News: Brett Favre, Kentucky, Gus van Sant, Dallas, Danny Noriega

road.jpg Gay Kentucky couple blocked from adopting child through state’s foster care system: “Phillips and Parsley said they are outraged because they had already passed a criminal background check and a home survey by a Sunrise employee who was fully aware of their living arrangement. And they have attended two of five classes required for certification through the free program, they said.”

Paranoid_parkroad.jpg Gus van Sant on filming his new film: Paranoid Park. REVIEW: Van Sant “makes another pretty, vacant movie about pretty, vacant boys…”

road.jpg Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty posts video of himself smoking a cock.

road.jpg Documentary explores Florida hate crime killing of Ryan Keith Skipper.

road.jpg Gay porn films pulled from sale in the UK following barebacking investigation: “Two of the DVDs featured footage from a week-long shoot during which eight British models had sex with each other in multiple combinations without condoms. Four of those who took part were diagnosed as HIV positive soon after. One of the men told the BBC he was distressed that footage which he believed showed him becoming infected had been put on sale.”

road.jpg Green Bay Packers Brett Favre to retire. Sportrait flashback

Lance_benroad.jpg Lance and Ben document their romance.

road.jpg Simon Cowell to produce Billy Eliot-Style musical on Britain’s Got Talent winner, opera singer Paul Potts: “That particular day was one of the worst, the acts were just terrible, we were fed up and on comes this guy with a funny little suit and bad teeth who looked very nervous. I can remember looking at the other judges, with that ‘here we go again’ feeling. We had 2,000 people in the audience, and I’ll never forget how much the room changed when he began singing.” Video Flashback

road.jpg Steven Spielberg to launch social networking site for people interested in the afterlife: “The focus will be on users who’ve had or who are interested in sharing paranormal and extraterrestrial experiences. The new social network may also have original video content investigating alleged ghost and UFO stories.”

Pinkspeedoroad.jpg Pink Speedo down under: Carson Kressley definitely not a fashion coward.

road.jpg Dallas man claims he was assaulted at Station 4 nightclub: “Sid Gonzales, 43, said he suffered two broken bones in his wrist, a puncture wound to his hand and multiple bruises on his backside when two men assaulted him at about 11 p.m. Gonzales said he was near the main dance floor of the Dallas gay nightclub when two men and a woman walked over and stood nearby. Gonzales said he was ‘a little buzzed’ from alcohol but not intoxicated. He said he tried to be friendly and make small talk with the trio. But he said he was not trying to hit on the men, whom he described as straight-looking, well-dressed and college-aged. When Gonzales asked a few questions, the woman responded but the men said nothing and looked uncomfortable, he said. Gonzales said he reached out to shake hands with one of the men. The man grabbed Gonzales’ arm, twisted it in the air and slammed it against a knee. Gonzales said the first man also stabbed him in the hand with an unidentified object, while the second began kicking him in the backside.”

road.jpg American Idol contestant Danny Noriega wishes you a Merry Christmas.


  1. Roy says

    Let me get this straight: Some guy is surprised that he may have become HIV+ from making bb porn with multiple partners? What the hell did he think was going to happen?

    If you don’t have enough sense to know the risks and accept the consequences, then you don’t have the right to whine about it later.

  2. Strepsi says

    Let’s go further than ROY — anybody who supports, i.e. RENTS or WATCHES bareback porn is an accomplice to murder. I will not touch it. At all.

  3. Rad says

    I concur with Strepsi and Roy! When will (that percentage of culture) get over it, already! It’s not fantasy, it’s just reckless stupidity!

    On another blurb; Brett Favre’s jock strap photo certainly gives Beckam a run for the money! It’s nice to see some talented AMERICAN meat packing!

  4. Derek says

    You seriously need to get a grip on reality.
    Renting, buying or watching bb porn makes someone an accomplice to murder?? WTF?? I honestly think that is the most ridiculous statement I have ever read on any Towleroad thread – ever.

    Where as you might not agree with the production and sale of such material it is the producer’s right to make it and sell it, the actor’s right (however stupid) to star in it and the public’s right to buy it and view it.

    So you sit there on your moral high horse casting stones and making asinine statements till the cows come home because that too is your right-regardless of how much of an idiot I think you are.

  5. davey says

    Whether you like it or not, porn is an art form and like any art form, it should not be censored. If it is being documented on film and not against the law, the artists and directors should be able to do what they like when they like.

  6. Derek says

    And let the bashing commence here fellas but NEWS FLASH…BB PORN IS NEVER GOING AWAY-read that part again if you’re confused. It’s here to stay because believe it or not guys do like to fuck raw (imagine that) and guys also like to watch other people fucking raw even when themselves choose not to.

    Personally I think raw sex feels way better in either position and I find it very hot to watch. But I am also smart enough to know where video fantasy (yeah it’s fantasy) ends and where my own reality begins. Having unsafe sex is a choice that everyone is free to make – and people make the choice or don’t make it for a huge variety of reasons.

    But just who the fuck do some of you think you are to pass judgement on anyone??? It those same “moral” guys that are so sanctimonious it’s sickening.

    But I think I should stop here before I tell you what I really think of you…

  7. rascal says

    “Van Sant’s cinematic eye has always unabashedly been focused on slender, sexually ambiguous adolescents, and his adoration of uncommunicative kids with limited vocabularies and awesome hair is beginning to wear a little thin.”

