News: Vanity Fair, Matt Foreman, AIDS Self-Medication, Eric Dane

road.jpg New Republic editor James Kirchik questions legacy of National Gay & Lesbian Task Force’s outgoing executive director Matt Foreman: “He was an outspoken opponent of the war in Iraq. He fought against privatizing Social Security. He stood foursquare against the erosion of abortion rights. But what any of these issues have to do with lobbying for gay rights — presumably Foreman’s job description — is beyond me. His job description, though, was the problem. Foreman, after all, is just a symptom of the larger problem with NGLTF: It’s a garden-variety liberal interest group posing as a gay rights organization.”

Spearsroad.jpg Rolling Stone on Spears: an American tragedy.

road.jpg “100 Reverends” to march in Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade to apologize for the church’s hostility to LGBT people, but not everyone’s happy about it: “Not everyone who is part of that approves of homosexual people, they’re just apologising for the way the church has behaved.We’re listed but we’re not going to be one of the main ones because that could be seen as too narrow.”

road.jpg British Christian group lobbies against gays adopting children: “The decision to campaign against same sex adoptions comes after a city magistrate and CPA member, stood down over the issue. Andrew McClintock, 63, resigned from his position in the family courts after he was refused permission to opt out of cases that resulted in children being placed with same sex parents. Former city councillor Sid Cordle from CPA, said: ‘People in Sheffield have a right to say if they were tragically killed in an accident and their children had to be adopted, then their children should go to a father and a mother.'”

road.jpg Grey’s Anatomy doc Eric Dane has skin cancer scare.

Bb9_2road.jpg Two gay/bi men, Joshuah and Neil, join posse of 20-somethings for Big Brother 9.

road.jpg Gay ball marks the end of Brazil’s Carnival: “Thousands of onlookers gawked as men in glittering miniskirts, evening dresses, bead-studded lingerie and feathered headdresses shimmied down a wide avenue to the sounds of ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen,’ for a party that would last until dawn Wednesday. After a week that saw everything from a scandal over a planned Holocaust-themed float — later nixed by a judge — to a samba queen’s quest to set a world record for the most plastic surgeries, revelers spent Carnival’s last hours dancing the samba behind street bands.”

road.jpg Two Australian police officers may face prison after telling an inmate that his girlfriend was a transgender woman: “When he got out on bail he went around to her house and seriously assaulted her. Constables Tyrone Stacey and Brendan Ritson have pleaded not guilty to the charges. Back in September 2006 26 year old Jacobson was arrested under suspicion of theft. Constable Stacey looked up information on his girlfriend Brigitte Fell and discovered that her gender was actually male. Constable Ritson saw the screen and yelled out to Jacobson, ‘You’re rooting a bloke.’ When he refused to believe it the Police actually showed him written proof, saying, ‘See, it’s a guy.'”

Vfhollywoodroad.jpg Vanity Fair cancels annual glam Oscar party amid writer’s strike.

road.jpg In rare sell-out appearance, poet Mary Oliver charms Seattle.

road.jpg Time: Gay men self-medicating with experimental AIDS drugs. “‘There’s a philosophy in parts of the gay community that says its okay to take some risks in having sex,’ says Dr. Dan Bowers, a senior partner in Pacific Oaks Medical Group in Beverly Hills, Calif., one of the country’s largest private practices treating the HIV/AIDS community. Based on results of lab studies that suggest ARVs may confer some protective benefit when taken prior to virus exposure, some people have begun self-administering the drugs like a morning-after pill, in the hopes that the drugs’ pre-exposure prophylactic benefits may apply after unsafe sex too. The antiretroviral drug tenofovir, for example, which was used in the recent Texas study, is often packaged as a potent cocktail with Viagra and Ecstasy or Valium, and sold in dance clubs for $100.”

road.jpg Amy Winehouse buzzes back to Rehab.

road.jpg Log Cabin Republicans facilitate Laguna Beach resolution against anti-gay marriage amendment: “Working with the City Council, California Log Cabin Republicans helped secure a resolution at the city council meeting this evening reiterating it’s opposition to anti-marriage equality ballot measures. The vote was 5-0 in favor of the resolution and the position was to be conveyed to the California Supreme Court which is considering a lawsuit on marriage equality.”


  1. says

    James Kirchik shows a sophomoric awareness of NGLTF programs as well as a sophomoric understanding of what unites liberal values, coalition building for movement unity, and basic political strategies. I’m critical of the NGLTF and Matt Foreman when I have to be, but whining that the leader of one of the nations’s top LGBT rights advocacy organizations is *gasp* typically liberal is not newsworthy.

  2. says

    I have to say that I agree with New Republic editor James Kirchik – I don’t understand why LGBT organizations take on issues that do not have anything to do with gay rights. I understand how these issues can touch the lives of some gay people, but in the end they are not gay issues.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Kirchik must be an idiot. How can you not be a liberal when you know that your sex life is regarded by conservatives as a crime against humanity and God. You’d have to be a hypocrite to be conservative and gay, or an unscrupulous cad.

    On the otherhand, yeah, there’s a lot about gay men I still don’t know. I know there are a lot of homosexuals who AINT gay–they’re men who just like fucking other men, but they’ve never been part of a “gay sub-culture”. Maybe those are the ones who aren’t liberal. Does Kirchik know that.

  4. Sebastian says

    What is going on down under with all this bashing news of late?

    Self medicating drugs for AIDS? I still just don’t see why a condom can’t be the first line of prevention. And, no drug usage as well.

  5. ggreen says

    LOL Like Time magazine is to be any way trusted with gay or HIV related news. They hype, distort and misinform then walk away from their reporting. Also that some Beverly Hills clinic is the last word on such matters is ridiculous they should stick to selling HGH and Botox.

  6. Marco says

    Britney Spears, An American Tragedy? I know RS is trying to sell magazines but give me a fucking break.

    The JFK assassination, the Space Shuttle explosions, 9/11 – those are American tragedies.

    Britney is simply a tragic American.

  7. carter says

    GGREEN – The BH clinic you refer to was one of the first HIV clinics in America, is considered an authority on the subject, performs extensive research on the subject and Dr. Dan Bowers has been on staff for nearly 20 years, and worked alongside Dr. Scott Hitt, who later became AIDS advisor to President Clinton.
    So try to avoid inserting foot directly in mouth by learning something more before posting your comments.

  8. ggreen says

    Carter-I don’t attack others for their opinions, nor do I believe they should be censored. I read the article that was linked to and based my opinion on the article and the source (Time Magazine). To say you have some kind of ax to grind would be conjecture but again my opinion. I thought comment sections were for opinions and observations not formally footnoted reporting. Have a nice day.

  9. patrick nyc says

    Kirchik is off base about Matt Forman. I worked as a volunteer for the NGTLF crisis line back in the early eighties and Matt was jut one of the tireless staff working long days and weekends to make life better for all of us in our community. So what if he also is outspoken on other social issues. Dr. King said it best, until all of us are free, none of us are free.

    Good luck Matt.

  10. shane says

    Britney an “American tragedy?” What-fvcking-ever. The real tragedy is that this has been covered so much by the media and that people have spent tons of money (usually taxpayer money) dealing with her crap.