John Edwards Dropping Out of Presidential Race


AP reports:

“Democrat John Edwards is exiting the presidential race Wednesday, ending a scrappy underdog bid in which he steered his rivals toward progressive ideals while grappling with family hardship that roused voter’s sympathies but never diverted his campaign, The Associated Press has learned. The two-time White House candidate notified a close circle of senior advisers that he planned to make the announcement at a 1 p.m. EST event in New Orleans that had been billed as a speech on poverty, according to two of his advisers. The decision came after Edwards lost the four states to hold nominating contests so far to rivals who stole the spotlight from the beginning—Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.”

Who will he endorse?


  1. Sebastian says

    Too bad, he had some great ideas to try and end poverty in the so called richest country on the planet. Perhaps had he had a vision to include the glbt community in a plan for across the board equal rights, he would have been at the top of the race, even though the so called front runners have not done anything but dance around total equality, including gay marriage which they can’t endorse as not to offend their party faithful.

  2. rudy says

    JE will sell himself to the highest bidder, as does every politician. That said, my gut tells me that JE will eventually endorse Obama because more and more Dems are coming to the realization that HRC cannot win a national election. Several politico friends are speculating that Obama will offer JE the Veep slot. HRC will likely not because she carries her personal grudges too close to forgive and forget the attacks. The electoral process keeps getting more interesting by confounding the conventional “wisdom”.

  3. rob says

    Yeah, there’s no chance of Edwards endorsing Hillary. She represents the corporate power corrupting Washington that Edwards based his campaign against. The question is not who he will endorse (it obviously would be Obama) but whether he endorses anyone at all.
    There’s a good chance Al Gore may jump in an endorse Obama before Super Tuesday. I think that endorsement is far more beneficial than an Edward’s endorsement.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    “Obama can kiss his ass goodbye.”

    Why? Edwards supporters may split between Hillary and Barack. Edwards’ supporters may be white, but they are not practitioners of racist discrimination–neither are most Hillary supporters for that matter. If they were they’d be Republicans (well, Big Bill came close to it the last few weeks). They certainly wouldn’t call Barack Obama what you did two weeks ago, Johnny Lane.

  5. Caleb says

    Well, THIS John Edwards supporter is throwing his money, time, and vote to fully support Hillary Clinton. I’m sick to death of Obama’s sickening Pollyanna act. I don’t see how, as a Washington “outsider,” he plans to get ANYTHING done in Washington. He has little influence, experience, or political prowess to get the things he claims he wants to do.

  6. says

    Derrick, if you can’t see what happened in Florida yesterday you are blind. Go ahead and split Edwards down the middle. Hillary would have 76% of the vote. In the Nevada caucus, the vast majority of Edwards voters moved to the Hillary camp when he didn’t have enough to qualify. It certainly was not an even split. I am not going to debate this with anyone. The handwriting is on the wall. Even CNN has suddenly changed their bias this morning in favor of Hillary. Its over. Obama is yesterday’s news. Hillary will finish him in the debates on Thursday. And when you see the numbers on Super Tuesday, perhaps the reality will sink in. This joker can go back to the slums where he came from. I don’t want to see or hear about this guy again. And I know more people than I can count that feel the same way.

    Write whatever dribble you want. I am not responding as this entire exercise has been a colossal waste of time and money. People who use hardcore street drugs, past or present, should not be qualified to run for President. End of subject.

  7. Landis says

    Caleb: You and me both. I think Obama would make a good “good-times” president. But Hillary would be a better “bad-times” president.

    That said, I am concerned that McCain is just going to roll over any of the Dem’s nominees.

  8. says

    I think eventually Edwards will endorse Obama. Obama is a great speaker and not a dirty politician like Clinton but that is just icing on the cake. I am voting for him based on his ideas for improving our country. See

  9. Michael Bedwell says

    This is sad. Edwards never got a fair hearing once the media got a whiff of Hillary and Barack’s panties. Politics has long been a popularity contest, but the goddamn media have turned it into “American Idol.” Any candidate’s position on health care, Iraq, global warming is treated like what Britney wore [or didn’t] to court yesterday. [If you think I exaggerate, recall the nonsense about whether or not Hillary was trying to flash hear press during a US Senate session].

    And the political operatives, maybe lone guns; maybe secretly working for other campaigns hit him early and dirty, at least about gay rights which the mainstream media doesn’t really give a damn about anyway. Remember Bob Shrum’s, disputed by others who were there, that Edwards once said he was uncomfortable around gays? Shrum was a morbidly obese prick with an ax to grind [Edwards didn’t hire him to run his campaign] for even brining up something from ELEVEN years ago particularly when he added, “I don’t believe he thinks that way now”—which got mostly buried by the scandal mongers.

