Hillary Clinton Wins Pennsylvania Primary, Soldiers On

Hillary Clinton took the Pennsylvania primary over Barack Obama with 55% of the vote to Obama’s 45%. The candidates’ speeches, above, via Talking Points Memo. Josh Marshall of TPM notes that, after Pennsylvania, we’re basically back where we started again: “There’s a lot of crowing from Hillary’s campaign tonight about a shift in momentum and doubts about Obama. Tomorrow there will be a lot of chatter from Obama’s campaign that none of that really matters because of the reality of the delegate numbers which won’t change much.”

ClintonAP: “Her victory, while comfortable, set up another critical test in two weeks time in Indiana. North Carolina votes the same day, and Obama already is the clear favorite in a Southern state with a large black population. ‘Now it’s up to you, Indiana,’ Obama said at a rally of his own in Evansville after Pennsylvania denied him a victory that might have made the nomination his.”

The NYT reports: “Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton defeated Senator Barack Obama in Pennsylvania on Tuesday by enough of a margin to continue a battle that Democrats increasingly believe is undermining their effort to unify the party and prepare for the general election against Senator John McCain. Despite a huge investment of time and money by Mr. Obama and pressure on Mrs. Clinton by the party establishment to consider folding her campaign, she won her third big state in a row. Mrs. Clinton showed again that she is a tenacious campaigner with an ability to connect with the blue-collar voters Mr. Obama has found elusive and who could be critical to a Democratic victory in November.”

But is it possible for Clinton to win the nomination? MSNBC’s Chuck Todd does some analysis below, and concludes that it’s almost impossible for Obama to lose his lead in pledged delegates.