1. Randy says

    Fax comes into Madonna’s office….” Seems everyone is all cranky that you are into making money these days. Run with this concept. Pie charts and econosocial graphics will be sent via PDF to your account.”

  2. madge rox says

    I love the woman and her incredible, exhausting staying power, but, lord, has she always been in a state of arrested development!

  3. yeahisaidit says

    John…you must be young, you HAVE to say that about anyone over the age of 29…and I must be, oh yeah, you guessed it….29

  4. Ben says

    I thought it was a funny, silly interview. Very old-school Madonna attitude and approach. She even sounded like Michigan via New York City for a change.

  5. says

    I too love Madonna. I love the fact that she likes to make money (because no woman should be proud of making money, the horror!). I love her music and think she is fierce. I’m not so sure I’m gonna like the new album, but it’s okay. I’ll wait for the next one.

  6. Brandon says

    Madonna, you’ve kept yourself relevant in a way that many of the major stars from your era haven’t. Great. But, lots of money to sing Holiday or Like a Virgin? Come On! Your fans want to hear new AND old stuff. Can you think about us for a second?

  7. michael says

    Amazing cover! So glad she reunited with Steen Meisel.

    The interview was cute, but some people obviously chose not to listen, or are just willfully stupid. She was being completely faceteous when she siad she would only sing “Like a virgin/holiday” for 30 million. Some people just need to find fault with this woman.

  8. JLS says

    She won’t sing Holiday or Like A Virgin because she probably isn’t capable of singing them anymore. I’ve heard her live, yuck!

  9. Ben says

    Madonna seems to generate more divisive commentary on this site than Obama and Clinton combined! I love it.

  10. mike says

    yet another image you guys have posted all distorted!!!!!! get the sizing correct. what is your issue?

  11. mike says

    yet another image you guys have posted all distorted!!!!!! get the sizing correct. what is your issue?

  12. Marc says

    If you hate Madonna so much, why take the time to read the story and post?

    The asylum called, their missing a couple of psychos!

  13. Marc says

    Hey Anonymous, those links you posted are a couple of the funniest things I have almost EVER read.

    I see no comparison between the 2 album covers and the one where they’ve cropped out the crotch shot was even funnier.

    It’s not a pic of her snatch, she IS clothed you idiot.

    Sounds like you could use a few good crotches in your life, like SERIOUSLY !
    Come on !

  14. says

    Fierce new look? Are you serious? I think she needs and “excuse” why she looks like a praying mantis and can’t move her entire upper face.

    No work indeed.

    Especially since her “new’ album is produced by the producer that is producing the entire pop chart. So we have Vadge sounding just like everyone else. That should make the Rhianna loving gays happy. More of the same formulaic bullshit masquerading as music.