1. Chad says

    Love Ralph!
    I’ve worn his stuff since elementary school (along with J.Press & Brooks who he copied, but ALWAYS go back to Ralph), and probably have enough of his stuff to open my own boutique. It’s the best, and like Bean, lasts forever.

    I especially love the new big pony stuff.

    He totally leaves Abercrombie in the dust. They aren’t even in the same class (and wouldn’t know what class is to begin with)

  2. Buster says

    Very American? With a look inspired by a British Olympics movie?

    Too many stripes, too much logo schmutz. And it’ll be interesting to see how those white sweaters will hold up under the heat, humidity and pollution of a Beijing August.

    In any case didn’t this sort of of “haute-preppy” style peak in 1983?

  3. David says

    I rowed out of the same boathouse as those dudes in college, and yes, they’re very pretty, but as a former rower, it has to be the most BORING spectator sport in the history of the world. One of my good friends will be in the Women’s Eight (or the pair, if because she just won the National Selection Regatta), so if you can muster up the strength to watch the racing, definitely cheer for the ladies!

  4. says

    Take it from a Canadian, thank gawd those hacks at Roots didn’t design your 2008 olympic outfits or you’d be sporting 2nd rate crud in Beijing.
    I like that the sweater V-neck borders mimic medal ribbons in this context. And nice to see Lipschitz clothing featured on male models with abit of flesh on them for once.

  5. Rad says

    God… same tired, old Ralph Lauren / Polo garb. What? Did someone dry that sweater in high heat before giving it to the model? I can just see any normal [read overweight] American trying to wear that over their paunch.

    Not inspiring. Boring. It’s not even retro, it’s just the same ‘ole junk that Ralph One-note has been producing since Polo was the trend in the… 1980’s.

  6. excy says

    “Classic and formal” is fine, I suppose. But I tend to agree with Rad – these outfits are boring, predictable, conservative and not forward-thinking in the least. I actually think that the sweater looks very poorly designed (logo placement, stomach-stripes).
    It might have been fun to let an outfit like “Triple Five Soul” design the USA Olympic team outfits.
    American streetwear rocks. And the Great Gatsby look is so over.

  7. peterparker says

    A.J. has a good point that it is a nice touch that the stripe on the V-neck sweater (in combination with the laurel wreath embroidered on the chest) mimics an Olympic medal…that is a nice touch…but why, oh why, did he have to feature the Polo logo so prominently? It isn’t about him or his company…it is about the U.S. Olympic team…the horse should have been discreetly placed on the sleeve or left off altogether…of course that would have deprived the wee Mr. Lipschitz of precious free advertising.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL at all of y’all. When it comes to fashion, don’t mess with gay men’s sensibilities. Lord.

    “Bunny Bixler”

    is that the Rosalind Russell or Lucille Ball version? Don’t tell me you were old enough to see the Angela Lansbury stage version.

  9. Keith says

    BORING!! I think the Roots apparel they’ve worn the past couple of Olympics was better than this “stuff”. And the oversized Polo pony?? We get it…it’s Ralph Lauren. Ever hear of “less is more”? Must Ralph lower himself down to the A&F standard of branding?

  10. Paul R says

    I think the logo is tacky and disgraceful. It’s the Olympics, not an ad for Lauren. Yes I realize that most everything sports-related has a logo on it, but will it never end?

    Plus I just hate white clothes

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, CRISPY & JJ:

    I agree, but there are two words that must have made Lansbury’s Broadway version great–the same two words that make the Lucille Ball movie version worth seeing: Bea Arthur.

    Olympic men to Broadway musicals to worshipping Rosalind Russell: gay, honey…gay.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    Hey, thanks CRISPY & REY:

    Now, I have something to do at work besides troll the blogs all day.

    You know, I think Bea Arthur and “Golden Girls” helped many of us survive Reagan and Papa Bush.

    Boy, we hijacked the original topic of this thread. So, what? GAY POWER! We all need a break from the Clinton/Obama Wars.

  13. soulbrotha says


    And what is with that sweater that the Black guy is wearing? From a distance it looks like his mommy shrunk it in hot water!

  14. rudy says

    Hijack alert: Not only did I see the revival of “Mame” with Angela Lansbury, I got to meet her courtesy of the actor who played Gloria Upson (“Gloria” was in the ping-pong tournament with Bunny Bixler). She and I were students at Julliard at the time so she was able get me a pair of “Annie Oaklies” (hole punched tickets [pre-computerized ticketing]) since the producers were papering the house. The revival was a low rent version with cheap costumes and sets but La Lansbury was fabulous. Her rendition of “Bosom Buddies” remains the gold standard.

    As for the US team’s Olympic uniforms: Meh. They are typical Ralph Lipschitz creations. He still hasn’t gotten over being blackballed from The Club in Darien. Hence, his Anglophilic-esque “designs”– retreads with logos–are continual pleas for admission.

    That striped stomach girdle on the sweater vest (god forbid, a sweater vest, something no self-respecting gay man would ever wear) is particularly hideous. Ralphie has managed to dress two incredibly hot men and make them boring. Quite a feat!

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