Hillary “3 am” Ad Inspires Response, Parody, Charges of Plagiarism

So, you likely remember the Hillary Clinton “3am” ad (above, left) which her campaign began airing last week. The spot, meant to highlight Clinton’s experience in national security, was charged by many to be blatant fear-mongering, and inspired a quick verbal response from Barack Obama. His campaign also quickly put together a “response” ad entitled “ringing” (above, right).

Given the YouTube age we’re in, there was no doubt going to be a parody of the ad. You can see it, “3:02 am”, below left. And how could we move on without a charge of plagiarism? There are also charges that the Clinton campaign “borrowed” the idea from a McCain YouTube supporter who created the video below, right, and posted it to YouTube during the first week of January.

Here’s another parody ad, which John Aravosis at AmericaBlog thinks is the ad Hillary should have done:

Anyone else looking forward to when we wake up at 7am and finally have a nominee?

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