    Ha! ha ha ha ha! Three snaps and Danny Noriega head shimmy.

  8. Steven says

    So…Derek. Bascially what you are saying is you enjoy watching strangers on film have unprotected anal sex because it gets you off. But you personally wouldn’t take the risk yourself. You’ll leave the danger to others. That’s grotesque, selfish, and just…fucked up.

    One of my main problem with stories like these is that there is such a huge market out there for bareback porn featuring very young models. Twinks Raw! (gag). I know how porn scouts operate. They troll gay clubs or place ads looking for “hot” young boys. These guys are courted with money, alcohol, and drugs. There are promises made of fame and fortune. Obviously these guys are taking the bait. Young, dumb, and fulla cum indeed.

    These kids didn’t grow up during the AIDS scare so the risk seems minimal. Unfortunately we end up with situations like these — new AIDS cases in gay youth circles. It doesn’t help that there’s a growing fetish for this type of thing — and plenty of pervs willing to pay or pirate this content. All because it’s “sooooo hot!” — oye. Get a life, and quit putting others at risk.

    I think one of the more startling statistics I read at the linked BBC website was that bareback porn now makes up 60% of the gay porn industry. If somebody like Chi Chi Larue is scolding you for your porn habits…then you are clearly on the wrong side of a personal pastime.

  9. Dignan says

    The only person I find less newsworthy than Lance Bass is his ex-Reichen. They’re like the gay equivalents of Paris Hilton…blah.

    Also – I agree that Van Sant’s lecherous obsession with teen boys in his movies is growing both tiresome and irksome. Was I the only one confounded and insulted by his decision to depict the Columbine-like killers as gay in his film ELEPHANT? At this point in his career, I’m shocked that he didn’t cast Brent Corrigan or Brent Everett as Harvey Milk in his upcoming biopic (performing bb sex with multiple partners, natch).

  10. anon says

    A lot of cute cheek kissing today. KC needs to practice not holding his hand like a stroke victim. It makes him look 80.

  11. Derek says

    “…But you personally wouldn’t take the risk yourself. You’ll leave the danger to others. That’s grotesque, selfish, and just…fucked up

    Um….Steven yes I do sometimes like to watch it but generally would not want to take the risk myself. I’m a bit smarter than that thanks. You want to call that fucked up? Well I’ll call it human nature you judgemental jackass.

    If I enjoyed watching fisting videos but yet did not want to ever be fisted myself would your same theories apply? Would that make me as bad as you say I am because I want to see someone else do something I myself wouldn’t do?

    Do you see dear Steven how I could apply your “morality” to sooooo many other situations and watch it just crumble? I doubt you do-big surprise.

    And just to be clear, I am now selfish, grotesque and fucked up in addition to being an accomplice to murder. You, Strepsi and others need to form the Gay Moral Minority to help control what other people do with their lives.

    And if you are so unsettled by innocent twinks being lured into BB porn by shady producers (the ones whose methods you know-ahem ahem) then fucking do something about it and quit your pathetic bitching.

  12. patrick nyc says

    Let’s go further than ROY — anybody who supports, i.e. RENTS or WATCHES bareback porn is an accomplice to murder. I will not touch it. At all.

    POSTED BY: STREPSI | MAR 4, 2008 3:17:06 PM

    Let’s go further still. Anyone who pays taxes is paying and supports the war in Iraq. You are responsible for the murder of thousands of American soldiers as well as innocent Iraqi women and children.

    No one puts a gun to these guys heads.

    And this crap: If somebody like Chi Chi Larue is scolding you for your porn habits…then you are clearly on the wrong side of a personal pastime.

    POSTED BY: STEVEN | MAR 4, 2008 5:03:50 PM

    Larue is still making a fortune on men having sex with men for money, most of it going to her. Last I heard that was a form of exploitation. Especially “for “hot” young boys. These guys are courted with money, alcohol, and drugs. There are promises made of fame and fortune. Obviously these guys are taking the bait. Young, dumb, and fulla cum indeed.”

    Don’t think you’ll see Larue up for Sainthood anytime soon.

    We all make choices, we have to own them.

  13. Michael says

    I can’t believe someone is dumb enough to perform in a bareback movie and think the other guys are negative.

  14. Jerry says

    I don’t mean to come off sounding like a gay isolationist, but Station 4 (and the Village Station before it) didn’t seem to have quite such difficulty with gay-bashing when they weren’t having “straight nights” or “18+ nights” each week. Straight kids in Oak Lawn have never struck me as a particularly good idea.

  15. says

    “Barebacking investigation?!” Looks like the cops in the UK need some real crime to investigate.
    Thank you, Patrick. Larue needs to shut her fat hole and get a real job before she casts stones. Porn is porn, heifer. She just doesn’t like bb porn cutting into her profit margin.

  16. says

    What-ever Jack! Maybe it’s because no one wants to see nasty Carson (whose 15 mins were up years a go) in a pink bikini whereas Liev is good looking and still interesting?

  17. NIL says

    I happen to know of this Sid Gonzalez who claims to have been assaulted. He’s a real nut case who deserves a few kicks in the backside.

  18. says

    To be honest, i feel a little sad to know this. Actually, more and more people put especial attention on us LGBT. we bisexual stand in one line at always talk about adopting children to have a complete home. But we are also afraid being looked down apoun by others, and worry it may affect these children serioiusly. Now, i believe it is not a problem for us any more because of this. We only need more time.