1. Bill says

    Could Wolf Blitzer get any farther up the a@@ of the religious right? This is “objectivity” and credible journalism, parroting the “ideas” of some of the most paleolithic members of the human community?

    Charles Barkley deserves the support of the LGBT community. It’s not easy to go against that powerful wing-nut constituency, which has long sought to corner the black vote by playing to homophobia.

  2. Bill says

    Could Wolf Blitzer get any farther up the a@@ of the religious right? This is “objectivity” and credible journalism, parroting the “ideas” of some of the most paleolithic members of the human community?

    Charles Barkley deserves the support of the LGBT community. It’s not easy to go against that powerful wing-nut constituency, which has long sought to corner the black vote by playing to homophobia.

  3. Sebastian says

    While I’ve always viewed CB as somewhat of a kook, like I do most GOP members and athletes on gay issues , thanks to him for telling it like it is! I have yet to figure out these co called Christians who have so much hate in their tiny hearts, because, sorry, you as a human can’t hate the sin and love the sinner, and, sex with another man is hardly a sin in my book of love!

  4. BETO says

    But I dislike the “gay marriage” and “pro-choice” in the same sentence. Both issues are not related, except both being common attacks by the extremist Christians, but there are some people for equality marriage and, at the same time, against abortions. Besides, vice versa.

  5. EireKev says

    Beto, clearly he wasn’t talking about abortion. He meant he’s pro-gay people having the choice to get married.

    Anyway, nice for someone to be forthright about it.

  6. another matt says

    I’ve always loved Charles Barkley simply because he says whatever he wants, whenever he wants and doesn’t care about the reprocussions. Good for him!

  7. says

    Charles Barkley’s CNN interview was the most realistic down to Earth I have seen in a long time. In particular, his reference to “fake Christians” rang true with me. When I hear of these vast groups of Evangelicals and Born Again Christians I get totally disgusted. I was exposed to these types through friends many years ago. I was invited to a Bible Study and then to walk through some of the highest crime areas in town in an attempt to “covert” some of these people. When the group started rolling around on the floor in a trace like state asking for the power of Jesus to enter them, told them they needed to be in a mental institution and walked out never to return. Who are these people and how did they become so insane? Contrary to any belief, this is not religion, this is are very small minds following cults.

  8. says

    Charles gets it…he really gets it! I wish the rest of homophobic, ignorant America could be as understanding and awake as Mr. Barkley. He might get “a lot of feedback on this” but I applaud him for being forthright and unafraid to state his views to the world.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    Sir Charles is his own man. He doesn’t put on some hyper-masculine show like so many other athletes.
    And he certainly doesn’t put on a “Stepin’ Fetchit Show” like some tired narcissistic queen from Philadelpia.

    Hey, Oscar, pretty strong independent black man, hunh?

  10. PC says

    Hopefully Charles Barkley can be an inspiration to the many religious black communities across America, where homosexuality is deemed a sin of the highest order.

    Oh, who am I kidding.

  11. gwyneth cornrow says

    I always disliked Barkley for the ruckus he stirred up when he played for Miami and made trouble for the Knicks, but this interview makes me totally change my tune.
    And PC, Guess Who is right: religious black communities are much more tolerant than white ones in the US.

  12. James, DC says

    While I can appreciate Barkley’s stance on gay marriage etc., he comes off as a total dummy in regard to his outlook on politics and his support for Obama. His arguments are so lame.

    I especially love how he justifies that Obama will be a great president on issues like national security because he’ll have a “tons of advisers” who know what to do to help him. And about his taxes and Obama’s call to raise them: “It won’t affect me. I’m rich like a Republican.” Classy.

    I suggest all of you to compare his remarks with those of Magic Johnson, who Wolf interviewed right after Barkley. Much more educated and sincere.

  13. RJ says

    @James, DC

    Obviously, how “great” a president any of the remaining candidates will be is purely personal opinion and speculative at this juncture. However, Barkley’s statement about Obama having many advisers who will be able to help him is right on the mark. So what if Obama doesn’t have the experience? He just needs to possess the skills and smarts to surround himself with those who do have the experience. And I take his comment about higher taxes not affecting him as saying, even if he had to pay higher taxes, it wouldn’t bother him because he can easily afford it.

    Barkley might not sound educated but he’s definitely sincere – no self-censoring platitudes ever come out of his mouth. Some people don’t care for his bluntness but that’s the way he is.

  14. patrick nyc says

    Make no mistake, the best thing about his comments are that he is a hero to many young black and white men. These kids listen to their sports idols. Good for him.

  15. says

    It’s high time to watch MBA. Everyday I can hear the interesting and exciting behavior on TV. Concerned about the process.
    Just come out to be bisexual and wanna find someone to guide me through my curiosity. Photo is not a problem. I’ve got more on ****** if you’d like to see…

  16. mike says

    For Brandon: I grew up in the “pentecostal-charismatic” church and I tell you, this is the dominant form of evangelical christianity in America today–and the most fervent supporters of the Republicon Party. Pat Robertson, James Dobson, GW Bush, Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, etc., etc. and their millions of followers/voters DO roll around on the floor in self-induced states of “ecstasy”, believing that the “holy ghost” has entered them and that they do “speak in tongues”. The snake handlers of Appalachia and the Deep South is another example of the Republicon “base”. These people are no joke. As firmly as they believe that they can receive the “holy ghost” and “speak in tongues”, they just as firmly believe that the “bible” is inerrant and literal and that queers are “an abomination” and should be put to death; women should be submissive to men and never work outside the home; and that we are in the “end times”. They also believe that GW Bush (just as Bush does) is anointed by God to bring about the beginning of the “end times”. Scary stuff. I walked away from it as you did, but unfortunately too many desperate frightened people have not. They vote and they procreate. And, they still might prevail. Keep that passport handy.

  17. says

    First of all, I’m glad Charles has the courage to come out and speak his mind. Honestly, I’ve never liked him, but this gives me a new respect for the man. In general, the opinions of athletes (pro or not) make no difference to me, but I know that he holds sway with his fans nd the sports community at large, so this might be a good thing for society.

    Secondly, Wolfe is also correct in saying that many Christians are very sincere in disapproving of gays. I am a Christian gay man who knows this first hand. I have a few former friends who won’t talk to me since I came out, but I also have Christian friends who disagree with me on the subject of homosexuality but still choose to be my friend. I’m grateful for them.

  18. says

    To Mike:

    I, too, left the Pentecostal-Charismatic church, tho maybe for diffeent reasons. (I’m more concerned with accurate theology than what i did or did not experience.)

    Anyway, I’m really writing about your comment that these people do vote and still hold influence in the GOP. As you probably know, Gov. Huckabee still has a strong minority in his party and still expects to win a few more states before the primary election season is over. What’s more, Sen. McCain, the moderate that he is, is trying to prove that he’s really a conservative so that he can win over the extremists in his party. If he doesn’t succeed in that, he knows that he’ll never be elected as president (which is ok by me!). And, if HC wins the nomination (unlikely), the GOP will certainly unite behind ANYONE in their party to defeat her. They hate her with a passion and will go to great lenghts to keep her out of the white house. Meanwhile, if Barack gets the nomination, I believe many from the GOP will gladly vote for him, thus leaving their own party in the cold. I personally do not want McCain *or* HC in the white house. I’m 100% behind Barack!!

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