Sarah Jessica Parker: Project Runway Winner ‘Gifted, Intimidating’

Guestblogger In the first in a series of interview clips from Josh Koll and Josh Helmin of Josh & Josh are Rich and Famous with the cast members of the upcoming Sex and the City movie, Sarah Jessica Parker reveals how she became a judge on Project Runway, and what her thoughts were about the show's winner, who was revealed last night.


"Being a judge was the hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep in my life because I shot it way last spring," said Parker. "One of my best friends in the entire world is Andrew Cohen (Watch What Happens on Bravo) and he had asked me for a number of years to be a judge. I had always declined because the best part of that show is being in the audience. And first of all, what would I be doing there anyway? You know how people go on talk shows and they have nothing to talk about? But then I started this clothing line and Andy kept creating these scenarios for me to come on the show.

For those of you who haven't seen the finale yet, we'll spare you and talk about who won, and Sarah Jessica Parker's thoughts on the winner, AFTER THE JUMP...(SPOILERS)

As many of you know, Christian Siriano was revealed as the winner last night.

In the episode which Parker guest judged, she chose an outfit by Victorya Hong for her Bitten line. She did have some interesting words for us in our recent interview about Christian, however.

Said Parker:

"The work room is not at all what I pictured. I had it all turned
around in my head. It’s a much smaller space—television always expands
things, for better or worse. Just being with those designers was
remarkable and seeing what they could do with fifteen friggin’ dollars.

"The hardest part—and Andy will tell you this—was the judging. I
found it very uncomfortable. I have always found that people flourish
when you’re constructive, and not snarky. I think Michael Kors is
really good—he’s hardcore—he’s a designer and a businessman and he cuts
to the chase, but I’m just not equipped.

"The thing with Christian haunted me for days. I kept writing to Andy
and said, ‘You’ve got to tell him how much I love him,’ but at the end
of the day it was just not the right piece for the collection. On the
show you don’t get to see all the nice things I said to Christian about
his work. He’s so talented. I really admired him, but he’s also a very
intimidating young man. He’s really gifted."

Sex and the City: the Movie is in theaters May 30.

Bravo TV has an interview up with winner Christian Siriano.

Below, a recent clip released by Project Runway of Christian Siriano and Tim Gunn doing a "walk-off".