Poll: Majority in Vermont Favor Same-Sex Marriage

A new poll reveals an eight percent jump in support for same-sex marriage in the past year in Vermont, WPTZ reports:

Vermont“A majority of nearly 7,000 Vermonters completing opinion surveys on Town Meeting Day said they favor same-sex marriage. 54-percent said they support allowing gay couples to marry while 37-percent were opposed.”

Johnson State College political science professor and state Sen. William Doyle of Washington County compiles the results annually.

Doyle Survey Shows Vermont Voters Favor Same-Sex Marriage [tr]


  1. Zeke says

    I think Vermont is a perfect example of how taking a step by step approach will get us to our goal more quickly and more effectively than the all or nothing strategy.

    It’s not fair and it’s not ideal but it IS reality.

  2. says

    As a Vermonter, I’m proud of the people of my state (the majority of them anyway) who saw that Civil Unions did not make the sky fall; they actually made VT a better place. Of course we wanted marriage the first time around, and should have had it, but we settled because we had to, and waited several years for people to come around, and they have. Aside from gay people, who want to be a step closer to 1st-class citizenship, and the assorted wingnuts (many from out of state) who are still trying in vain to “Take Back Vermont,” and our loyal straight allies (my b/f’s straight colleague and her husband have been tireless supporters), the issue is really not important to the average live-and-let-live VTer.

    Sadly, not every state is as progressive as VT, and the step-by-step approach can’t work unless you get past step 1.

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