Empire State Building to ‘Glitter’ for Mariah Carey


Hey New Yorkers, if you look up at the Empire State Building this weekend and wonder why it’s lit in pink, lavender, and white, it’s because the largest phallus in New York state is honoring…Mariah Carey.

According to a press release, that’s apparently the color ‘motif’ of the new album E=MC² and she’s going to be at a ceremony tomorrow at 1 pm at the building where she’s going to flip the switch on a scale model of the building that I guess will light up and, I don’t know, play Touch My Body or something.


  1. Brian says

    In a much better note:

    Cyndi Lauper is releasing her brand new album May 27, 2008

    Bring Ya To The Brink

    Check out the samples of her new album on Youtube:


    The whole album sounds SUPER HOT!!! Cyndi supports our community more than anyone in the music industry!

  2. Glen says

    As a New Yorker, I do NOT approve. I’m fine with national holidays, even those of nations not our own (Israeli Independence Day, India Day…). Gay Pride, St. Patrick’s, and Halloween, also okay.

    But when it becomes “your concert’s colors here; contact http://www.ESBLights.com about reservations and financing…?” NO!

  3. Chino says

    God, stop being such a buzz kill guys. It’s fun and festive. The Empire doesn’t do shit but sit there anyway. Loosen the fuck up.

  4. qram says

    Mariah is a proud New Yorker and what’s not to approve? It’ll just be for the weekend. They did light the ESB on the Simpsons’s colors when The Simpsons movie came out.

  5. jason says

    Mariah is a vain female whom we in the gay community have enabled. Yet what has she ever done for gay rights? If anyone knows, I’m all ears.

  6. qram says

    Mariah is a proud New Yorker and what’s not to approve? It’ll just be for the weekend. They did light the ESB on the Simpsons’s colors when The Simpsons movie came out.

  7. Mike says

    Why should they light it up for some slutty whore?
    Her music is no great art, she’s got the same old tired boring album as the last one and the one before that.

    She’s a BORING SLUT!

  8. silverskreen says


    Get over yourself, man. It’s all friggin marketing, and no one said you had to like it. And who the hell says she’s got to do anything for ya? Please.


    Such a vile and ignorant statement. Not enough to express your dislike, but you spew your bile as if it’s something done specifically to you. Get a grip.

  9. jason says

    Sorry but the truth is that we in the gay community continue to prop up female artists who pander to the sleazy straight guy fantasy. Mariah Carey, Kylie Minogue, Madonna…the list goes on and on. All these attention harlots do is trade on wearing as little clothing as possible in order to forge a career. Their images are akin to those you find in a sleazy straight men’s rag.

    When are we in the gay community going to stop enabling them? When hell freezes over?

  10. rjp3 says

    I am with Chino – ligthen up.

    It is New York City – the CENTER
    so shocked as to where you actually
    live. Just because it is all pretty and
    clean now – it is still New Yawk.

    We already have Colonial Williamsburg — New York City has become just quaint enough already. On with the lights for New York City Gal MIMI. Just for fun. I dont even own one of her albums – but damn she had the funniest CRIBS EPISODE EVER.

  11. jason says

    I think we need to start supporting gay and bisexual male artists. Keep in mind the current parlous representation of gay and bisexual men in the music industry, with virtually no openly gay or bi male artists on any of the charts. We shouldn’t be out there supporting females who pander to the sleazy straight guy fantasy. It’s a form of self-oppression on our part, and I’m sick of it.

  12. says

    They should have selected the Lincoln Tunnel instead…what’s next? Tits on the Statue of Liberty? Seems odd to me. What I dislike about Mariah is that every press release she sends out (I get them all being in entertainment publishing) says she just beat Elvis for #1s and is “the ONLY living singer who could surpass the Beatles for most #1s,” which is untrue as all young singers with long careers ahead of them are capable of that. I’m a chart man, so I get that, but Mariah is ONLY about the charts, the #1s—she deep-discounts singles and does anything else necessary to get big numbers. She’s mainly trying to outdo Madonna…but then she forgets Barbra Streisand is way ahead of her in overall album sales. I think it’s fine for us nutcase fans to piss our pants when Mariah (or whoever) hits #1, but it’s embarrassing when the artists themselves care that much…

  13. silverskreen says


    While I understand the desire to see more GLBT artist in the mainstream. I can’t say that simply because they’re of our community they’ll be better than what is out there. Someone’s sexual orientation doesn’t make them a better or worse artist.

    The fact of the matter is that sex sells, and you’d be hard pressed to show me that the same scenario doesn’t apply to GLBT acts.

