Banksy and Nick Walker a Hit at Bonham’s Street Art Auction


A well-known Banksy print depicting a strip of chimpanzees wearing sandwiches boards that say “Laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge” sold for $446,000 in London yesterday at Bonham’s first “urban art” auction. It had an estimate of between $300,000 and $400,000 dollars. His print of Kate Moss, an Andy Warhol pastiche, was snatched up for more than three times its estimate.

Bloomberg reports: ” Bonhams said that a crowd of more than 500 people crammed into its Bond Street saleroom to see the 74-lot auction raise about a million pounds with fees, compared with a lower estimate of around 550,000 pounds. Only one lot failed to sell. ‘It felt like a momentous occasion,’ said Mike Snelle of the East London gallery, the Black Rat Press. ‘This auction signified a real acceptance of street art….The real story of the auction,’ Snelle said, ‘was that there’s more to street art than Banksy. The real star of the night was Nick Walker.’ Walker is a 39-year-old graffiti artist who lives in Banksy’s home city of Bristol. His spray-paint-on-canvas work, ‘Moona Lisa,’ (below right) dating from 2006 — showing La Giaconda exposing her bottom — sold for a record 54,000 pounds with fees, against an estimate of 3,000 pounds to 5,000 pounds.”


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  1. Arundel says

    Yeah, that Banksy print was definitely worth half a million dollars.
    A cartoon that’s not even half-funny. A print, one of multiple prints.

    This is why the art world is about to crater, and genuinely talented artists will suffer and give up their dream in the upcoming recession, because of the unrelenting hype over media-manipulators like Banksy, whose “work” is about a centimeter deep, content-free, visually unrewarding.

    Extremely shallow people are the ones who just LOOOOOVe Banksy though. Can’t get enough of his shocking! transgression!

    Ugh. He has neither wit, nor anything original to say, nor any particular skill at making a compelling visual. Why Towleroad relentlessly hypes Banksy, is anyone’s guess, but probably the proprietor owns something by Banksy, a print out of 500 or a thousand perhaps.

    When the art market crashes to Earth this year because of breathless hype and a very sorry economy, this crap will be worthless, and Banksy will be a textbook example of shallow, fashionable hype.

  2. Drummer says

    ‘A well-known Banksy print depicting a strip of chimpanzees wearing sandwiches boards that say “Laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge”‘

    Shouldn’t that be changed to “Laugh now, but I’m ‘The Decider'”?