Sarah Jessica Parker: Project Runway Winner ‘Gifted, Intimidating’

As many of you know, Christian Siriano was revealed as the winner last night.

In the episode which Parker guest judged, she chose an outfit by Victorya Hong for her Bitten line. She did have some interesting words for us in our recent interview about Christian, however.

Said Parker:

"The work room is not at all what I pictured. I had it all turned
around in my head. It’s a much smaller space—television always expands
things, for better or worse. Just being with those designers was
remarkable and seeing what they could do with fifteen friggin’ dollars.

"The hardest part—and Andy will tell you this—was the judging. I
found it very uncomfortable. I have always found that people flourish
when you’re constructive, and not snarky. I think Michael Kors is
really good—he’s hardcore—he’s a designer and a businessman and he cuts
to the chase, but I’m just not equipped.

"The thing with Christian haunted me for days. I kept writing to Andy
and said, ‘You’ve got to tell him how much I love him,’ but at the end
of the day it was just not the right piece for the collection. On the
show you don’t get to see all the nice things I said to Christian about
his work. He’s so talented. I really admired him, but he’s also a very
intimidating young man. He’s really gifted."

Sex and the City: the Movie is in theaters May 30.

Bravo TV has an interview up with winner Christian Siriano.

Below, a recent clip released by Project Runway of Christian Siriano and Tim Gunn doing a "walk-off".


  1. says

    Oh now I get it. You must have a financial stake in this up coming movie. It is the only rational explanation for promoting it.

    There can be no other logical reason.

  2. Rex says

    I watched PR most of this season..and that Christian got on my last nerve,Yes..he’s very talented….Im a a Gay man and his additude makes me wanna “Slap the Shit” outa him….the young man needs to be knocked down a peg,and try to find some Humility!

  3. Rex says

    OHH I know – Christian and Chris Crocker in a FIGHTing “BITCH” Match…..Rrrrrrrrrr

  4. says

    That video of Christian & Tim Gunn is great — but I think my favorite part is when Tim Gunn gets tickled by Heidi Klum. :)

  5. says

    Christian comes off as being full of himself on the show. But that’s TV editing for ya.

    If you watch Christian’s face when the winning decision is announced, he isn’t a cocky bitch. He’s a scared young man, nervously twitching his face, who just wanted to win soooo much. I for one am really glad that he did. He deserves it!

  6. Chris says

    He’s 21 yrs old.

    He got on Project Runway, let alone the fact that he won it. He was the fan favorite and a lead contender for the win from day one.

    For better or worse, Posh Spice is one of his favorite fashion icons and the woman said she loved his work and would wear any of his pieces.

    And he’s only 21. What were you doing when you were 21?

    People treat him like he’s one of these American Idol wannabees who can’t sing to save their lives but think they’re destined for stardom. But Christian, as Nina put it, delivers.

    He may have a youthful brash attitude, but arrogant? It reminds me of a T mobile commercial in which some tween says into the phone, “you’re not arrogant – you’re just being honest”.

    He’s not arrogant, he’s just that good.

  7. Ian says

    i loved the christian won, and went insane over the bitten dress he made.

    but my boyfriend hates christian because of some of the reason pointed out in the comments.

    the pattern i seem to notice is that we don’t like people who are talented also noticing that they are talented. everything he says about other designers is true, and he says it to their face, which is an admirable quality in a human being. and the fact that he can criticize while being approachable and funny makes him likable, in my opinion.

  8. Ken says

    Cristian came off as a cocky brat. That was the editing deparment for Project Runway. It is there job to make it interesing for the viewers. Cristian beat some very talented designers this year. What I do love is that BRAVO is celebrating all aspects of gay life. Older men, Big teddy bear types, the twink, HIV+ guys who never have a voice or a place on TV, The homo fabulous and even the sraight/bi guy who is a designer and integrates beautifully within the gay world. The gays were out shamelessly and we watch them, love them, hate them, just like any other silly reality show. This show however, displays incredible talent. Like one poster said what were you doing when you were 21? Now, Cristian needs to make a lot of smart chioces and not blow the money in dance clubs and gay bars like most full of themselves 21 year old gay boys. That will really show us who really won.

  9. says

    So happy that Christian won! Both Jillian and Rami are great, but Christian made me go WOW! throughout the season, and he brought it to the final runway show.

    He’s an artist, and I think he’s incredibly sweet underneath all that bratty bravado.

  10. Chris says

    The thing that I hate the most about Christian, is the fact that he kept tossing out that he interned with Vivian Westwood and Alexander McQueen… all I saw from his work, Christian, is old Vivian, stuff she had done years ago. Nothing new, nothing inovative, nothing progressive, just a rehashing of her work. Yes, he is a good seamstress, but that is about it.

  11. ruff says

    i am SO happy that Christian won! I met him in TOWN, dc club and he was so freaking cute, a total hipster emo-type. he’s so good, it’s like he almost has esp(n) ;>

    i agree with prior posts with how awesome it was that bravo showed all types of our community.

    thats’s what i loved MOST about Christian.

    unabashedly openly talented and comfortable with himself…being gay was not the point. being young, driven, experienced and talented was the point.