1. Jordan says

    That’s funny.
    I get caught doin’ stuff like that all the time..or with stupid looks on my face (imagine that one). Or counting on my fingers. My friends make fun of me ALL the time…not even when I’m drunk.

    I totally feel for her…

  2. So Left I'm Right says

    There are no reporters on TV anymore, there are entertainers who are news readers.

    From Bill Moyers Journal:

    BILL MOYERS: Mark Feldstein teaches journalism at George Washington University and he’s quoted in the Washington Post this week describing political reporters as superficial sports writers. Covering the campaign is like joining a cult with a cocoon-like bubble as you travel from event to event. There’s a lemming-like quality.

  3. S says

    The UGLY reporters write the news and then the semi-pretty people read it! Also, the REALLY UGLY reporters are on the radio….sad thing is, the reporters that “READ” the news think they are rockstars in most cities and want to be treated like celeb’s! HAHAHA!!!

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