1. James says

    Eww at the pornstache. 2-Day stubble is much better if he wants to look a little more grown-up, though he looks just fine clean-shaven. Isn’t that supposed to help in swimming anyway?

  2. says

    I think he looks fine either way. I remember the last big Olympics he was in (the one where he was supposed to win everything then didn’t) and all the commercials were showing him shirtless shot from below. Yum.

  3. Br!on says

    Totally in the ‘stache park. Hair needs to be back and the shaved blonde boy look should be banished. Thanks for the large tony tip off although I don’t quite understand what’s happening there.

    Just do a search on Mark Spitz the former sex god of swimming to see what we have lost.

  4. says

    I really love his body. So lithe and naturally toned. I’ve always thought he was sexy in a dorky way, but i’m not in love with the stache. Not that I would throw him out of bed with or without it though.

  5. So Left I'm Right says

    Who’s looking at the ‘stache? Ok, a little hard to miss in the first two photos, but I mean really, Michael Phelps is all about the perfect swimmer’s body. Hope that stays as revealed as possible throughout the Olympic season.

  6. Learntoswim says

    Swimmers grow hair out months before they race, girls don’t shave their legs, guys their facial hair, this is probably leading up to Olympic trials or to the Olympics themselves…it’s probably normally even worse then that be happy he trimmed it.

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