OK Rep. Sally Kern and Openly Gay Pastor in Easter Sunday Faceoff


On Easter Sunday, Oklahoma state rep. Sally Kern and openly gay pastor Scott Jones of the Cathedral Of Hope in Oklahoma City faced off on Oklahoma City's political chat show Flashpoint. Check it out AFTER THE JUMP...

At issue, of course, were Kern's now world famous comments about gay people. Kern did not offer any apologies, but the talk does show how vastly different interpretations of the Bible can be.

Kern argues that homosexuality destroys "the moral fabric" of society, but I'd argue that Kern's interpretation of the Bible is far more destructive than any gay person will ever be.

In related news, Ron Marlett, a 59-year-old social worker, announced he would be running against Kern for her seat in the fall. Said Marlett: "I've just been concerned for some time about the damage done by extremes. I abhor hatred. I abhor hatred of people, of groups. I think everyone is worthy of respect."

Watch the clips of Sally Kern and Pastor Scott Jones, AFTER THE JUMP...

(via pam’s house blend)

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