    Then there was that black minister from all important South Carolina who mysteriously appeared out of nowhere to flame Edwards on religion and gays which served most to try to distract everyone from the fact that a certain other candidate had written whole goddamn books about how much religion meant to him AND who no one points out, unlike Edwards and Clinton, goes against his own denomination’s position on gay marriage. Yes, I mean St. Obama, by god, and the United Church of Christ which supports gay marriage while he refuses.

    He may have already endorsed someone else as I write this but I believe Edwards would make a great VP with Hillary and Obama would make a great Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

  10. Luke says

    Spot on Landis, once they get the “maverick” as their candidate, and his “war hero” ads up and going 24/7, McCain is a shoo in. The Repug’s want HRC because they know that as fed up as the country is with the GOP, there are millions who hate her more than Bush and will vote just to keep her out. She is not a viable candidate on the national level, and, to keep it real, neither is Obama. Too bad Edwards was third fiddle to the other two, he did have some good ideas, which HRC and Obama lack.

  11. Jim says

    “Secretary of Housing and Urban Development”??? Wow. I don’t know if Bedwell is your real last name, but if so, you just proved to the world that Michael Bedwell is a huge racist.

  12. Thomas says

    Yes, Hillary won the no-delegate race by a wide margin, but a couple of funny things happened along the way. First, exit polling shows that among voters who made up their minds in the last month, Barack Obama won 47 percent to 40 percent. In the last week, Obama prevailed 39-31. In the last three days, it was 46-38 in favor of Obama. (Hillary carried those who made their minds up on voting day and earlier than a month ago.) Obama will surely take comfort in knowing that despite his lack of campaigning in Florida, the South Carolina results and the Clintons’ graceless conduct are having a impact, and potentially a very significant one.

    Second, the Clintons played gotcha with the rules, which after all are for the little people. She traveled to Florida, pledged to seat the delegates that the DNC had disallowed owing to the state’s decision to hold its primary too early, and generally stunned (why are they always stunned?) reporters by her bald-faced reversal on the matter. When her Cackle does not even persuade Keith Olbermann, it may be a sign the jig is up. In short, she did nothing to dissuade the growing impression that she and her husband are running a sneaky, conniving and increasingly unconvincing operation.

  13. says

    24Play – There is no continuity in your comments. And many of your comments posted on other topics on this site contain statements in the same paragraph or sentence which contradict each other. Is it lack of education, a learning disability or distraction from the SciFi Channel?

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    “…go back to the slums where he came from”

    What slums? He grew up on the beautiful tropical island of Hawaii.

    I’m tellin’ you ,Johnny, you got Barack confused with this fine piece of trade I had 30 years ago, Leroy Johnson. And there was no crack back then.

    Yes, Michael, the press did not give John Edwards a fair deal or adequate exposure. His beliefs and policies were pure Hubert Humphrey, Sargent Shriver and Ramsey Clark: a true liberal. I’m not quite sure what Hillary and Barack are, but I’ll go with either one. Once we have a nominee, it will be time for the Democratic Party to unite. For those who can’t or won’t unite, I got names to call y’all worse than Johnny Lane can make up…’cept for Sebastian, I like him. We’ll get him to vote for Hillary if necessary, but it may not be necessary–may take longer than Feb. 5th to find out.

  15. Jimmyboyo says

    The sadest part is Elizabeth Edwards was our biggest supporter.

    Unlike either Hilalry or Obama and their spouses, Elizabeth gave a 100% support for gay marriage speach at SF gay pride 07 while also marching in the pride parade.

    Caleb, I question if you were ever an edwards supporter.

    Everything Edwards stood for (this election barring his past stands) was anti-Hillary, anti- DLC, anti- the current system.


    Congradulate me one and all on my tieing in Florida for delegates. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

    I tied the top 2 candidates for delegates in florida. I am sooooo siked on this enabeling me to promote my platform at the conevention where my 0 delegates will surely swing the dem platform my way.


  16. Jimmyboyo says


    Edwards as AG in either administration would be wonderful. He could use those years of experience going after big biz criminals for the benefit of the nation and the working class.

    Edwards as VP in either administration doesn’t offer what is needed in the end.

    A Southern Governor.

    Warner (not the older repub one) is probably at the top of both Hillary’s and Obama’s lists. Southern (Virginia) and a popular (very succesful administration when he was in)governor

  17. Michael Bedwell says

    Jimmy, as much as I luv and respect Elizabeth Edwards, she did not march in the SF gay pride parade. Her remarks were at a gay pride dinner the night before after which she moved on to prescheduled fundraisers in Sacramento. I doubt she’d have a problem doing it, but “good” mistakes in facts don’t help us anymore in the end than “bad” ones. May she live long and well!

