Rearview Mirror: Looking Back at the Week on Towleroad


road.jpg Must watch: Carrier.
road.jpg Gay Panic Strip: American Idol.
road.jpg Michael Phelps flashes his hot wet tail.
road.jpg Sean Avery: Hockey pro, Vogue intern.
road.jpg Polish Tinky Winky investigator resigns.
road.jpg Israel grants first adoption to gay couple.
road.jpg Ellen DeGeneres beheads Neil Patrick Harris.
road.jpg THE TUBE: Ugly Betty, Fab McCain, blog slaves.
road.jpg Harrison Ford experiences deforestation first-hand.
road.jpg Luke and Noah kiss: long national nightmare is over.
road.jpg Hillary Clinton wins Pennsylvania primary, soldiers on.
road.jpg Clinton, McCain, Obama take their fight to the WWE ring.
road.jpg Obama’s Abercrombie boys spawn fashion, investigation.
road.jpg Former Juventus head Moggi: football is no place for gays.
road.jpg Anti-gay Vatican Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo: Dead at 72.
road.jpg George W. Bush, desperate for ratings, does Deal or No Deal.
road.jpg Ang Lee to make film about gay Woodstock figure Elliot Tiber.
road.jpg Chelsea Clinton has ass grabbed in Philadelphia gay bar crawl.
road.jpg James Franco rates Sean Penn his ‘top’ onscreen love interest.
road.jpg Missouri high school student fights homophobia with art project.
road.jpg Son of former Bush aide cleared in anti-gay Georgetown assault.
road.jpg Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov warns against gay gatherings in May.
road.jpg Enrique Iglesias gets love from his male fans and his former mole.
road.jpg Viva Hollywood‘s Vinci has crybaby meltdown when told to play gay.
road.jpg Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey do research at South Beach gay bar.
road.jpg Bids to ban same-sex marriage move forward in California and Arizona.
road.jpg Kinky details emerge in Richard Quest arrest; CNN anchor enters rehab.
road.jpg John Hagee stands by anti-gay remarks, McCain calls controversy “nonsense”.
road.jpg MUSIC: Coachella! Plus Midnight Juggernauts, Chris Brown, Yaz, Madonna, STP.
road.jpg Day of Silence: Larry King PSA, Ken Hutcherson protest, Nebraska school scuffle.
road.jpg Mayor Ken Livingstone pledges to make London most gay-friendly city in the world.
road.jpg PLUS: Madonna, Jason Beghe, Cannes, UFO, John Waters, Mariah Carey.

Posted April 26, 2008 at 11:28am ETC by Andy Towle
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