GLAAD Pulls Out of Event at Venue Owned by Anti-Gay Developer

GLAAD pulled out of a “Pride Rocks” event scheduled for the summer at San Diego’s Manchester Grand Hyatt after discovering that the venue’s owner, Doug Manchester, helped fund foes of same-sex marriage and their recent ballot petition drive:

Grandhyatt“Manchester, a local developer, contributed $125,000 to a drive to put a same-sex marriage ban before voters in November. Backers of the ban have said this week that they have gathered enough signatures to qualify the proposed constitutional amendment for the ballot. The president of the gay and lesbian alliance , Neil Giuliano, said in a news release that Manchester’s decision to fund an initiative that would ‘hurt loving, committed gay couples makes it impossible for us’ to take part in an event that promotes his hotel. Giuliano urged other members of the gay and lesbian community to withdraw from the event also.”

Manchester welcomes gays and lesbians to his hotel and restaurant, the San Diego Union Tribune reports, but doesn’t want to see them married.

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  1. Leland Frances says

    So does this mean that SAAD will finally stop taking money from and whoring for COORS whose profits helped start and continue to help finance the ENTIRE Antigay [not just anti marriage equality] Industy?

    And will HRC do the same thing and stop dishonestly giving the brand 100% approval ratings in their Buy Fags Buy!!! rags?

    Just asking.

  2. Dawson says

    So he is willing to accept our gay dollars that will later be used against us. This means our gay dollars are funding anti-gay inititives.

    As a community we need to know all businesses that are funding anti-gay inititives and loudly BOYCOTT them. Doing it quitely does no good.

    Call the Hyatt and tell them you will no longer stay at that hotel, EVER.

    Let’s show our strength. BOYCOTT THE HYATT.

  3. FizziekruntNT says

    That really sucks because I used to love the sky lounge there. Fuck ’em. If the Balboa Park Inn can accommodate big gay Friday night happy hours still, go there instead!

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