    24: saying Bob Shrum is a morbidly obese prick is not shallow; it’s merely true.

    Jim: If you think suggesting that Obama would be good at the highest level job in the country that is similar to what he brags about doing [and fairly so] as a community organizer in Chicago makes me a racist that makes you an imbecile.

    MEMO TO JAMES DENTON [“Mike” on “Desperate Housewives” and a tireless and articulate Edwards campaigner]: call me, I’ll make you feel better.

  18. Michael Bedwell says

    Thanks for the correction, Jimmy. And I shall now always regret not going even after I bought a ticket. Hopefully, we have not seen the last of her on the public stage.

  19. says

    I voted for John Edwards yesterday and I have been a supporter of him since day one. I don’t understand why the majority of the Democratic Party have allowed the media to shape our nominees. Yes, it makes a lot better press when a black man runs against a women. But, what’s more important is that we WIN and get the Republicans OUT OF OFFICE! Head-to-head against any of the Republicans, John Edwards would’ve rolled hands-down. But Hillary and Obama cannot claim that. I will vote for whoever the Dem nominee is; but Edwards was our best chance to secure a victory.

  20. Gay as life says

    So, I guess I can’t pretend anymore that it’s not going to happen. The Dems are going with either Hill or Obama, and we are going to end up with another Repug in the White House. God help us.

  21. Marco says

    The reason Edwards was never my first choice is the simple fact he ran twice (once as VP for all those comatose a few years back) and lost. The policy differences between all the Dem. candidates are marginal, I’d rather go for a new face in the race.

    Plus, he let Cheney prison rape in their 2004 debate. He certainly didn’t fight the republicans hard back then.

  22. John says

    Marco, I had the same reaction.

    Remember, Edwards ran in 2004 and got onto the ticket as VP. He had the opportunity to debate Dick Cheney live. He got his spotlight convention speech. Now, we all know John Kerry wasn’t the best running mate. But Edwards performed pretty poorly himself. And it wasn’t just FOX News that said he wasn’t connecting with anyone outside of his narrow working-class base (which would’ve voted Democratic anyway), it came from more liberal media sources like the NYT too.

    He had his chance and didn’t win. I have more sympathy for Al Gore because he did win and had it taken away from him. It was very close, but it was still a stolen election. Edwards can claim no such achievement.

  23. says

    Wow, I’m bummed that Edwards is getting out of the presidential race. I’m not saying I think at this point he could go on and win the nomination, but he zeroed in on and focused on the BIG issue that in my mind is so clearly dragging this country down…namely the massive and comprehensive control of big business and corporations over the priorities and workings of our government. That rock solid control influences everything…foreign policy (Iraq anyone?), economic policy (big time tax breaks and policy in favor of the rich, big biz and Wall Street, trickle down economics, etc.), campaign finance reform, healthcare policy, Social Security, etc., etc., etc. At least while he was in it, this issue could not be ignored.

    Now we’re left with the nice but vague “we should all get along” stance of Obama and the “insider, back to yesterday” machine politics of Hillary to chose from. We’ll get a media-fueled horse race fed by such gems as who snubbed who at what event, if Barrack is really a black man, if Hillary cries or not and does it matter, how Bill Clinton would spend his days as First Husband, etc., etc. etc. And then, one of them will get the nomination and the Republicans will do their evil best to just absolutely eviscerate that nominee all summer and into the fall. Hillary’s got too much baggage to withstand that, and so far I’m not impressed with Obama’s ability to fight back…great on the stump with prepared remarks, not so great with fighting words.

    Congratulations President McCain.

    One other note about Edwards getting out…money. Unlike Hillary, Barrack, the Mittster and McCain, Edwards was taking matching funds from the government as allowed by law. However, the Federal Elections Commission certifies and allocates those matching funds. The FCC is made up of six commissioners. It needs a “quorum” to certify and allocate matching funds. And guess what, as of Dec. 31, 2007 the committee is down to just two people because of departures and the failure of the Bush administration to fill vacancies.

    So, guess who doesn’t get their matching funds in 2008 and, therefore, the ability to wage a more aggressive media campaign? John Edwards.

  24. Mike says

    Thank God. Goodbye Edwards, you were just sucking the votes from Hillary. Just look at the votes from South Carolina, @80% of blacks voted for Hillary. White men voted for Edwards, Clinton and then Obama. White women voted for Clinton, Edwards and then Obama.
    Based on the race “victim” that Obama played for awhile, I think that many including myself will never vote for him. The Clinton’s never said anything racist but that is what the Obama loving media picked up on and Obama fed off of it.
    Super Tues. will be a slam for Hill. There is no way that NY or Calif. will vote Obama.