    You keep saying “sleezy straight guy fantasy”. Last time I checked, it isn’t straight guys buying Kylie, Mariah, Madonna, etc…and not just the gay community either.

    I’m all for supporting GLBT artist, but I am not going to limit myself to those artists simply because of their orientation. Please.

  14. Sam says

    Jason, she is just a singer!! If you don’t like her and her songs, that’s fine. why everything has to do with “supporting this, supporting that”??

    “Mariah is a vain female whom we in the gay community have enabled.” oh, please!! I am sure her millions of albums sold more to the straight folks than gay folks.

    It’s really not necessary use “we” & “gay community” on everything.

  15. Jake says

    Mariah has always been true to her gay fans. She’s performed at gay clubs before, given interviews to The Advocate, and is best friends with a gay man (Trey Lorenz). She titled one of her CDs “Rainbow” for crying out loud. She has a song called “Outside” that she wrote about feeling different in the world, and she said she can empathize with the LGBT community about not always feeling like they fit in, and she hopes they are able to relate to the song. Mariah’s manager, Benny Medina, was named one of the most powerful gay people in America. Oh yeah, and Andre Leon Talley is one of her main advisors, Editor-at-Large of Vogue, a huge gay figure. Mariah appreciates the gay community, and is quick to recognize them as a big part of her fanbase. I am proud to call myself a huge Mariah and gay supporter.

  16. Matt says

    I am a proud Mariah gay fan as well.

    You might not like her music, but I appreciate her music, and her music has helped me through the times of coming to terms with my own sexuality and the death of the most important person in my life. And the few times I have met her, she has always been great. She keeps telling the world not to judge…

    bottom line is, you might not like her, but I do. So, why such harsh words. Live and let live. I thought as a gay man, you can understand that.

  17. bendskier says

    Man what’s in the water you guys are all drinking? Mean-Tequilla? Ouch!

    IMHO: Mariah’s new album TOTALLY knocks the socks off Madonna’s.

    You guys are all just bitter and jealous because she is sooooooo much more fabulous than you will EVER be!

  18. Pete says

    Mariah has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR THE GAY COMMUNITY! Stop being blind. I much rather go with anyone that really supports our community! Cyndi Lauper is doing a great job with her True Colors Tour- bringing awareness in Red States and promoting diversity. I will definitely buy her new album.

  19. John says

    You guys are all just bitter and jealous because she is sooooooo much more fabulous than you will EVER be????????

    I don’t want to be “fabulous” or “Fierce” I got balls between my legs and I don’t want to look like Mariah – Not even if I was going to a Halloween party. I agree with Pete, It is time for our community to support those who are fighting for us. Not the ones that whisper that they love their “gay boys” I am not selling myself cheap. By the way I am a very happy person…the difference is that I am tired of celebrities that pretend to support us…when they really don’t. If Mariah really supports our community …why isn’t she going out of her “busy” way to teach awareness to closed minded people???? It may hurt her career.

    I admire Cyndi’s courage!

  20. Silverskreen says


    I tell you what she really hasn’t done. She hasn’t spewed a bunch of hateful and demeaning words about our community. That’s for damn sure. Which is more than I can say about some of the posters here who can so artfully dispense with the hatred in the same breath they clamor for acceptance, tolerance or equality.

    So, whatever…let Mimi sing!

  21. says

    Wow such animosity towards Mariah! I would have expected this in the Madonna fanclub forums, but not really here. And for the record, I am a fan of both, but Madonna’s album is not good (got it last week and, except for one song, it kinda stinks of desperation, if you ask me).
    Anyway not that Mariah SHOULD have to be a proactive supporter of the gay community in order to have them light the Empire State Building (and god its so stupid and petty that people are even annoyed by that fact!), but she DOES support the gay community. She has said on numerous occasions how much she adores her gay fanbase and even performed at the first GAY one mighty party in paris last summer in the pouring rain, as a benefit for the Elton John AIDS foundation.
    And not to use the “my best friend is a…” line, but her best friends are Trey Lorenz and Da Brat, who i’m pretty sure is a bonified lesbian.
    If you don’t like her music, fine, but all the childish name-calling is just ridiculous.

