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John Barrowman, James Marsters and Milo Ventimiglia Mix it Up



UK Torchwood details, after the jump...


John Barrowman's Captain Jack locks lips with James Marsters' Captain John in the upcoming episode (JAnuary 16) of Torchwood in the UK.

Barrowman recently hit out at closeted actors, telling UK's The Stage: "If it (being gay) has been a problem, no-one ever told me so. I know people who lie about being gay because they think it will affect their work chances. That is just sad."

In December BBC2 promoted the new season of Torchwood as well as the imported U.S. drama Heroes by staging an imaginary phone call between Captain Jack and Milo Ventimiglia's Peter Petrelli.

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  1. Oh God, oh God, I can't wait for Season Two.

    Posted by: FASTLAD | Jan 7, 2008 12:59:08 PM

  2. Oh God, oh God, I can't wait for Season Two.

    Posted by: FASTLAD | Jan 7, 2008 1:00:26 PM

  3. I totally lost interest after the couple of episodes on BBC America.

    Posted by: michael | Jan 7, 2008 1:04:41 PM

  4. I haven't loved a show this much since Six Feet Under and Sex and the City.

    Posted by: JeffNYC | Jan 7, 2008 1:19:13 PM

  5. Spike, bad vampire! What will Angel think!

    Posted by: SeanR | Jan 7, 2008 1:22:40 PM

  6. yes, the penultimate episode of season one of torchwood was quite compelling and fairly well written (and the kiss was delicious), and a few of the other episodes were interesting, but on the whole i found the show pretty shoddy.

    Posted by: humanist | Jan 7, 2008 3:14:22 PM

  7. John Barrowman should know something about closeted actors, given that he didn't come out officially until 2004. Which is fair enough, because it's hard for actors to come out - but he seems to conveniently forget it when it comes to criticising other actors.


    Posted by: Streller | Jan 7, 2008 3:25:51 PM

  8. Torchwood sux - John Barrowman sure is pretty, but he can't act.

    Posted by: dave | Jan 7, 2008 3:33:52 PM

  9. What? Torchwood Rocks!

    With or without Barrowman, it's a great show.

    Watch the episodes "They Just Keep Killing Suzie," "Countrycide," and "Random Shoes" and tell me it isn't a great show.

    All my Torchwood posts are at this link:


    I would have never known about it had it not been for this blog.

    Thanks, Andy.

    Posted by: Joe Bua | Jan 7, 2008 3:49:17 PM

  10. The show is a tad rough around the edges (by design, I believe -- underproduction is an Art!) and hokey, on occasion, and I LUFF EET!

    Posted by: Kile Ozier | Jan 7, 2008 4:19:09 PM

  11. John didn't actually criticise closeted actors - that impression has been given by an inaccurate newswire precis that removes the context of what he said.

    What he did say was that he knows people who feel they have to lie about being gay because they think it will affect their work chances, a situation he describes as sad -- especially because, as he had previously explained in the interview, he doesn't feel that is the case any more.

    The whole piece originally was to appear only in our print edition, but given the inaccurate impression the newswires have given, I've arranged for the whole thing to go online so that people can see all of John's comments in their proper context.


    Posted by: Scott Matthewman | Jan 8, 2008 7:11:56 AM

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