  25. Mike says

    sorry @80% of South Carolina blacks voted for Obama of course.

    And for those who were fooled by the Edwards gay marriage tactic – wake up. Edwards is against same sex marriage while his wife goes out and states that she is for it. So they were trying to pull in the gay votes for Edwards without marriage equality. (Not that Hill or Obama are for it either.) Tease….while maybe his wife could talk him into it?? This display just seemed dishonest and well political.

  26. Michael Bedwell says

    Memories clot the corners of our mind. Also, a lack of understanding of how often the “liberal” NY Times has thrown their legs in the air for the Bush Reich, and whose payroll includes William GOP Shill Safire and Maureen “Die Gore! Die Hillary!” Dowd. While those polled then by ABC said Cheney won that debate [their sample included more Republicans], those polled by CBS said Edwards won and by a wider margin; their sample focused on uncommitted voter

    And running below that droning blowhard Kerry who could put a tornado to sleep, and who was afraid of not “playing nice” [he recently claims he fought back against the Swiftboaters the first day—anyone remember that happening?], I’m guessing that Edwards, a far more immediately personable speaker whose passions are far closer to the surface while cold fish Kerry’s seem to have been kept in the Witness Protection Program, was somewhat muzzled by JK.

    In anycase, the results proved once again that we should never underestimate the stupidity of the American people. Maybe that senile meat puppett McCain has a chance afterall.

  27. anon ( says

    I thought Hillary was the only name on the ballot in Fl and none of the candidates campaigned there?? On this basis he quits? Do I smell a backroom deal?

  28. Derrick from Philly says

    “80% of black people voted for Obama OF COURSE”

    So what? 100% of white people voted for Bush & Kerry four years ago. Y’all really are trying my nerves.

  29. John says

    “So what? 100% of white people voted for Bush & Kerry four years ago. Y’all really are trying my nerves.”

    Not true, a couple hundred thousand of them voted for Ralph Nader and Mike Badnarik.

  30. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, John, please, they weren’t white, they were greeeeen. For God’s sake.

    OK, well then, 100% of black people voted for Bush & Kerry for years ago…and neither one of them gotta’ a black daddy. Well, Kerry does have some fuzzy hair. Who knows?

  31. california joe says

    John Edwards is a patroit, change-agent, and a uniter (not divider)! He elevated this political race and we are better off for it.

    I believe Obama is a change-agent too and is the only one left who can create a clear majority in order to change and govern this divided country. Watch his recent speech on MLK day and judge for yourself:

  32. John says

    But Derrick, everyone has a black ancestor. It all started in those little caves outside of modern-day Johannesburg. Some people might be uncomfortable with the idea, but as one of those secular-progressive evolutionists Bill O’Reilly hates, I’d say the evidence is pretty overwhelming.

  33. Sammanth Jo says

    Why do these two bit racists come out from under their rocks in these debates? Racism and homophobia have no place in decent socety, and, this is why the GOP is able to keep winning the big old White House, bigotry and hate.

  34. Michael Bedwell says

    Jimmy, I’ll vote for Obama if you just stop calling it “Cali”! KIDDING, but repeat after me: “Please don’t call it ‘Frisco’. Please don’t call it ‘Cali’.”

    Don’t put much stock in polls [though I’ll quote them when faced with smugness about other polls]. Think it would help if they were outlawed before an election. Won’t happen but….

    Thought you and others might be interested in some of the speculation about where Edwards voters might go in “not Cali.”

  35. Jon says

    When I see Obama speak, I feel proud of our country. I want to live in a country like that. Where a half-Kenyan/half-Kansan, who has inspired the youth and the apathetic, is able to get elected to the most powerful country in the world.

    It would be the single most influential thing we could do to repair our image across the world, and how we see our country. The day Barack Obama is elected, this country sees itself differently.

    This gay man is voting Obama on the 5th.

  36. John says

    Seriously, folks apparently haven’t learned anything from the New Hampshire experience. You have to look at polls with a critical eye.

    Didn’t the San Francisco Chronicle endorse Barack Obama a few days ago? And now the same newspaper publishes a small sample poll (400) that has Obama winning and Hillary dropping from 49% to 33%. I’d certainly take that with a bit of skepticism.

