Massive Anti-Meth Campaign Targeting Gay Men Launched in CA


An $11 million campaign targeting gay men who use crystal meth was launched Thursday across California, anchored by a website:

TvspotSaid Jim Key, chief public affairs officer of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center: “In a world that continues to systematically discriminate against gay people, and as long as parents continue to abandon their children simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, the use of crystal provides a temporary and dangerous escape, temporarily boosting self-esteem and removing the stigma of being gay.”

In addition to its online presence, the campaign features billboards, bus wraps, and a 30-second ad (pictured) which will air throughout the state through June.

The L.A. Times reports: “The Gay & Lesbian Center, along with the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, helped push the Legislature to pass the California Methamphetamine Initiative in 2006. Data from the center’s HIV testing program found that nearly one in every three gay or bisexual men who tested positive in the testing program in 2004 used crystal meth — a threefold increase over 2001. In the state-sponsored survey, gay men were the only group to cite enhanced sexual arousal as part of drug’s appeal.”

The online site allows users to upload their own videos and provides a list of places to receive assistance.

MeNotMeth [official site]
Anti-meth campaign aimed at gay men [la times]


  1. frodo441 says

    Paying for the debilitating affects of drug addiction debilitates any individual. It’s sad and hard to understand why some in the populations (regardless of demographic anymore) continue to experiment and get addicted to class two narcotics and cashmere street drugs…I mean, that is so, so passe…and regarding meth…ee’gads, that’s the last drug I would choose (besides crack) to get addicted to, I mean after all it is the drug of choice of American Nazi’s…Methamphetamine production is how the hating elements in this country started making their money.

  2. frodo441 says

    Maybe I’m an anachronism? I just read the signs back in the early eighties and gave up doing recreational drugs… I am equally astounded that anyone would equate HIV/AIDS specifically with the gay community…particularly because the epidemic peaked in ’92-’93…and then was taken over by intravenous drug users who were promiscuous…
    It’s terribly sad, and so imperative that people be able to read the signs and take a lesson. It’s terribly hard in society, when a whole demographic becomes hopelessly addicted to these drugs and then have to suffer through self induced psychosis, of which a substantial number of people will not get proper medical treatment to alleviate the debilitating side affects that come when the person also chooses not to indulge in the activity any longer. I fear yet I am hopeful, that these generations who are heavy ladened with such a disorder and burden, find compassionate friends and acquaintances in and out of the job market, that will aid them in their bid to survive with a modicum of a good standard of living…

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