Test Shot


This is apparently a working camera created by artist Wayne Martin Belger. It’s called ‘Untouchable HIV Camera’.

Jockohomo writes: “The unit which looks like a cross between a prehistoric pacemaker, diesel engine and camera was designed to study and photograph a geographic comparison of people suffering from HIV. Made from Aluminium, Copper, Titanium, Acrylic and HIV positive blood. The blood pumps through the working camera to settle into a pinhole thus creating a #25 red filter.”


  1. john says

    uh…as usual, I don’t understand art. Is this like an artist putting a brick under a mattress and calling it Brick Under Mattress? A camera for the SAW set.

  2. says

    Apart from looking like a microchip crossed with a Cyberman from Dr. Who, it’s the reverential and howlingly pseudo prose that makes me really scoff:

    “…the…camera was designed to study and photograph a geographic comparison of people suffering from HIV…”

    Oh it was? Oh well then. Must-be-deep-or summat.

  3. resurrect says

    all it needs is a crucifix and you’ve got a Magritte ready-made of Serrano’s piss christ. wow – get out your checkbooks, bourgeois effetes. the art market will LOVE this controversial commodity.

  4. cora says

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  5. voodoolock says

    andy, andy, andy… don’t you know any better what qualifies? this is so exploitative, and 20 years too late, but i’m sure if the “artist”is remotely humpy, you’ll help push his career forward.

  6. johnny says

    Gee, what an accepting, warm crowd we have here!

    The camera is one in a series of pin-hole cameras that the artist has been making since 2001, it’s basically his art form (the camera/resulting photos).

    I believe that Andy included it because (like much of the stuff that gets posted here) it has homo-related interest, i.e. the HIV blood. HIV may be an old subject, but it still needs to be brought to the fore in as many ways as possible.

    It’s still killing people.

  7. says

    I think the concept is quite interesting. Rose tinting the world through the “untouchable” blood of a poz person. Unfortunately the idea of conceptual art is often lost on those who cannot spare the time to think about the piece beyond the outer edges.