  37. Michael Bedwell says

    When I see Obama speak, I feel proud of our country, too. The first demonstration I ever participated again was against the direct opposite——against Alabama governor George Wallace, running for President after he’d once privately said, “I was out-niggered, and I will never be out-niggered again,” and infamously publicly declared, “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”

    But when I listen closely to what Obama says; when I contrast it to some of his actions in the past such as abandoning the issue of a gay rights bill in Illinois apparently because he was too busy running for US Senate; when I contrast them to what it is actually going to take to move us forward when so many homohaters——and those against universal healthcare and getting out of Iraq and doing anything serious about the environment and jobs and poverty——survive in Congress, in the Pentagon, on the Supreme Court, in the state houses, and in the pulpits of America——which is steel balls not flowerly bromides——I only see one person left capable of doing that and it is, ironically, a woman, whose candidacy is also a milestone in the country that gave black men the right to vote 50 years before it gave it to women of any color.

    This gay man is not voting for Obama on February 5th. I will vote for him on November 4th if he is on the ballot and then pray that he is not the black Jimmy Carter, swimming so far beyond his depth that he risks sinking the country with him.

  38. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED says

    Michael Bedwell’s politics rest on lies. His unapologetic adoration for Bill and Hillary Clinton is clearly delusional. He’s devoted to the use of twisted logic and distortions. He could be a used car salesman or even worse, a lawyer. That’s understandable since he’s a political clone of Leland Frances.

    He wants us to believe that Hillary Clinton is against the war, that she’ll end it. The opposite is true. From the day Bush began to push for an invasion of Iraq to steal their oil she’s been an avid supporter of the war oil piracy that so far has murdered over 650,000 Iraqi lives and killed 3,941 GI’s. In addition there have been several hundred suicides and almost 29,000 wounds suffered, 13,000 of them serious. Hillary Clinton’s eager and consistent support for the oil war and the Democrats constant funding of it make them co-responsible with Bush.

    Hillary Clinton, who gets the bulk of the campaign contributions doled out by Big Pharma, HMO’s and insurance companies is bitterly opposed to socialized medicine. She sat on the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart and is a firm supporter of NAFTA and other union busting bills. NAFTA is a rolling environment disaster. When Mexican and Central Americans flee the destitution caused by NAFTA she and the Democrats turn a cold shoulder, denying them drivers licenses etc. The Clintons have always supported tax cuts for the rich and cutting the welfare safety net for working people. That combined with their union busing has sabotage our standard of living.

    Her party, spearheaded by her campaign leader Barney Frank gutted ENDA and dropped the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill. They’ve refused to repeal DADT and DOMA even though they’ve controlled Congress for two years. They don’t want them to be issues in the campaign. Democrats rammed though gaybashing Bush nominees to the Sixth US Circuit Court of Appeals and as Attorney General. They didn’t utter a peep when Bill Clinton’s nominee to the Fifth US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of bigots.

    Hillary Clinton is in reality a right centrist Republican in drag. Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stones outstanding political commentator, who recently did an expose of Huckabee, has just completed one about Hillary. He says “What people forget about Clinton is that she is basically a Republican at heart. She campaigned for Barry Goldwater once upon a time and even canvassed poor neighborhoods in Chicago looking for “vote fraud” by Democrats. She was president of the College Republicans at Wellesley. In 1968, at the height of America’s most intense cultural debate in a century, she only abandoned the Republican Party because it backed Dick Nixon instead of her favorite, Nelson Rockefeller. That’s why she’s admired by former Senators and bible study littermates Brownback and Santorum, as well as Rupert Murdoch of Faux News and Pat Robertson of the loony right.
    Obama is just as bad. Clinton’s differences with the Republicans are cosmetic at best.

    A vote for either is a wasted vote for an openly declared enemy of the GLBT communities and a vote for war, economic disaster and crappy health care.

  39. jeff says

    Bill Perdue,
    You obviously don’t know what tou’re talking about. Show me hard facts where Pat Robertson, Sam Brownback, Rick Santorum, Rupert Murdock have stated anywhere that they agree with Hillary’s politics. And while you’re at it, show me where I can find a picture of any of them campaigning for her.
    Give me a break.
    I’m sure Rupert Murdock is really supporting Hillary, that’s why his New York Post is supporting Obama.
    Keep drinking the Kool Aid.

  40. NowItMatters says

    With Edwards out, he will endorse Obama. That will solidify a vote from the many who are on the fence for Barack.
    Hillary is ultimately a polarizing politician. I ask, do we want another 4-8 years of the same old Bush-Clinton-Clinton-Bush dogma?

    Obama will accomplish the tasks he presents to the American people, especially the middle class and those less fortunate. This man is amazing and will make us proud of the White House again So far, we’ve only just stepped into his foyer.

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