1. nic says

    well, if we are using the raslin’ (it is not wrestling) metaphor, is it not obvious that hillary can wipe up the floor with the neophyte and the geezer?

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, yes, NIC, but girlfriend just can’t seem to make it to the final match.

    Voted this morning. Some folks are going to have to take their time with the ballot (picking their guy’s delegates). Of course, Philly is pure Obama country. I wonder what the turn out in western PA will be like? They don’t like Barack, but they’re not crazy about Hillary either. I guess they are the last bastion of conservative Democrats. I thought we got rid of those.

  3. nic says

    good on you for voting, DERRICK. tho, from one conscientious faggot to another, i knew that you would. i trust you voted for the white gal. lmao!

    as i have said and iterated then reiterated, i can live with either. obama is a smart, sexy, capable man. but, i dunno, it seems to me that hillary is just as smart and made of sterner stuff.

    nevertheless, it’s good that some of us can be engaged, yet maintain a sense of humor over this birthing process.

  4. daveynyc says

    I’ve been on the phone all day with friends in Philly getting them on Hills side…I had to promise I’d visit this Summer but I loves me some Philly in the Summertime so no loss…

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    “loves me some Philly in the summertime…”

    Philadelphia in the summer? Isn’t that where you catch the casino bus to Atlantic City?

  6. nic says

    where to go from here? hillary keeps trouncing barack in the major states. barack wins the caucuses in the red states. he outspent her in PA 3 to 1, and still lost by 10 points.

    this is lunacy. if this were a republican-style primary, instead of the tortuous democratic one, she would’ve had the nod by now. the dems need to work on this. i presume that the party elders who set up this byzantine, labyrinthine process are bouncing their heads off concrete walls.

    anyone who does not agree that this primary has been patently unfair, has no moral authority to denounce hillary. if one were to watch late-night TV monologues, it would become apparent that hillary is fair game, while obama is inviolable. i am sick of the pantsuit jokes. much more than that, i am sick of the pervasive sexist idea that hillary is a public punching bag. and much, much, more than that we, of all people, should be sensitive to the shameless bashing. somewhere, somehow it became OK to slam white women. that is a dismal turn of events. is it white guilt that allows this violence while giving obama a free ride? we need to search our souls.

    despite everything thrown at/against her, she comes back. she’s my girl.

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