News: 90210, Ecuador, Nate Berkus, Gay Pension, Alabama Prom

road.jpg A Boy Named Gay wins NYT weird name story contest.

90210road.jpg Meet the first cast member of the Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off.

road.jpg Rally for Sally: 50 Pastors organize “free speech” demonstration for bigoted Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern.

road.jpg Brown University bookstore to be renovated to make it “a little less gay.” Director: “You can practically slice the homoeroticism in there with a knife.”

road.jpg Indonesian Muslim leader clarifies beliefs about homosexuality to Jakarta Post. Ma’aruf Amin, chairman of the Fatwa Commission at the Indonesia Ulema Council: “Yes, it’s a social construction, but it is derived from the Koran. The Koran clearly states that homosexuality is unacceptable, and we ulema have agreed about that. It’s a curable disorder. There have been many cases where homosexuals have realised what they did was wrong and became heterosexuals again. It’s something that can be fought off. God created both good and bad behaviours, but He told humans to choose the good ones. So, it’s a matter of options.”

road.jpg Nate Berkus strips down on a Hawaiian beach.

Correaroad.jpg Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa on gay rights: “Let’s be clear that the profoundly humanistic position of this government is to respect the intrinsic dignity of everyone, of every human being, independently of their creed, race, sexual preference. … We will give certain guarantees to stable gay couples but matrimony will continue being reserved for a man, a woman and the family. … Every person has dignity, that’s to say, one must respect a person independently of their sexual preference. Be careful not to deny employment to someone because of their sexual preference. That is discrimination, that is unconstitutional.”

road.jpg Madonna will hurt you.

road.jpg European Union Court rules in favor of gay man claiming his late partner’s pension benefits: “‘The refusal to grant the survivor’s pension to life partners constitutes direct discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation if surviving spouses and surviving life partners are in a comparable situation as regards that pension,’ the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, the EU’s highest court, ruled today. The Court of Justice left it up to German judges to decide the status of the pension.”

Alabamalesbiansroad.jpg Alabama lesbians win right to attend school prom: “Two Alabama high school students didn’t think they would be able to dance the night away at their high school prom last weekend all because they’re gay, and the school wouldn’t allow them to attend. But that all changed in light of a federal judge’s decision. A temporary restraining order was given to the Scottsboro City Board of Education. Chelsie Collins and Lauren Farrington are both students at Scottsboro High School and Saturday night is their school’s prom.”

road.jpg UK Stonewall equality survey finds homophobia rife in British society.

road.jpg Janice Dickinson: Crazy/Exhausted.


  1. Luke says

    Ecuador has more common sense than the so called greatest country on earth which continues to deny its gay and lesbian citizens basic human rights based on the bigoted rants of some so called self appointed “religious” leaders and their bible’s, amazing, and, way to go President Correa!

  2. wetcnt says

    re: Rally for Sally

    Here we go again. Freedom of Speech being invoked in an attempt to squash freedom of speech. Does Rep. Kern’s free speech rights trump mine or yours? Does responding to statements perceived as bigoted or hurtful amount to a violation of the other person’s rights? No and Hell No.

  3. Danmac says

    I want a photo shoot like the one Donna has in the 90210 clip from your link! The glamour! The sophistication! The stereotypically rude French bakery attendant! God I used to love that show…

  4. Nick in St. Louis says

    The Brown story is an April Fool’s joke. It says so right at the bottom of the article.

  5. DCN says

    Part of freedom of speech is having to deal with the consequences of one’s speech. Why do so few people get this?

  6. LD says

    People—especially dumb people, such as those rallying around hatemonger Sally Kern—don’t really know what “freedom of speech” means. In no way was Ms. Kern’s speech censored or stifled. She was not jailed or harmed. Were her delightful opinions warmly received? No. Deal with it.

  7. humanist says

    oh, nostalgia….

    it was an april fool’s edition of the brown daily herald my freshman year that first taught me who Britney Spears was. turns out, she did not come to headline the spring weekend concert after all.

  8. says

    I am so glad that the Indonesian Muslim leader has clarified his beliefs about homosexuality. It clarifies my belief that he–like religious fundamentalists across the universe–doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Would it be rude to tell him to shove the Koran up his ass?

  9. RJ says

    Why is the so-called Concerned Women for America “public policy women’s organization” being fronted by a man?