days where one could argue they don’t really belong. I wouldn’t care if there were no nude/sex scenes at all. This isn’t porn, it’s the story that counts.

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