1. banjiboi says

    Okay, I’ve had enough.

    Are script-driven programming gone forever? Yeah, yeah, I know, reality shows ARE script-driven. But you know what I mean….

  2. banjiboi says


    Thanks for reminding me that Netflix is the cure for all that is wrong with cable.

    Favorite “Best in Show” moment:

    P. Posey gets pissed at hubby for forgetting to pack a doggy toy, then proceeds to search around town looking for a replacement toy. Priceless.

  3. Jack Scribe says

    Just another example of America’s dumbing-down. It must be time for guy who fathered Anna Nicole Smith’s child to make an appearance on reality TV.

  4. Me says

    This series is smarter than you think. It’s tongue in cheek folks – but it’s also got heart. Give it a chance!!! Check out the youtube spots too. They’ll give you a sense for the series tone.
    Devoted to Jai

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