McGreevey Aide Had Sexual Threesomes with Former NJ First Couple


While it’s hard to believe that the McGreeveys are still quarreling over their divorce proceedings, it’s even harder to believe there are still bombshells of this magnitude left to drop.

Former aide Theodore Pedersen, who was a driver and traveling aide for the former governor, told the New Jersey Star-Ledger that he had regular sexual affairs with the couple, or, as he told the New York Post, “The ‘intense’ end-of-the-work-week escapades, he said, usually began with a ‘couple of drinks’ at a local T.G.I. Fridays and culminated in ‘a hard-core consensual sex org’ among the three of them at McGreevey’s Woodbridge condo.

According to the Star-Ledger, “The aide, Theodore Pedersen, said he and the couple even had a nickname for the weekly romps, from 1999 to 2001… They called them ‘Friday Night Specials,’ according to Pedersen. He said he wanted to refute the innocent image that Matos McGreevey has projected – both during the couple’s ongoing divorce battle and in interviews she gave after New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer resigned last week in a sex scandal. He said he was also incensed by her portrayal of herself as an unsuspecting wife in her book: ‘Silent Partner: A Memoir of My Marriage.’

Said Pedersen: “I wanted to get this out now because it was so offensive to me that she goes on television playing the victim. She’s trying to make this a payday for herself. She should have told the truth about the three of us.”

Pedersen, who is 29 and lives with his girlfriend, said that the Friday night flings were the only contact he had with Dina, and he was never positive if the governor was gay or not:

“I had heard the rumors in circles outside of work (that McGreevey was gay)…In hindsight, there might have been light interest (in me), but it didn’t seem like he was gay. It did enhance their sexual relationship having me be a part of it.”

Pedersen told the New York Post: “He liked watching me, and she would watch me while she was [performing sex acts] with Jim…It’s frustrating to hear her call Gov. Spitzer a hypocrite while she’s out there being as dishonest as anyone could be about her own life. She’s framed herself as a victim – yet she was a willing participant, she had complete control over what happened in her relationship. She was there, she knew what was happening, she made the moves. We all did. It’s disgusting to watch her play the victim card.”

Dina Matos McGreevey has claimed that she did not have any clue about her former husband’s sexual preference until his announcement “I am a gay American” in August 2004. Mc Greevey filed papers in April 2007 saying that his wife knew he was gay a full four years before that announcement. The paper adds: “A trial before Union County Superior Court Judge Karen Cassidy is scheduled to start in May. Pedersen could be among the first witnesses to testify.”

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  1. says

    oh for christ sake… will someone please turn the water hose on these two. this is maddening…

    (teddy pederson IS rather cute… the pic with him at the church makes him look like a child…)

  2. Rafael says

    Wait a minute, so who did he have the hots for? oh yeah that is right, he too now is got a girlfriend …

  3. Ed says

    GOP staffers take note: It’s not really gay if you’re with a guy but your wife is there too.

  4. says

    that is HO-LARIOUS! I’m laughing so hard I also peed my pants. I just love it when “holier than thou” people get called out! The world needs to realize that we are all freaks inside!

  5. Gary says

    Is it too early to drink?

    We’re living in the new Hoover Administration and I wake up to read about three ways from B-list people?

  6. noah says

    Wait, they had a three-way and he sex with Mrs McGreevey only. So, how does that indicate that she would know that her husband was gay?

    There’s a difference between a mutually approved sex act than someone sneaking around on the side.

    This guy says himself that he and McGreevey never had sex themselves.

  7. Yeek says

    “It’s frustrating to hear her call Gov. Spitzer a hypocrite while she’s out there being as dishonest as anyone could be about her own life.”

    I’m not so sure I agree with young Ted, at least if we’re comparing the McGreevys’ three-way with Spitzer’s whore mongering.

    Mrs. McGreevy was not cheating on her spouse nor breaking laws that she had been elected to enforce. Sounds like a perfectly respectable 3-way to me, and the McGreevys get frugality points for paying for a TGI Friday’s tab rather than $4000.

  8. anon says

    He’s cute, but I’m not sure I believe this. Time to ask him some hard questions, like what these two look like naked.

  9. Mark says

    I kind of like him (McGreevy) fighting back on the old bitch….and that young boy just makes it all worthwhile! And, unlike limp-dick McCartney who just tossed that gold-digging, two year, one-legged fuck a cool $50 mil, McG is at least poking Matos in the eye once in a while.

    Obviously, the McCartney hooker is out of Spitzer’s league, and the McG’s are a wash out as white trash.

  10. Wheezy says

    I’d hit it.

    I mean the one in the middle of course. The other two…not if you paid me.

  11. frodo441 says

    Your missing the point…the point is, that his allusions to him being gay, made the paramour affair OK…because some people would accept it as such…this is just another blatant and rampit assualt on the bedroom…and the case serves two purposes, One, to wipe their ass on the gay community, which historically the gay community with some people is the reason it exists, two, politically it sends everyone involved running for shelter at the same point of fracturing the voting bloc. Whether or not intentional, isn’t the point, the caution from posterity is to stay out of the bedroom. So many people love to go running around in there to find what they can, at the same time ruining other peoples lives.