Polish President Broadcasts U.S. Gay Couple’s Wedding Video to Bash EU Charter of Rights


Polish President Lech Kaczynski broadcast a video of American couple Brendan ay and Tom Moulton at their wedding on Poland’s national television to illustrate a presidential address he was giving warning the nation that supporting the Lisbon Treaty, which is linked to the EU Charter of Human Rights, would mean that same-sex marriage could come to Poland.

LechAgence France Presse reports that yesterday Fay expressed outrage that video of his wedding, which took place in Canada, was being used in such a manner. Fey told Poland’s Radio Zet:

“Of course I am outraged that the president and his party would use images of Tom and I, of a very sacred moment for us as a couple. It is very sad for me when leaders of a nation such as the president of Poland urge people not to support the Lisbon Treaty because of the possibility of recognising equally same sex couples and our families. Tom and I, we are both Catholic, in fact we met at church at Sunday mass.”

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk slammed Kaczynski as well: “To scare Poles by saying that homosexuals and Germans pose a threat to the EU is stupid, indecent, contrary to our fundamental interests and very damaging to Poland’s image abroad.”

View part of the clip broadcast on Polish TV here.

Fay, an activist from New York, told the AP: “My inital reaction was one of surprise and shock really. Our images clearly were being used in a campaign by the president of Poland against lesbian and gay persons, and fostering intolerance and fear among the people of Poland.”

Fay submitted a letter of complaint to the Polish consulate condemning the use of his video and expressing anger that it would be used “as part of a homophobic campaign,” the AP reports.

Kaczynski and his twin, the former Prime Minister, have a long history of homophobic policy. The President in February 2007, warned that gays would destroy the human race.

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  1. Martin says

    The Twins are simply dumb. They are like rat catchers for other dumb people (who actually voted them in).
    This kind of polemic still works for some people.

    The majority of the Poles have overcome WW2. The state visit of German chancellor to Israel the last days showed it: good will on both sides. Never forget the past but create a better common future.

    A lesson to learn for America? Overcome black and white hate and mistrust? Less polemic and blame? And with less sermons from a pastor…

  2. Disgusted American says

    The 2 bothers are TROLLS form the Git-go….little weirdo actors, and now somehow the Idiot people of Poland put them in power…they are sick minded people…and Im sure IF THEY COULD they’d Kill all Gay people in Poland…funny tho…neither one of them are married, and the one STILL lives with his mother….they are CLOSET CASES..who’ve probably never had sex except with each other…and If I were those 2 guys that got married- I’d wanna sue the Polish Gov’t…and have ALL thier screen doors Removed from thier submarines.

  3. Will says

    There is not a lot of support in Germany or many other countries for Poland to be in the EU. They see the current Polish government as an American surrogate who throws its weight around to prevent closer integration. Many are just waiting for the Pols to grow-up and get over their resentments, like everyone else has, or at least put them far enough behind them to work toward the future rather than rehash the past.

  4. ky says

    I don’t understand why people put images of themselves and personal information about themselves on the internet. It’s awful what the Polish leader did, but if this was a sacred and personal moment, the don’t put it on the internet.

  5. Rassy says

    I live in the UK and where I am has a large Polish community. There are also a lot of gay men and women amongst them, who are reluctant to return home due to the oppressive regime and to the general state of bigotry in the country. Many keep their sexuality a secret when they visit family in Poland.

  6. John says

    A wedding isn’t that personal. There are newspaper announcements, public registries, and rituals like church blessings. And sometimes it’s not even upto them whether there’s news coverage.

    When the first Canadian Forces same-sex couple married in Nova Scotia, there was a huge media circus (even though it had been legal for some time).

    And then there was Elton John’s “celebrity civil partnership” in the UK, which was treated with all the fanfare of a Britney Spears pregnancy.

    After South Africa legalized same-sex marriage, gays couldn’t get married for the first month or so without an SABC camera crew being alerted.

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