1. BVC says

    ^ Oh yes. Agreed. I love the mustache. James is one of my favorites but with the new lip fuzz… yum! Admittedly, I have a thing for mustaches anyway. When George Eads grew one a couple of years ago, I was one of the few that hoped he would leave it. Now he was HOT with a stache! But alas, no. It was not meant to be.

    As for the movie… I am really interested to see what Gus has cooking. (Loving the coverage Andy! Thanks.) “Pineapple Express” looks really good too.

  2. Michael says

    I’m saying a small prayer to the Goddess of Fashion “Dear Goddess, please don’t let the gay community do their usual ractionary act and bring back the fashions of the H. Milk era. The San Fran Clone look was tired even when it was new. And since I have your ear, can you tell the last handful of gays that popped collars never actually made a comeback. Blessed be, Mike”

  3. Michael says

    I wouldn’t necessarily call that a porn stache, Andy. I’d say its more or less just a moustache, and all the guys ages 20-27 in Brooklyn are wearing them.

  4. says

    Filming has wrapped in the castro, but the other poster is right, they are here in the city until early March. We didn’t see James around the neighborhood too much, so i’m guessing his role is limited. It seemed emile and sean were everywhere.

  5. John says

    Supposedly, this is filming at the same time as the Star Trek prequel, which will presumably include scenes of San Francisco.

    What happens if Harvey Milk runs into James T. Kirk?

  6. JCW says

    Franco will wind up his part by March 13th at the earliest. Bet the ‘stasch goes the minute he gets the OK. I know my goatee comes back a.s.a.p. at the end of filming…I feel naked without it.

  7. Edwina says

    OMG….he’s so hot! Super hot! Oh god…and that stache…oh my GOD!!! SO SO HOT! James Franco is so much hotter than Spiderman or Neve Campbell in “Company”! You know…he’s just sooo hot! I’m sorry. So hot! Burn me Jamie, burn!!

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