Spanish Deputy PM María Teresa Fernández de la Vega: I’m Not Gay


Spanish Deputy PM María Teresa Fernández de la Vega expressed relief to El Mundo newspaper that she finally had the opportunity to clear up rumors that she is secretly married to a female sportscaster:

“It’s a rumor about me that they’ve invented to do damage, using something that – hear me – I absolutely respect. I have no homophobia. But I’m not homosexual! If I were, I would have no problem in saying so. But it’s just that I’m not! I don’t know her, we’ve never seen each other in our lives, and they have me married to her!”

She says she is extremely happy to sit on her sofa at home, alone, and listen to music.

Spanish Deputy PM: I’m Not Gay [sf bay times]


  1. Jan says

    Well, I live in Spain and in a week we’ll have general elections here. The ruling socialist party is under an unbelievable pressure from the conservatives, who are supported by catholic bishops. No need to remind you who is to thank for Spain having a gay marriage law. So please, leave this brave woman alone. Viva PSOE!

  2. Rafael says

    Lis brought a good point, the notion of being gay just because you are of a certain age and remain single, directly resonates with the idea that gay people can’t find happiness, therefore they grow old and lonely. This kind of thinking, just goes to show you, how little progress we have really made in peoples minds.

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