1. CDC says

    One thing he does is soak his Lancette three times a day in special antibiotics because it’s still not entirely recovered from being in Reichen’s ass [the original “Good Time That Was Had By All”] for 10 months.

  2. Butter says

    Whatever, you guys are just bitter. Lance is adorable. I’m really proud of the way he’s been handling his sexuality, which is more than I can say about most other gay people in the media.

    Did you stop to think that a lot of guys in his place would have just ignored, or sued Perez Hilton, instead of coming out? Would you rather he did that?

    You wanna make a difference in this country, you don’t stay in the mother#$%^&*! closet. Simple as that. I wish the best for Lance in his future endeavors.

  3. John says


    So you applaud him for coming out after his 15 minutes of fame are over? Anyone can do that. It’s like a deathbed confession to get into heaven. I personally think it’s rather disgusting the number of homos that say “Oh, look at him, he came out, yay for him!” while ignoring the fact that he hid in the closet for all those years. Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m just bitter, right?

    Why don’t you, instead, focus on what he might have accomplished if he had come out at the peak of ‘N Sync’s fame? Why don’t you analyze his reasons for not coming out at that time? If you think about it logically, he had more to lose at that point, right? Well that form of homophobia is as bad as any other.

    Someone in his position to make some real change in the way people think have an obligation to do what they can to support the gay cause. That means coming out of the closet when you can do the most good…not minimizing your potential losses.

    To be fair, Bass isn’t alone in this. I’m pointing my finger at Anderson Cooper and Jodie Foster as well. If you want to see how it can be done right, you don’t have to look any further than Ellen and Rosie. Those women came out at just about the height of their careers and spoke out for the gay community. Lance wants to make a difference? Good for him. I say “Too little, too late.”

  4. Brad says

    Good grief, John, do you have a job? Why must so much analysis go into a post about Jimmy Kimmel spoofing a magazine cover? If Jodie, Anderson, Lance and whoever else isn’t good enough for you, go watch LOGO or something… there are tons of musicians/actors who have been out of the closet since the start of their career.

  5. John says

    Did you even read what I wrote, Brad? I said absolutely nothing about Jimmy Kimmel. Why must so little analysis go into a post criticizing another’s opinion? It seems like you read part of my last paragraph, deemed the whole post to be too long, then typed whatever came into your pretty little head.

  6. crispy says

    I’m not into Broadway either, Derek. But I do know how to use Google. Apparently, you don’t?

    Lance Bass is destined to be just gay because that’s all he ever fucking talks about! Christ, I’ve heard his goddamned coming out story more times than my own. Talk about something else!

  7. Derek says

    No Crispy I think it’s that I just have better things to do with my time than to Google Lance Bass or to bitch about him, what he isn’t doing or his coming out story.

    Maybe you should spend more time on focusing on building your Western Pennsylvania Airsoft Community.

    LOL – what a tool you are dude.

  8. crispy says

    Umm, it takes 2 seconds to google something!

    What kind of computer are you running, a Commodore 64 with a 1200 bit modem? Is that why you still say “dude”?

  9. Derek says

    Crispy you just really don’t get it – why would I bother to Google Lance Bass or his career?

    And as for the word “dude” – it makes me laugh. I like using it and probably always will.

    And you’re right, it only took 2 seconds on Google to find out that you like to shoot Airsoft guns at people. No wonder you have a problem with Lance Bass – you seem a little maladjusted…dude.

  10. Butter says

    “To be fair, Bass isn’t alone in this. I’m pointing my finger at Anderson Cooper and Jodie Foster as well. ”

    You may as well be the exception to the rule, because I really don’t see Anderson getting ANY hate around here.

    Why is it that there is such a double standard? Is it because Lance was in a boyband? Do you guys think less of him because of it?

    Give the guy a break, his fame came early in his life, he was only a teenager in the 90’s.

  11. John says

    Butter, while I think he could have done a lot more for the gay cause when he was popular, what’s done is done.

    My real issue is that people elevate him to such heights and he just basks in it. What has he really done to further gay acceptance? I understand that people don’t have an obligation to do so, but why did he wait till after he wasn’t as famous? Again, it comes down to minimizing his losses. To me, his coming out seems like a way to try to stay in the limelight.

    Cooper and Foster, on the other hand, haven’t publicly come out in what smacks of a PR stunt.

    To clarify my stance, I don’t hate Bass because of his actions, I am just not convinced at all that he came out for more than a publicity grab.

