1. PC says

    Very convincing video. And even though she wasn’t wounded or killed in the line of fire, Hillary Clinton should get a Purple Heart for her bravery, regardless. She’s got my vote. Go Hillary!

  2. popularvote says

    theres nothing brave about hillary clinton..actually very cowardly to continue to LIE about something that has been her whole campaigns reason for being…LIE LIE LIE..very sad

  3. PC says

    What do you mean, POPULARVOTE, when you say there is nothing brave about Hillary Clinton? Look at all those bombs exploding around her and bullets narrowly missing her.

    Jeez, what more proof do you need!?

  4. Rafael says

    popularvote – I disagree, I believe Sen. Clinton deserves credit for going to a troubled area representing the Nation’s interest as she did. However the former First Lady did lie, and she has continued to do so, as you pointed out.

    The Clintons don’t seem get that they are facing a different kind of race. Yesterday Pres. Clinton went on to criticized Sen. Obama for not wanting to get punched, hit or attacked and he made the point; that you don’t play football if you are not willing to get down and dirty, he added “this is what politicians do”. I’m not going to claim that Sen. Obama is any better, but there is a clear difference in the minds of voters, and he is to be credited for affording us the opportunity to seek a change in our very own mindsets. It is not that we don’t know how to take a punch or two, but it is got more to do with us finding a candidate that embraces us and further empower us, one that give us a sense of individual efficacy, in which he sees potential for change. In more mundane terms we have raised the bar, and the politics of the past just won’t cut it anymore.

    Often times we hear about the criteria of who is a more electable candidate, to this I say both of them are stronger candidates against his opponent, it is true Hillary looses by 2 points to Sen. McCain, but the truth is that she is favored by the core policies the American people want for their future, as is Sen. Obama, so in the general context of this process, either democrat makes a stronger opponent to John McCain.


    Yes, Rafael, but if Senator Clinton, as you put it quite rightly, “lied” about her Bosnia trip, which she cited numerous times as part of her “experience,” how can we trust her on her campaign promises?

    Between Hillary and McCain, I’d much rather vote for McCain because he is at least up front on most issues, including his 50-100 year Iraq plan, no matter how much that may generate criticism.

    But between McCain and Barack Obama, I prefer Barack Obama: a politician who doesn’t accept dirty politicking — as Bill Clinton mentioned — as the norm, at the expense of us voters.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    I’m an Obama supporter who doesn’t take any glee from this. All politicians make up shit to embellish their life histories. Defending Obama doesn’t require attacking Hillary Clinton. Although, I wish her husband would shut the …..up.

    What kind of vice-president could deal with Bill Clinton? Maybe Dan Quayle? But I don’t think he’s available.

  7. FED_UP says

    I don’t know about the rest of you folks, but this has become EXTREMELY boring. I’m absolutely numb to all the sniping. How about we just publish stories about their plans on gay rights, universal medical, iraq, the economy, etc. I don’t really give a shit about “the RACE card”, he said/she said, stains on dresses, she should drop out…etc. This stuff is not important, WHO CARES! And if you do, get a fricken’ life. I’m more concerned about having a job, health care, being able to marry, etc.
    We are being soooooooooooo distracted from the stuff that really matters…

  8. Jimmyboyo says

    This video is in poor taste

    YES, I said that. There is no doubt that I am an Obama supporter. It is obvious that Hillary lied constantly about this. I am glad the news is reporting on the subject of her constantly lieing about this.

    BUT!!!!!!!! This isn’t a joke. It shouldn’t be made into a joke.

    This video is in very poor taste. It helps no one. The only intent is to demean. The demeaniong of Hillary is not my wish nor Obama’s goal. Hillary with all her faults would not make a good president, BUT she has been quite a decent dem and good senator for her constituents in NY.

    Demeaning her is not an option.

  9. NowItMatters says

    She lied about the Bosnia experience; she is touting pledged deleagtes as fair game (why have the primaries?), she one day says the people shall decide this election, another day the super deleagtes should decide who is more electable (something I’ve yet to grasp how THAT is determined!).

    Bottom line here is that Ms Hillary should fold her tent. Please spare us anymore with your double-talk and lies. Please don’t even try to limp to April 22nd.
    Get out.

  10. torrentprime says

    fed_up, I might agree with you, but the fact is that Hillary’s campaign has moved from petty politicking to *actually doing McCain’s work for him*. She’s trying to destroy Obama as a general candidate so that the Democrats will be forced to run with her. By doing so, she’s endangering not only a D win in November but a coattail victory (Obama would have larger coattails in red, anti-Clinton districts) which would ensure a larger and more progressive D majority in congress to enact a progressive agenda. She’s willing to ruin not only the presidential election but the congressional races in order to try to stay on the ticket. For the Clintons, it’s all about power. Again.

  11. Rafael says

    COPYANDPASTE; I understand your views. Like you I also support Sen. Obama, I made up my mind since the beginning of the primary season, and like many others, to me it came down to making a leap of faith. I decided to believe in the good nature of his campaign and casted my vote accordingly.

    I know no candidate is perfect, I’m constantly reminded of this by the heavy media coverage the democratic primaries have been subjected to. On the case of Sen. Clinton, I understand she decided to run her campaign as a tested politician, thinking that was her best bet. Unfortunately her strategy has not worked, and people have view her as unauthentic, do I think she is unauthentic? no, do I believe she is going to lie as a president? I don’t know, but that can be said of anyone.

    At last we got John McCain, someone I think is a nice guy who will stand for what he believes (whether that is right or wrong). But I strongly believe his time to run for president is far behind him. I can’t imagine someone his age, sharing the vision a younger America has for itself.

    With this in mind, I’d much rather vote for Hillary come November, than for Sen. McCain.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    TORRENTPRIME, what you’re saying is very interesting, and also very disturbing. I don’t want to believe Hillary Clinton could be that despicable. I don’t want to believe she’d rather see the Democratic Party go down to defeat before she’d admit defeat in not getting the nomination. I don’t want to believe it.

    But what you said cannot be ignored.

  13. FizziekruntNT says

    The vid was hilarious. People need to lighten up a bit. No matter how frustrated anyone is about their cherry-picked issues, has anyone been actually been able to find a side-by-side list of issue comparisons for Clinton, McCain, and Obama? I mean a facts-only, unbiased list. I’d like to know and I would also like to know that what I’m reading is an actual list, confirmed by the candidate, not some bullshit propaganda from individual campaigners. I think we could all benefit from such a list. Where is it?

    Note to self: create website to show issue stances in side-by-side table format for the public to visit and read. Issues must be approved by individual candidates.

    Just the facts, ma’am!

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