Sacha Baron Cohen Terrorizes Kansas Airport in Hotpants

KAKE adds to the Kansas report: “Several locations in Kansas were targeted last week by a film crew claiming to be making a film about culture in America. Their actions have people across the state wondering whether they’ve been part of a ‘Borat’-like prank. Pastor Greg Smith of Central Community Church says they were contacted by the film crew and were told they were working on a film to be shown in Europe. Smith agreed to let them film the Easter play being performed at the church. However, at some point, fellow Pastor Clint Dunn knew something was not right. In security camera footage from the church, you can see crew members making preparations to cover the security cameras before attempting to pull off their prank. Smith says one of the crew members was dressed ‘biblically’ and covered with chains. He believes they were going to disrupt the play going on inside the church at the time. Dunn quickly took action to prevent that from happening. He locked the doors and abruptly told the audience good-bye.”