  12. Ari says

    I think Lance is actually pretty unpopular. Lots of people have issues with him and I don’t think he is basking in the limelight. He’s actually very humble. I don’t think he came out for publicity. He came out because it was going to be leaked in the next few days. He is not a hero in this regard but he’s sweet and he’s trying his best to make up for coming out that way. He’s trying to be a positive role model for the gay community, now. He’s an entertainer and he makes people happy. Give him a break, no?

  13. Mike Trueman says

    Let’s not forget that coming out is a process that we should all be able to take on in our own time. It’s harder for some than for others, and we need to be tolerant of each other as we make this transition.

    And let’s also not forget that coming out when your famous is another thing altogether. What does criticising Lance for not coming out sooner really achieve? What are we to gain by questioning the validity of his intentions in coming out?

    The important thing is that he has come out, he is living a full life as a famous gay man, which, as we can see from the comments above, might not be as easy as it seems.

    People, be kind to each other.

  14. Matt says

    John, I think it’s great that he just had the courage to be honest. I feel that as long as he is comfortably talking about being gay on public television (even now) he is helping closeted gay individuals know that people are starting to accept it.

    I didn’t know Anderson Cooper is gay? Isn’t it just all speculation?

  15. ERIC says

    Hey Matt, what rock have you been under? Andy Cooper is most certainly gay and really doesn’t hide it much in NY media circles. He also subtley makes jokes about it on air…one in particular when he told his co-host, Erika, that her husband didn’t need to worry about them getting too close, which he said with a wink. He knows he’s not fooling anyone and just chooses to keep it quiet. At least he doesn’t pretend to have a GF like many closeted Hollywood stars do. And I agree with Mike T…let’s be nice guys!

  16. Michael Bedwell says

    Give me a closeted boy band cypher any day over a coward like Anderson Cooper who gets accolades for all of his “serious” reporting in war zones and post Katrina, practicing his future Peabody Award / Pulitzer Prize / Noble Prize acceptance speeches in front of his designer mirror every night, and is “dismissal proof” due to his popularity and high profile. Fuck him and the silver spoon he rode in on—and not in the way he’d like.

  17. says

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  18. Phil says

    Why does his private life/sexuality have to be anybody’s business but his own? He had no obligation to anyone to out himself during the height of his fame. Not everyone is out to campaign for gay rights just because they are gay and not everyone sees their sexuality as the be all and end all of who they are. At the end of the day it could have been the record company who told him to stay in the closet to protect the image they had of the band and maybe he did it because he wanted some aspect of his life to remain private. Who cares

  19. Charles says

    Although I respect everyone’s sexuality – I find it sad that so many gays still spend so much time validating their own queerness by pointing fingers at others and outing them. Does it really matter to you who is gay today but didn’t admit it yesterday? You know, some people (and I know there are many gay men who have a problem acknowledging this) are only about a “2” on the Kinsey Scale. Not everyone is 100% gay – and therefore do not feel the need to advertise it to the public at large. Maybe a performer who was in a boy band back in the 90’s wasn’t sure about his sexuality then. Maybe he was scared what people would think and that his familiy and friends would shun him. I’m sure there are people here who went through that while they figured out who they were sexually. What Anderson Cooper does while in a club or with his friends is really nobody’s business. As a bisexual, it always bothered me that my gay friends had to always go around outing everyone. If a guy wants to fool around with me behind closed doors I never felt the need to out him if he decided to date a girl full time. After studying some psychology 101 I learned that most people who go around outing other men they suspect (or hope) is gay were just validating themselves. Does it make you any more or less of a person because some news reporter keeps his sexual preference on or off prime time tv?
    I’m sure that I am not the first person to ask this on Towleroad. I am not trying to cut anyone down here. It’s just what I think sometimes when I read posts like the ones above. I really love many of the posts on Towleroad. I just don’t see why some people make such a big deal about who someone was sleeping with last night or 10 years ago. Accept yourself and move on.

  20. Puddy Katz says

    Lance has lost a little weight and looks more sorta almost ok!
    Even though Jimmy Kimmel is fat and sloppy for some reason I would do him before I did Lance.
    Cletus is hot, I wish he had more fact time on the show!

  21. PacificHeights says

    My God! Leave Lance Bass, Anderson Cooper, and Jodi Foster alone. There sexual orientation is no ones business but their own. Lance Bass chose to come out. Good for him. Why all the judgments about “he should have come out sooner”, etc. No, he shouldn’t have. He came out when he wanted and that is his prerogative.

  22. Zack says

    I imagine the reason many celebrities don’t come out for two reasons. One, the career implications it could have but more importanly, it will ALWAYS be the first question. Not what movies you’ve done, not about how many people you’ve helped, but the fact you’re gay. I crtainly wouldn’t want my sexuality being brought up EVERY time I do an interview

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