1. Banjiboi says

    I dunno.

    Aside from a few interesting Letterman appearances, L’il Richard has always made me feel queasy inside. Sometimes, after a retreat to a “safe place”, I’d feel better.

  2. says

    He created a profile at a military dating site called for love and passion, it’s reported that so many naughty&sexy military chicks and dudes posted their profiles there.

  3. Paul R says

    Richard Simmons is still wearing shorter shorts than Kimmel. Ugh. I fail to see how he still gets any attention whatsoever. He’s been doing the exact same empty schtick for 30 years.

  4. says

    Sometimes SPAM in a particular context is just plain funny. (Think about Richard’s profile on military dating, yikes.) Thanks, Chloe, for making me spit my wine on the computer keyboard. I’ll send the cleaning bill to you because you’re like a real person, right?

  5. Jennifer says

    Why do people hate Richard Simmons for trying to help people most of you wold just laugh at? I know sweatin’ to the oldies is sort of a joke, but I remember looking at those morbidly obese people and thinking, “He could be saving their lives”. I’ve got no hate for him (just don’t let him dress you)!

  6. Vi Agara says

    I agree Jennifer. The bottom line is that Simmons is a man creating value in society and for that should be respected. Should he make money and attain fame in the process is good in my opinion.

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