1. Mike says

    At one point during the speech the guy in the hideous black T got a phone call from someone letting them know they were on television. He adjusted the shirt, told the other two guys, they grinned wide and posed for the camera. Those three were way fidgety. Do guys in IN…way past the age of A&F still cling to that look?

  2. willnDurhamNC says

    At first I thought…Product Placement…then I realized if it were product placement for A&F they wouldn’t actually be wearing clothes :)

  3. DKNATL says

    Gay boys 15 minutes of fame and it’s all due to a crappy t-shirt company!! You know damn well those three guys hymed and hawed over who would wear which t-shirt, but it was mandatory to wear the Abercrombie & Sh*t.

  4. says

    All the more reason to have a fabric backdrop when giving a speech. Enough with the crappy crowd behind the speaker shots. All it does is distract from the viewer and the group in attendance to the speech. I’m always reminded of how Bush grabs the local Marine Reserves and makes them be his backdrop whenever he speaks. Blaah.

  5. 24play says

    What’s the big deal? It’s only 3 guys out of a whole crowd. 95% of the people you see behind Clinton when she makes a speech are wearing Depends.

  6. says

    First off, this was at Evansville University, so more than likely, these boys were still of the proper age demographic to wear AF. I just don’t understand why Obama’s handlers let them sit directly behind him.

    Oy….Oh well, I’m off to a Hillary Rally here in Indianapolis.

  7. Gander says

    Oh my god I couldn’t even pay attention to the speech. The guy in the green (far right) didn’t stop moving / making weird faces / talking to his friends / I swear to god TEXTING behind his sign the entire time. He looked like he was fucking tweaking or something.

    And those guys are either WAY too old for A&F or have done SO many drugs/tanning that they look about fifteen years older tahn they are.

  8. Leland Frances says

    Who can say they’re genuinely surprised when fools for one “vogue on the outside vague on the inside” brand fall for another one?

    :- )

  9. Steve says

    Why do people still wear clothes with the manufacturer’s name plastered all over it? Its tacky and gross. And WHAT is up with our obsession over A&F, Hollister et. al.? Suspect quality, overpriced .. just sad.

  10. John says

    I have noticed that on a personal level, Hillary seems more comfortable around gay people than either McCain or Obama. And yeah, that probably has more to do with her gender than anything. Women are generally a little less uptight about these matters.

    That doesn’t mean the she has better policies. It just means she doesn’t talk to us like we’re some sort of “abstract concept” or “theological construct”, which the straight male politicians (even the ones on our side) have a tendency to do because they don’t want to think about icky things like love and romance.

  11. ken says

    Change into your A&F t-shirt and Hope it makes you look like a hottie? Talk about all manufactured style and no real substance.

    “The 3 Stooges: Odumb, Odumber and Odumbest” is my caption for this amusing photo.

  12. julie says

    Hey these guys are my good friends. The triplets are in college and are hard working young men. They just went to hear John Mellencamp sing. So don’t bash who you don’t know

  13. Melissa Hargrave says

    Yes I agree I know all the triplets as well. And matter of fact one of them was my former boss. All are very accomplished business men, and I guess people are the only ones with open mind.

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