Sacha Baron Cohen Terrorizes Kansas Airport in Hotpants

KAKE adds to the Kansas report: “Several locations in Kansas were targeted last week by a film crew claiming to be making a film about culture in America. Their actions have people across the state wondering whether they’ve been part of a ‘Borat’-like prank. Pastor Greg Smith of Central Community Church says they were contacted by the film crew and were told they were working on a film to be shown in Europe. Smith agreed to let them film the Easter play being performed at the church. However, at some point, fellow Pastor Clint Dunn knew something was not right. In security camera footage from the church, you can see crew members making preparations to cover the security cameras before attempting to pull off their prank. Smith says one of the crew members was dressed ‘biblically’ and covered with chains. He believes they were going to disrupt the play going on inside the church at the time. Dunn quickly took action to prevent that from happening. He locked the doors and abruptly told the audience good-bye.”


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL, oh, my God! I never saw the “Bruno” videos before. Sasha is as brave as Alexander the Great, Richard the Lion Hearted, Shake Zulu, and Quentin Crisp all rolled in to one. It’s a wonder those silly-assed jocks didn’t try to kill him. The dumb jocks shook their naked butts for “Gay TV” Oh, my Lord! LOL!

  2. Jorge in Paradise says

    . . . Bible Belt Boy’s in the wicked state of Florida, shaking their tail for “Gay Austrians!” Only Sacha could pull that off.

  3. lis says

    I don’t like this. I think they could have accomplished what they wanted without saying it was something it wasn’t.

  4. Beefy says

    Jocks can be stupid but these morons take it to a new level….their mother’s must be so proud!

    But like Julie Brown….I Like ‘Em Big and Stupid!

  5. Daveeey says

    If that clip is your favorite,
    maybe you haven’t seen this one:

    Nicht. Nicht.

  6. Paul R says

    He does such an amazing (and brave) job of exposing the ignorance and ugliness of many Americans. I just hope he has some strong crew members standing by at all times, in case someone he’s fucking with loses it! I guess the presence of cameras helps.

    I wonder what percentage of his parodies fail because people catch on to the joke. Probably not many, given how dumb people are.

  7. Trevor says

    yah am i the only one that actually watched the borat movie? i watched it in the theater, and it was a really sad thing to see the things that people laughed at…people werent laughing at the irony of sacha making jew jokes even tho he was jewish, they were laughing at the punchlines, now this is ok because he is in fact jewish, i am curiuos to see what kind of rampant homophobia runs wild in this movie, becuase you know we will be laughed at…and the problem is that he isnt gay, so he has no right to make a mockery of it like i guess he does of jewish people…. if only smart people were watching the movie who understand what he is actually saying then fine, but you all know middle america is gonna watch and laugh and NOT GET IT

  8. Paul R says

    Trevor, have you actually watched the clips of Bruno? Yes he’s a gay caricature, but he makes everyone he interviews seem like a complete idiot. The people are all uncomfortable with gays, and resort to stupid talking points that make them look, well, stupid.

    It’s humor. He’s an actor. He can portray whatever he wants. Not to mention, you haven’t seen the movie and have no idea what it involves.

    I’ll actually be interested to see if this movie does as well as Borat, given that the lead is a gay character.

  9. Trevor says

    yah i have seen the bruno clips, and i have seen the borat clips, and then i saw the borat movie, the borat movie didnt elevate itself to even the quality of the clips, the material doesnt stand up to an hour and a half format, so then he fills it with other bs…also the problem with this movies is that you dont know what is scripted and what isnt, so is it scripted bigotry or real? i dont think the american audience that goes and watches those types of films is smart enough to actually understand what they are laughing at…the other problem ofcourse being that do we really need another gross stereotype running around making everyone look like idiots? i dont think so. i am glad you guy find it funny, maybe when i live in a world where homophobia isnt an issue this would be funnny, but you watch and you go see this movie in the theater and you see which points people are laughing at, are they laughing at the gayness of bruno or the idiots he is making fun of, since they were laughing at the racist points in the last film i am sure the audience will make a total about face and laugh at the idiots in this one……right.

  10. cristina says

    now, if there are an awfull lot of idiotic people watching this movie and laughing at the gay or racist parts, that means that such kind of movies shouldn’t be made? his humour is very intelligent for who can cannot make quality jokes for stupid people. bruno is gay and he seems very ok for the people who talk to him, until he says that he is gay..then you can see how the attitude changes..he demascs fakery and homophobia..and racism and all these intollerance hidden beneath so called open minded americans..i think he is really good