  22. Steve says

    Don’t sell yourself cheap. There’s a difference between “I adore my gay friends” and getting your hands dirty. Gay people need to wake up. How does it make you feel when you go to a wedding in a small town and someone that knows you are gay tells you. I know a gay person in my town…he’s a hairdresser…his name is so and so….do you know him????
    That’s exactly the same crap that Mariah does when she talks about the gay community. Get your hands dirty – DO SOMETHING. That’s what I call SUPPORT…knowing someone is not SUPPORTING SOMEONE……WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

  23. Marc says

    She’s still and always will be a hag ! A tired, overexposed, slutty-looking, has-been, putting out the same record every 2 years WHORE!

  24. Derek says

    Marc enough about your mother man….the post was about Mariah.

    I mean really, some of you queens are so damn ridiculous and just plain old nasty.

    “Mariah is (someone) the gay community (has) enabled” and “When are we in the gay community going to stop enabling them” those have to rank right up there with some of the dumbest things ever uttered on Towleroad. Jason have you seen your therapist this week? Time for a meds tweak I would say.

  25. qram says

    geez! it’s just the empire state building. it’s not even your lives. if you don’t enjoy her music, then move on. mariah has a gay fan base, whether or not she ‘gets down and dirty or do something’ for the community. it’s a known fact. so lighten up, fans of other divas. maybe your favorites will get their turn at ESB. this weekend is mariah’s. so let it be.

  26. Shelley says

    I am all for capitalism and free marketing. However, this project appears to be very wasteful of energy. I think she, and her advisers, could have come up with something a little more “green.”

  27. jason says

    I have never fallen for the “I support gay people” routine or the “I attended a fund-raiser for AIDS” line. Whoop-te-doo! When a celebrity says it, it’s usually for the purpose of ingratiating oneself with the gay community rather than out of any profound concern for gay relationship rights. It’s called PR, pure and simple.

    Face it, Mariah is like Madonna in the way she sprinkles out her supposed gay-friendliness in carefully calibrated tones and statements. Not good enough, Mariah. And I personally don’t give a rat’s if her manager is gay or not. That doesn’t mean anything to me.

  28. Maverick69 says

    Sorrry Guys and Dolls,

    But Mariah’s new CD put me to sleep and that was trying to listen to that in 2 days. I’m glad I borrowed her new CD and did not buy it. I was never so happy to get rid of a CD in my life. To that, I loved the last CD. Also, what’s with track #6? It so sounds like Janet with MJ thrown in for good measure. To boot, I’m sure she will reach her 20th # one with this disk.

  29. jason says

    Can I just add that I’d rather go for Donna Summer over Mariah anyday. Donna’s voice was better and her songs actually had energy that set floors alight. On the other hand, Mariah sings predominantly dreary ballads that have come out of Clive Davis’s mush machine.

  30. Giovanni says

    Whore? Really? That’s a little too much misogyny for one friday morning. Jeez she’s a pop star – nothing more or nothing less – be your own hero and grow the fuck up.

  31. says

    When will people stop talking (or typing) just to hear themselves speak (or read their… you get the analogy).

    Mariah. Empire State Building. Pink. It’s over.

  32. silverskreen says


    Hahaha…yeah, love it! #4 is my favorite, however. Oh, and Crusie Control and Side effects.


    LOL!! That’s rich! ‘Cause all the other posts were so light and up beat? Haha…too funny, “honey”.

  33. Jim says

    Some of you are so serious. How does Mariah lighting up the ESB become an LGBT issue? It’s marketing, not a socio-political message. Jeebus Christy, people.
    And gay community? I have to say I hate that phrase and that “community” doesn’t exist. First of all calling us the “gay community” only serves to separate us from the rest of world. You don’t hear straight people screaming “straight community.” We are part of the rest of the world, folks.

  34. Derrrick says


    you guys sound like a bunch of teenage girls. I guess that’s how you know you’ve made it, when otherwise mature adult gay men blow through minutes of their lives just to debate about your mere public image.

    Mariah is an incredibly successful New Yorker. That’s that. It’s only for a weekend and how many native NY-ers actually sit around staring at the ESB anyways?

    And further more, we really need to get off the “what have they done for the gay community?” podium. I mean, how many movies would we watch, songs would we download, consumer goods would we purchase if we only supported those who support us? Does every item of clothing on every single one of our bodies right now reflect support for a clothier who supports us?

  35. qram says

    Very well said, Derrick.

    As Mariah would have said it, “it’s not that deep.” Get over it.

  36. matt says

    yeah, let Mimi sing!!!!!

    The entire album is just soooooo good!!!! So much better than the last one…

  37. says

    haha some people need to think before they speak. For the Record: NYC is honoring Mariah Carey with this, it’s not Mariah telling them to light up the Empire States Building for her- Jesus Chris! haha